Are there cloned children?




All last year, there were reports of the birth of cloned babies. The company "Clonaid", associated with the sect raelitov who believe that humans are descended from aliens who duplicated itself with the help of genetic engineering, said in late 2002 that the first cloned baby girl

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Sinkhole in Penza. Photo

Karst holes

Photo: Portal

17.04.12.Chrezvychaynoe incident happened today at about seven in the evening. Near the fire station in Arbekova under the asphalt a few feet almost collapsed passenger "Gazelle" № 6. According to witnesses, the well depth is more than 3 meters.

The driver of "gazelles", Yuri said that the asphalt fell right in front of the machine. He barely managed to steer the rear wheel and still fell into the hole. Because of the strong impact of the car exploded tire. Pokorezheny all spring.

Yuri sighs repairs at 15-20 thousand will rise. But it is not

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25.04.12.Atkarsky farmer complains of death fry


25.04.12.V Editor IA "version-Saratov" turned farmer from the village of Novaya Ivanovka Atkarsk district Vlad Gavin, who reported that someone had poisoned all the fish in his pond.

According to him, it was the so-called "mother pond" in which he bred carp. In total, killed about 16 million fish fry and more than 20,000 adult carp and carp.

Told rybozavodchik, the death of the fish became known last spring, when the snow melted. "The bank was found about 170 bottles of liquid to clean sanitation. On their appearance could be said that they have lain there

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East Asia disappeared under the smokescreen

East Asia disappeared under the smokescreen Facts

Over Bohai Bay, over the Korean peninsula and the Tsushima Strait until about. Kyushu in Japan hangs a cloud of smoke. But the reason for its occurrence are not familiar unable or agricultural fires. The smoke came from the burning mid-May Russian Siberia. The main centers of fire, smoke cloud brought to China and Korea, and to the border of the State of Mongolia, located near the southern edge of. Baikal. Although the northern shores of the lake also caught fire, but not so intense.

A cloud of smoke over eastern

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Fish kill in Peru


21.02.12.Aktsiya protesting residents of small villages in the bay Cruz province Sorritos (Peru), prevented the return of tens of vehicles of Ecuadorian tourists, who left for the weekend and public holidays on Peruvian beaches Sorritos, Mancora and Puerto Pizarro.

According to tentative data, from Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon about 1,500 travelers from Ecuador were not able to return home and were forced to seek accommodations by paying USD 20 per room, or get to sleep in their cars in anticipation of the opening of the road.

Peruvian fishermen protesting this way against ocean pollution in the bay

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People! It’s all real! What to do then we?


Today I got here is a letter from a man who deeply trust. The woman, a teacher of high school. Here is what she wrote:

Good day! Something I was not overwhelmed by very cheerful thought … I decided to share with you — or dispel or confirm the in the right direction, "thinking".)) 1. Few people think: from 01.09 this year are still in Moscow and voluntarily, 2015 — everywhere and always "chipizatsiya" schoolchildren. Ostensibly for security reasons. For parents to know where their children are. All anything, but a good excuse pushed deal explicitly rejected by society.

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In Canada, a meteorite fell. Video


16.12.11.Astronomy of Ontario want to see the witness, who was able to determine the location of a meteorite, which pierced the sky to the east of Toronto late Monday. Scientists also want to get the remains of the meteorite. It is reported that a celestial body about the size of a basketball.

According to the network tracking celestial bodies at the University of Western Ontario, celestial body was seen about 18 hours. Observers conjectured that before the fall of the meteorite could break up into small fragments weighing about one hundred grams.

Alleged place of a meteorite is

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Off the coast of Anapa dead dolphins


16.05.11.Nepriyatnosti the coast. What kills the Black Sea dolphins? While scientists search for the answer, resting off the coast of Anapa dead marine mammals. Two dozen in Greater Utrish. Three more dead dolphins on Little noticed.

Rescuers have some assumptions about the causes of death. This can be poisoned, or a special virus-killing marine animals, or poaching activities. Dolphins are often caught by set to catch small fish. There were times when fishermen trying to keep gear intact, not get out of them too large prey, but simply cut dolphin fins.

Information about the mass deaths of

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In the United States celebrate the stranger




On Monday, residents of various American cities gathered in the state of New Mexico. Every year, they come to the city of Roswell to celebrate the Day of the alien.

According to NTV, the initiative to celebrate this day in February, were residents of the city —

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The sounds of explosions from Russia rattled residents of Finland


Helsinki, March 29. The sounds of explosions from Russia rattled residents of Finland, namely — District of South Karelia. In the Border Patrol believe that we can talk about the explosions due to land work, reports Yle.

In the Border Guard southeastern Finland began to address local residents to clarify the situation.

"It seems that the source of the explosions — not at the border, and deeper in Russia. We do not have accurate information about what is happening on the other side of the border. It seems that the explosion came from the place of earth works, "-

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