Tornado in New Zealand. Video. Photo


19.06.11.Na New Zealand hit by two tornado.Ob this sends five kanal.Bolshe hardest hit city of New Plymouth, 250 kilometers from the capital. According to local authorities, the dead and wounded — no.

Substantial losses incurred center. Element damaged about two dozen office buildings and as many houses.

Strong wind broke the trees, broken glass, cut power lines and de-energized about three hundred houses. Now working in the city emergency services.

Recall that in early June, it was reported that as a result struck the U.S. state of Massachusetts tornado killed at least four people.

Source:, Television New Zealand

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Shiveluch volcano emits ash to a height of up to 7 km


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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, August 3 — RIA Novosti. Powerful plumes to a height of about 7 kilometers from the crater occurred, the northernmost active volcano of Kamchatka — Shiveluch, told RIA Novosti the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

Increased activity of Shiveluch volcano, whose height is about 3.3 thousand meters above sea level, was launched in May 2009. In the dome of the volcano is a normal eruption formed cleft depth of about 30 meters. For settlements eruption no danger, but plumes pose a threat to aviation.

"Plumes, which saw experts Klyuchevskoy vulkanostantsii 40 kilometers from

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In Adygea element ruined crops. Video


2.06.11.V Adygea element ruined harvest right on the vine. In late May, the republic flood literally washed away crops in an area of 11,000 hectares. Now farmers have to sow anew field with sunflower and corn.

In Adygea started to count losses that the country has brought floods. Floods destroyed more than 11,000 hectares of crops. Officials of the local administration every day check the condition of the field. Not the earth, and clay, they complain.

Dyshekov Qasim, deputy head of the district department of agriculture: — Upper topsoil washed over. No need to leave it have passaged

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In Khakassia collapsed railway bridge


On Saturday morning, May 7, in the region of Khakassia Askizsky descended two flights of the railway bridge.

As reported by our sources in Askizkom area collapse occurred around 03.00 local time (23.00, May 6 MSK). Bridge collapsed is located 7 km from the village of Ust-Kamyshta. Information about the victim yet.

Since it became known that on Saturday, at 15.00 in praivetelstve Khakassia republic under predsedaetlstvom Head Viktor Zimin held emergency zasedaenie about PE.

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The Russian army is reborn?

Pros and cons of the policy of the new leadership of the Armed Forces of Russia

April 15 edition of the «American Thinker», known in the U.S. as a mouthpiece of the political religion of the Republican Party — "neo-conservatism", published a remarkable article, "The Russian Army and the New Cold War." "In 2013, the U.S. military budget was reduced by 15%, while the military budget of the Putin dictatorship in Russia in the period from 2012 to 2015 has increased by almost 60%," — such an awesome average American figures given in

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Russian nuclear submarine off the coast of Florida

The second in the last three months of the Russian nuclear submarine was spotted on Tuesday at the south-east coast of the United States, said Wednesday the broadcaster CNN, citing sources in the Pentagon.

According to the U.S. military, this time from American shores for the first time, a new Russian submarine Sierra-2 (NATO) from the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation.

She was discovered on Tuesday in international waters about 400 miles from the U.S. coast. However, she went to the area near Florida, where U.S. aircraft carrier group exercises conducted, the sources said the American military

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Russia’s Depot has gone to Iran


October 25. Russia within the framework of military-technical cooperation supplied Iran with electronic warfare such as "Depot" and is in talks to supply the next batch of this complex, the deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Konstantin Biryulin.

"We are constantly negotiating with Iran on the purchase of military equipment of this country that does not fall under UN sanctions. This defensive system, in particular in this case we are talking about means of electronic warfare … We are not talking about airplanes, submarines or even S-300 systems. It is about ensuring the

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Russia will start selling Lada Granta

Today Lada dealers across the country begin selling a new budget car Lada Granta. Almost all the cars made in 2011, will be directed to those who had pre-order online and sign an official agreement with the dealer. As previously reported by AvtoVAZ, in spite of the fact that applications for Lada Granta was filed about 20,000, the real buyers of about 10 thousand. The fact that some of the applications has not been confirmed by the preliminary contract and revoked according to the procedure of order.


All ordered cars Lada Granta, consumers will in certain

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Do Samara threatens earthquake?


Samara province could become the epicenter of the natural and man-made disasters

20.03.11.V while Japan continues to shake terrible the disaster, scientists, seismologists warn that Russia's central regions are also in danger. This also applies to the Samara region — passes through tectonic fault, changes in which can cause fatal consequences. Can we once tryahanut or pour? And with what natural disasters in general can face our province? "Reporter" has studied the most disappointing forecasts.

Dangerous proximity March 19 Samara Region, and with it, all the people of the world have experienced the so-called lunar

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In Sochi, the tremors were felt. Video


18.07.12.Primerno at 6:10 am in the resort city, an earthquake measuring about 3-3.5 points.

About it, "Max Portal" told in Sochi seismic station. At the same time is not specified, where the epicenter of the quake, and residents of public areas felt the tremors.

Source: Max portal

The epicenter was located in the Afternoon

18.07.12.Zemletryasenie which devices recorded today, July 18, at 6:10 am, was about 24 kilometers from the seismic station.

This told the chief of Sochi seismic Helen Karpovich. She confirmed that the force of the earthquake was 3 points, and noted that

it is not unusual

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