Lets open the second door?




Whenever the turn of the year for some reason all the covers certain itching, which can be called a "passion for the evaluation." On the one hand, that, in fact, that? Well, made a complete revolution around the Sun 5.98 x 1021 tons of various minerals, so

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Russia: the South Pole dinosaurs found




At the South Pole in the icy mountain found fragments of dinosaur skeletons, dating back about 200 million years. Fossils supposedly belong early ancestor Brontosaurus representative of fossil animals, widely known thanks to his long neck and massive body.

Already recovered about 900 kg of fossils from

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Fire Monsters




On our planet, there are places where strong enough to stamp a few times to have got out of the ground, "the fiery monsters."

There is in Tajikistan on the river Vakhsh mysterious mound, built of rounded stones. Mysterious, because scientists have not agreed about his origin.

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5 Tips from the wise men who have lived a life


Cornell University professor Carl Pilemer conducted a survey of 1,500 people aged 70 to 100 years of age or older. In the study, he asked older people about their life experiences and the secrets of successful living. The results of the survey and its analysis formed the basis of the book, "30 Lessons for Life: The tried and true advice from the wisest Americans" (30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans), writes Harvard Gazette.

1. Remember that life is short. Zhvanetskiy: "Old age is like train. Vaughn, she

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Flooding in central Nigeria

Flooding in central Nigeria Natural Disasters

In Nigeria, the beginning of the next rainy season, which brought the first flood, leading out of the country's infrastructure operating and bringing down buildings. After the first wave of showers reported 35 dead in the central city of Jos, and in the economic capital Lagos.

Flooding occurred in Jos after dam Lamingo. Washed away or damaged about 200 houses. The victims were so many people because the levees break occurred in the evening after a three-hour rain when most residents returned from work and was at home, getting ready for bed.

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Asteroid War




More recently, an asteroid the size of a football field at a speed of 10 kilometers per second, raced only 75 thousand kilometers from Earth. The space rock flew from the Sun, and it was noticed when she was removed. If the asteroid has met with our

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Drought threatens the forests of Borneo

Drought threatens the forests of Borneo's interesting

Tropical forests of Southeast Asia, participating in the formation of precipitation in the region, about 130 million years. As has become clear from recent observations on these ancient treasures of the world, giving the house and food to thousands of species of plants and animals in danger, called drought.

From about the 1960s, the Indian Ocean become significantly warmer, El Niño episodes in this part of Asia increased, which reduced rainfall by 1% per decade. If trends in South-East Asia will seasonality, temperature becomes higher and drier climate, with negative effects

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Warning of earthquakes and landslides in the region of Kashmir

Warning of earthquakes and landslides in the region of Kashmir Danger Zone

Professor of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, Roger Balaam says to fear magnitude 9 earthquake in Kashmir region of the Indian subcontinent. Professor still more fearful of the consequences in the form of landslides, which can not only block the Jhelum River, which flows on the India-Pakistan. As a result, the Kashmir Valley can go under the water for a long period of time, threatening severe flooding in Pakistan.

According to seismologists, the "great earthquake" occur once every 500 years. The last such earthquake in the seismic gap

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Girl X-Ray wants to be a doctor




"Komsomolskaya Pravda" Natasha Demkina offered to come to Moscow to her unique gift could check the lights of domestic medicine

On Saturday ("KP" on January 31. G) we talked about the girl from Saransk, which has unique abilities — see through people. On the same day, Natasha

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Space also needs environmental care

Space also needs environmental care Facts

At that time, as the Earth's ecology care hundreds of organizations and programs, virtually nothing is being done about the man-made debris, flying in the vast cosmos. The new program of the European Space ESA community called "Pure Space" is going to correct this gross injustice through more extensive use of eco-friendly materials for space missions. Community also plans to reduce the rate of contamination of space debris come up from Earth, thus clearing of near space.

This is a timely step as the nearest space being developed faster and faster. In

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