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About a year ago, an article in the wiki about "Made us" has already appeared, but was removed. I believe that it was removed due to objective reasons, and rightly so — in the article did not specify Authoritative Sources (AI), and the significance was not shown properly. But the article was recently restored, in no small part thanks to the efforts of top-blogger LiveJournal Fritz Morgen. Jerry raised the question the injustice of removing articles on his blog, troubled by the fact that we have done was removed and, for example, sites Navalny, where as having a

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Requiem for my deteriorating nation

From the author: My name is Joe Cortina. In the 60 years I was the commander of "green berets", then, in the civilian world — IBM representative and researcher at Honeywell Aerospace in Florida, later — the president of his own production company. I have two sons and two granddaughters who are the reason I write this article. In it, I wanted to show that threatens our freedom, the freedom I have used many decades ago when America was still based on Christian values sovereign state, free from Zionist influence, freedom, which, as I hope they will enjoy.

Joe Cortina

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Life in Spain

For deceptive lacquered fronts tourist areas is not possible to consider the real life of the country of the resort. Therefore, tourists mistakenly believe that all live in the same way as the rest. In reality — it's different …

For the majority of the citizens of the former Soviet Union, the so-called non-CIS countries still seems a role model and well-being of the island, where you just have to manage to "knock out Rushka," and then everything will supposedly in chocolate. For many of our compatriots word "Europe" is associated with a high standard of living and quality

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Attorney General of New York, spoke about the greed of charities

Attorney General of New York's Eric Schneiderman has published an annual report on the activities of non-profit organizations collecting money for charity. As in previous years, proved to be the most avid telemarketologi (they find donors on the phone). Of the 602 listed companies, only 49 gave to charity more than 65% of the collected funds. 467 out of 602 companies have appropriated about half of the donated money.

"It's hard working New Yorkers who give money to charity, hoping that their every penny goes to those in need — said Schneiderman. — However telemarketologi stuffed their own pockets

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Sexual education of children — deeply unscientific and dangerous! The report of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, 2012

"When I graduated from medical school, I took an oath. Standing with raised right hand, I vowed to prevent illness at any opportunity given to me. In his youthful innocence, I believed that I would fight against cancer, heart disease and emotional disorders. But I'm not so naive. After spending twenty-five years and thousands of hours with young people in trouble, I found that my most difficult struggle — not against dangerous diseases. I have to fight against dangerous concepts.

And I am here with you today to discuss these dangerous ideas such as:

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Litigation in the U.S.

The judicial model of the United States, it would seem, polished to perfection for the more than two centuries, has long been considered one of the world's most objective and impartial. But in the last two decades, and especially in the nineties, have become the crown in the U.S. "consumer society", the model suddenly started to falter — systemic, deep, all the more frightening. And it is clear that the problems have less to do with the internal state of Themis, but with the changed attitude to it by society. Americans discovered that the courts — is not

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Germans in Germany in the role of minorities

German Minister for Family Affairs Kristina Schröder spoke yesterday on state television, warning that many of the children from the families 'ethnic' Germans are humiliated and discriminated against by the children of immigrants. She had to admit that "the German children humiliated for what they are Germans."

"Anti-German speech — a form of xenophobia and racism" — said the Minister. And found it necessary to explain: "It is discrimination for belonging to a certain ethnic group."

Schroeder added that this phenomenon is prevalent in schools and public transport.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer was not satisfied with

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Milinkevich visited Bridges, Hrodna activists have not been put on the march Soc

Managing Grodno regional UCP Yury Istomin Pronunciation our radio: The main purpose of police was that the UCP were unable to provide their own capital in the region, even more so they carried flags Grodno.By the way, members of the party before the march in the capital made a sudden step: Set on its website the information that the police are preparing to arrest activists Grodno, that they could not get to the capital on November 4. Even called name Colonel Chabanava, which Tipo owed control the operation. We turned to him for comment and heard such a response:Shepherd: "This

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Stalin and the wind of history

Article AI Fursova "Stalin and the wind of history" does not coincide with the requirements of the site, though I would venture to publish it. Much to ask the moderators do not udolyat article once, let there hung a couple of days because of its beneficial effect on the world)))

That's the trouble! When used to He was furious with sickle Took place on the field squall — Sheaf would collapse over the sheaf. Stalin

The truth — the bitter medicine, unpleasant taste, but restoring health. Balzac

Stalin and the wind of history

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U.S. Infrastructure at Risk

Crumbling roads and bridges, as well as unserviceable Energy System — deteriorated infrastructure of America is a growing threat to the public. However, the government is ready to spend billions on wars around the world without worrying about the safety of people on the streets of relatives. Report RT correspondent Marina Taylor.

Over the last decade, America has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in the name of national security: fighting, military intervention, the fight against terrorism, the hunt for hackers on the Internet …

Meanwhile, virtually no attention is the internal threat that can overtake every home in

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