Fish kills in the Altai region


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1.08.11.Zhiteli Loktevskogo Altai Region discuss the topic in the death of fish Gilevskom Reservoir, allegedly due to the fall in the river Aley spent stage rocket launched from Baikonur.

As the correspondent of IA "Amitel" Loktevskogo district administration head Sergei Solovyov, never in the history of space in the Area falling stage.

According to him, there were rumors about the fall of more than a month ago, on the banks of the reservoir Gilevskogo Alley and in places not intended for swimming, were set sold out "No swimming".

"It is a heat wave. On the

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Scientists fear the growth of cities

The fear of urban growth to save the planet

If 2030 does not change the existing structure of the development, the city will be able to take an additional 1.5 million km2, which is comparable with the territory of countries such as France, Germany and Spain. This may require an increase in the number of the world's population from 7 billion to 9 billion, when every week for the next 38 years an increase of about a million people. While the urban population will increase from 3.5 to 6.3 billion people.

Fig. One hundred years ago there were fewer than

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Where they were flying?




Chinese chroniclers of the first millennium reported as Lu Gong, surnamed Wen-ching, with the servant and the servant were looking for healing means between the ridges. Suddenly he saw three people in the valley. Turning to Lyuyu, they said: "We are immortal celestial beings of the chambers

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Fish kills near Voronezh. Video


20.07.11.Karasi, rudd and pike lie on the bottom or float down the river belly up.

Holidaymakers on the beach there. Installed everywhere a sign: "Swimming in Tolucheevke strictly prohibited." For local children is a real tragedy. After all, the boys spend their free time on the river.

Ivan Black, a resident of the village Shuttle:

"Bathing here, there were many people. Normally. I do not even climbs out of the water. Net was. But now it is not clear at all. A swamp. "

Water in Tolucheevke first turned yellow, then turned red. Immediately after that, the fish

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Death of bees in Belarus


Photo: Valentine Kozlovich

22.07.11.Vo yard Sergei Mikulik pensioner from the village Chepeli Pruzhany District — blooming pharmacy. Wherever you look — herbs: motherwort, mullein, lemon balm, milk thistle, hemlock. "Can you imagine what my healing honey bees next to the house?" — Sergey expertly tells the story of marijuana in the apiary. But if the inhabitants of his 16 hives could only spin in the yard! And that after flying in search of healing nectar far beyond the village.

This summer, Sergey Mikulik killed up to 30 percent of the bees. Damage to the host is not counted,

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As with the field theory of the U.S. Navy destroyer disappeared




The great Albert Einstein turned 125! We want to talk about some strange phenomena associated with the great scientific discoveries of physics.

In addition, we would like to remind you that Einstein, in spite of the seriousness of his conclusions, was a man of restless

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In reservoirs Makhambet region again dying fish. Photo


11.06.11.V edition reported fish kills in ponds Makhambet region. Today, during a brief trip to the closest creek — information confirmed.

On the so-called fifth after the first kilometer of the bridge turn left. Here in poluvysohshem riverbed on both sides of belly-up floating roach, bream, fry, perches, which recorded the object of our press photographer. And such a sad picture was observed during the entire trip along the tributaries, which originates from the Black River. The head wind is foul smell of decomposing fish flesh. Carcass fatty fish swarmed green flies. Carrion birds peck reluctantly.

Also, according to

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Scientists propose methods of cleaning nuclear waste

Scientists propose methods of cleaning nuclear waste to save the planet

In the world there is an urgent need for safe storage of nuclear waste, which can be easily released into the environment. A new study carried out by Professor of Engineering and Geological Sciences University of Notre Dame, Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt, shows thorium borate (NDTB-1) as the compound crystal structure, which can be used to secure the absorption of radioactive ions from nuclear waste streams. When the radioactive ions are extracted, they can be replaced by highly ionized molecules of similar size, and the resulting material recycled for further use.

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In Chile, a strong earthquake

In Chile, a strong earthquake Natural Disasters

Earthquake measuring 7.1 points occurred in the central part of Chile. The epicenter is located 32 km north-northwest of the city of Talca (35,198 ° S, 71,783 ° W), about 215 km south-south-east of the capital Santiago and had a depth of 34.8 km. University of Chile reported that the earthquake was a 6.8-tenths, and followed it for at least three minor jolt of 4.6, 3.8 and 3.5 points. At the moment, the possibility of a tsunami is not reported, but the pre-arranged evacuation of residents of Bio Bio, which has already suffered

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In the area of Kiev Goloseevskiy lakeside found hundreds of dead fish


Emergency Management find out the details of what happened Photos Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine

24.03.11.V one of the ponds Orehovatskogo cascade in Holosiivskyi district of Kiev, the mass lost fish. According to local residents, the fish poisoned with chemicals that are dumped into the water, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

According to the publication, last week, local residents on a walk in the park named after Rila found on the surface of one of the lakes in the foam of unknown origin. According to residents, the foam was also on the surrounding body of water trees. A few

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