NASA declassify documents on UFOs: The Truth about the tragedy in Keksberge



The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has agreed to declassify documents that could shed light on the UFO phenomenon. This extraordinary step it went under pressure from the channel "Sci-Fi" ("Science Fiction"), which have not

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Mudslides in eastern Afghanistan


KABUL, Aug. 31 — RIA Novosti, Andrei sinful. Powerful landslides, descended from the mountains as a result of heavy rains in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, have killed at least three people, hundreds of local residents homes washed away and destroyed mud rivers, told journalists governor's press secretary, Ahmad Zia Abdulzay.

According to the spokesman, among the dead — two children. Other information about the dead and missing, according to officials, have been reported yet.

However, as reported by local news agency Pazhvak, it rained the entire Nangarhar Tuesday, and on Wednesday night mudslides hit the county two

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In Sochi the earthquake happened. Video


27.06.12.V night from 26 to 27 around 1:30 in the Black Sea off the coast of Sochi, the tremors were felt, with a capacity of about 3 points.

As representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the earthquake occurred about 60 km from the coast. According to residents, tremors were felt in some parts of the city. No injuries or damage.

Source: Max Portal

Source: Lead Kuban

Bulgaria. Outbreak of leukemia in Merichleri


28.04.12.Kak passes Snews.bg, an outbreak of leukemia in Merichleri said in Parliament leading political club "Ekoglasnost" Emil Georgiev. He argues that the panic in the region. People are afraid to drink the water, which, according to laboratory tests, is oversaturated with arsenic.

As explained by Emil Georgiev, contamination of drinking water is due to poisonous action, is a local firm "Kaolin". This was supposed to know the ministries of economy, environment and health, but criminally silent about the problem.

Emil Georgiev said that recently died of leukemia Chairman of the Action Committee Merichleri to counter pollution. The head of

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Dozens dead after an hour of rain in China

Dozens dead after an hour of rain in China Weather and Climate

In the mountainous north-west part of China due to heavy rains and Gradova "attack", which lasted only one hour from five to six in the evening May 12, 2012, killing 37 people on the list of missing numbers 19 people. Another 40 people were hospitalized. The worst affected district is Minsyan Gansu Province, with a total number of victims is 358 thousand people, many of the regional roads destination is not functioning, destroyed hundreds of homes, hospitals and schools, destroyed more than 7,000 hectares of crops.

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Volcanic activity in the period from 2 to 8 May 2012

Volcanic activity in the period from 2 to May 8, 2012 It is interesting

During this period of seismic events occurred in 13 volcanoes, signs of a new volcanic activity appeared in five volcanoes:

BATU-TARA (784 m, about. Komba, Indonesia, 7.792 ° S, 123.579 ° E) May 2-4, over the volcano rising ash column height of 2.4 km, then the ash drifted 37 km in the north-west. Batu Tara lies north of the main volcanic arc of Indonesia and 50 m is covered with vegetation. The basis of his breed are basanitic tefritovye and blotches. The first recorded

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The Russian company started the implementation of an interactive mirror of its own design

Videozerkalo mode display of goods

Company "The Third Millennium"Developed an innovative hardware-software complex" Videozerkalo "allows you to play on the screen, the image of the buyer, choosing clothes or shoes with any desired angle.

Videozerkalo equipped with a wide range of marketing tools that promote products, increase the conversion of visitors and increase turnover of trade enterprises.

In terms of positioning, the company's decision can be attributed to the class of so-called interactive mirrors, functionality and potential applications are increasing day by day.

Interactive mirrors are not new in the

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Large fire at an oil plant in Egypt


Smoke from the fire is visible visible from anywhere in the city (photo: ahram.org.eg)

15.04.12.V downtown Suez lit tank with dozens of tons of fuel. To fight it were thrown 50 fire engines and four Egyptian Air Force aircraft. The fire started at the plant for processing oil and then spread to the storage of petroleum products, one person was killed and about 20 were hospitalized. Residents of nearby homes were evacuated.

The plant is owned by Nasr petroleum, which produces about a third of the total amount of gasoline consumed in Egypt.

Car fire and ambulance arrived

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FBI leaked online archive documents about UFOs




FBI leaked online archive documents about UFOs. And the all-American hysteria scale, it seems, really was because of a lot of documents from respectable newspaper clippings with headlines like, "They're here," "UFO landed in 39 states," etc.

Declassified archive (11 folders, 1600 pages) stored on

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The Russian company Yerasov — acoustics, amps, pedals for guitars …

Music Corporation "ERAS" was founded in 1988 in the city of Penza, engineer and musician Alexander Erasova being currently the owner and president.

Until 1994, the company was called "Gamma" and specialized in the production of guitar effects. With the change of the legal form and name change and strategy of the company — began development and mass production of instrumental combo amplifiers, powered speakers, lamp technology.

Guitar compressor-sustainer Black Formica BF-1

In recent years, mastered the art technology in the field of electronic engineering — Surface Mount micronutrients (SMD) on printed circuit boards, powder painting in electrostatic

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