The Marquis de Custine how excited contemplative Russia

This title will be, no doubt, seen by many readers as the deliberate artifice of thought, for kyustinovskaya book "Russia in 1839" is considered one of the most "negative" or even at the most "despised" writing about our country.

But, first, I used the title the word "contemplative" and not, say, "interpreter" — that is, we will focus on the immediate impressions of Custine, not about his reasoning. And secondly, personal, private "negativity" of the French traveler in respect of Russia is greatly exaggerated, in particular, the works of many Russian writers provide more — and

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Nietzsche by Dostoevsky

Nietzsche has left more than twenty statements about Dostoevsky, sometimes fugitive, "about", sometimes deployed and conceptual. There Nietzsche were all collected and commented on in the article German slavicist Wolfgang Gezemana2. In the country of Dostoevsky is now just a kind of "tree" in the "forest" of problems called "Dostoevsky and Nietzsche." The only exception is Nietzsche synopsis of Dostoevsky's novel "The Possessed" sensational find in the archives of Weimar philosopher, discovered publishers a complete collection of his critical writings. Some of Nietzsche's statements about Dostoevsky, especially from his epistolary heritage and is not known in the Russian translation.

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Julius Evola on the decline in Europe

Baron Julius Evola (May 19, 1898 — June 11, 1974)

The modern "civilization" of the West needs a radical revolution, without which it will sooner or later doomed to failure. This "civilization" had corrupted any reasonable order of things. It evolved into the realm of, matter, money, machines, in which there is more air, freedom, light.

West forgot about the meaning of and obedience to orders. He forgot about the sense of action and reflection. He forgot about the sense of hierarchy, the power of the spirit, the human gods. He does not know the nature. Nature for

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As many as three sports facility opened in Kabardino-Balkaria

On the main street of the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria — prospect to them. Lenin — open Universal Sports Palace. It is assumed that there will be competitions in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. The hall is designed for 1700 seats, but if necessary, its capacity can be increased to 3 million by the installation of additional structures. In addition, on the second floor will house the republican chess club, a press center and a conference room.

Also opened after reconstruction Children's stadium. Reconstruction of the building was provided for the expansion of the core sports from 4 to 6 years of

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Alexander Zinoviev: Global Cheloveynik

Alexander Zinoviev

I watched a lot of movies and books about the future of mankind. All of them are almost or completely ignored the social aspect of the future of humanity, that is something which will take the form of human association and their members as social beings and the relationship between their members. The present book is devoted to this theme. According to the literary form of the book is sociologically-futurological story. The basic idea is as follows. Our XX century was perhaps the most dramatic in the history of mankind in terms of the fate of

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Israeli officials have acknowledged forcibly contraception Ethiopian immigrant

The Israeli authorities for the first time acknowledged that they knew about the introduction of an Ethiopian immigrant long-acting hormonal contraceptives without their consent, wrote "Haaretz". The order to stop doing Director General of the Ministry of Health gave Ron Gamzu four healthcare organizations. In this earlier ministry and other official agencies have denied that they knew about this practice, although the first information about it leaked to the media even five years ago.

Now, however, officials were told not gynecologists prescribe to women, who came from Ethiopia, contraceptive injection "Depo-Provera", if the physician has doubts that the patient

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Police advise Americans not to show off their iPhone on the street

Police in Stamford (Connecticut) investigating the activities of street gangs daring robbers who specialize solely on Apple products and feel free to crowded places.

"Collectors of apples" made more than 40 armed robberies on the same pattern: a robber with a taut face hood drove up to the victim on a stolen bike, grabs the iPhone out of her hands, hiding from the crime scene, and then throws a bike nearby and runs away. Subsequently stolen smartphones with cracked software appear on the black market at a price of $ 100-200.

The victims have nothing to inform the police

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Raising children in the United States: sadism in the law

More than bizarre methods of "training" (more like torture), which became known during the trials of adoptive parents in the United States, is not the fruit of a sick mind mentally inadequate people. This "therapy" in the United States recommend to suppress the will of foster children. And her followers already actively advocate, and teachers in Russia.

Jessica Bigley at one point became famous not only in the state of Alaska, but also far beyond. And all thanks to home video, which she posted in a popular TV show. On frames makes a woman's adopted son from Russia to

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Japan — the flip side

Faced with the view that Japan is a country of high-tech, futuristic ideal, and in general, we Slavs to high-tech Japanese people never get up. Not that I wanted to downplay the Japanese high-tech achievements, but the sun has spots, and its Fukushima in Japan, which has not yet been eliminated. And it's been more than six years. Compare with the operational work in the Soviet Union during the Chernobyl disaster — yes, there was some delay in the delivery of information, but after the problems up the sarcophagus over the reactor was built in the shortest possible time.

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On the influence of Dostoevsky by Ryunosuke Akutagawa (father of the Japanese short story)

In the first half of the XVII century, the Japanese government, for fear of the development of relations with European countries and the spread of Christianity, has issued a decree that banned the entry of foreigners in Japan and the Japanese people travel abroad under penalty of death. Japan for a long time was "closed" country. However, the policy of "self-isolation" ultimately did not pay off. In the second half of the XIX century, the ruling class of Japan has decided to make a revolution from above. In 1868, the shogun (military-feudal ruler) gave political power to the emperor, who

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