Inside our planet another life — says Lobsang Rampa




How long have gone have the days when leading pundits have argued that the Earth is flat, rests on four elephants and all that rests on a huge turtle. Those days are gone, came the others, and scientists began to argue about the existence of a round

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Severe flooding in the UK

Severe flooding in the UK Natural Disasters

Hundreds of residents and holidaymakers on the west Wales were affected by severe flooding. About 1,000 people were promptly moved to a safe place on Saturday, and from recreation areas evacuated about 150 people. A few received minor injuries.

Cause floods of heavy rains, which lasted for several days. As a result, during the day fell to about 12 cm of Snow. In some places the water rose to four feet in a matter of hours, dozens of homes were virtually under water. Cycled for emergency evacuation helicopters RAF. Rescue operation

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Earthquake in Turkish resort

Earthquake in the Turkish resort of Natural Disasters

6 strong earthquake on the Richter scale occurred on Sunday in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey. Data on victims or damage were reported.

According to the Observatory of Bosphorus University tremor was registered at 15.45 local time (16.45 MSK) and most strongly felt in the resort area of Fethiye — popular with tourists from Northern Europe. Quake lasted about 30 seconds. Many residents rushed out of their homes and within an hour were on the street. A number of witnesses from the Mugla Province reported that the

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Russian Marussia sports cars will start selling in the UK

Russian sports car manufacturer Marussia Motors introduced in the UK market model B1, the sale of which will begin in the UK this summer. According to the publication AutoExpress, the company expects to sell about 250 copies of the car, and the cost of each of them will be 110,000 pounds sterling. Marussia sports cars are offered with an atmospheric engine capacity of 3.5 liters and output of 300 horsepower, as well as two six-cylinder turbocharged engines, the British company Cosworth, developing 360 and 420 horsepower. The units can be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. From zero

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End of the world began with the Vyatka

Uncategorized town in the Kirov region gone mad: Hundreds of people are stocking up matches, salt, candles and kerosene, preparing to meet the end of the world on December 21. Caused panic-reprint article in the local newspaper about the prophecy of Tibetan monks. Journalists now preparing a new, soothing and explaining stuff, but the panic continues.

It all started on November 14, when the local private and most Draw in the newspaper "Omutninsk conduct" on the latest entertainment strip that goes under the rubric of "Relax", immediately after the joke and instead of the usual crossword reprinted

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In Belgorod schools will be allowed to fingerprint


28.09.12.Chleny Regional Youth Government drafted the use of fingerprint, which is offered to apply in Belgorod schools for children's safety.

According to the press service of the Public Chamber of the region, project Acting Governor Yevgeny Savchenko instructed youth government in August this year. Belgorod youth offered guided existing practice fingerprint, which is injected Tyumen scientists. In Tyumen, a machine is used to make purchases in stores and gas stations, after clicking on the scanner screen the customer is automatically withdrawn from the account of the required amount of money. Online shops Tyumen installed about 60 of these devices.

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Time ago!




Eight years ago, American and British scientists who conducted investigations in Antarctica made a sensational discovery. How to tell a physicist at the U.S. Marianne McLean, January 27 they saw in the sky over the pole swirling gray mist and decided that this is the usual tornado.

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Posted on 07/27/2012 by user geimer302

03.08.12.Na mail letter arrived in Astrakhan … a lot of talk about saving fish stocks. Only now, when you see 10 miles of dead fish, it becomes clear that these are just words. What are the reasons for these effects? I think the experts can answer. Watch the video to the end. Becomes uncomfortable.


"This video was filmed by my relatives in villages Zelenga and Macs. During mowing stumbled upon dry Eric, about 5-10 km long, the bottom is strewn with dead fish just ordinary fish species. Erik ran dry

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Sinkhole in the village of Nizhny Novgorod region Taremskoe

Karst holes

Photo from:

28.05.12.V Taremskoe village on Main Street in the garden of one of the houses there was a sinkhole. In the formed on the surface of the earth round hole with a diameter of about six meters and a depth of five meters on the left half of the height maple. The root system of the tree could not hold a patch of soil from destruction.

Hosts homeownership not immediately notice a dip in the garden, he came in a distant corner fairly large area, and the crown of the tree collapsed muted noise and

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Attacking UFOs!




Exploration of the Navy against the "underwater humanoids"

_ * The media have repeatedly reported on meetings of military aircraft pilots mainly with UFOs — unidentified flying objects. Not just the pilots received orders to attack the command of an unknown object. And used to such attacks

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