Floods in Russia have caused damage to agriculture by 8.7 billion rubles

September 17, 2013. An amount of 8.7 billion rubles takes into account the loss of profits from the sale of agricultural products, about 8 billion is in the Far East, ITAR-TASS reported. In this case, the direct damage from floods is about 3.6 billion rubles.

Element destroyed about 460 hectares of crops, of which over 370 thousand in the Far East.

Agriculture also suffered from drought in the spring and summer of 2013, then in ten regions was introduced a state of emergency. Lack of rain and scorching sun caused damage of 11.4 billion rubles.

According to authorities,

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Baiting the U.S. secret services of John Lennon (excerpt from the book Anatomy of a CIA crimes against the youth)

John gives an autograph killer for a few hours before his death. Lennon's last photo

"Under the hood" CIA

The FBI, which led extensive surveillance of Lennon from the date of his arrival in New York, working closely with the New York-based group of CIA officers involved in the illicit interception of correspondence "suspicious" foreigners. Letters addressed to John as his own agents were opened, photographed, and copies of them were transferred to the FBI to supplement the dossier. Name of progressive musicians featured in all of secret lists that the CIA regularly sent Pick-up group for people

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SWAT. Be on time

A documentary about the top secret Russian military units. Unique outcomes of training and exercises with the best fighters of the FSB special forces. History and present of one of the world's most successful anti-terrorist centers. The film is about the people for whom homeland, honor and duty are not empty words. The film, which is expected.

Dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Special Forces Center of FSB Russia.

Apartments in Japan (WC combined with kitchen)

Do you think that you have a close apartment, forever is not enough space, and these five-meter dishes ….! Nightmare and horror!))) So, you can be comforted.

Feel the owner of the vast apartment — that's the usual pictures of apartments from Japan

And now the trick question — how to think, how many meters this apartment?)

I will not long torment — 10 meters!!! Who do not believe and can read Japanese — that additional information — _


??????????????? ??2?

??10m? ??? (??)


??2 p

Size of housing in Japan is measured in tatami.

Tatami mats have

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Japan: 10,000 kreaklov live in internet cafes

Only in Tokyo, there are 10 million people living in cage homes the size of 1 on 2 meters in an internet cafe. There they spend the night, eat, watch movies and comic books sit on the internet. It is growing in Japan layer of "poor white collar" that do not have money to eat, even the room.

The stagnation of the Japanese economy and the high real estate prices expand the class of so-called "Working poor". The suburbs of large cities are full of older "blue-collar" yutyaschihsya there in huts and living daily wage work. For example, only

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The consequences of the floods in Mexico

September 19, 2013. Residents of Chilpancingo — the capital of the Mexican state of Guerrero, trying to cope with the consequences of floods — the strongest in decades. Streets and houses cleaned of silt and debris at a local school has a place of temporary residence.

Many regions of the country are still flooded, and the authorities are trying to provide aid to tens of thousands of people cut off from the mainland.

The floods were caused lasting several days at a time of heavy rainfall. They were brought into the country just two tropical storms — "Manuel"

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Lingering cold in Pakistan could cause water shortages

Lingering cold in Pakistan could cause water shortages Weather and Climate

Changing weather types with characteristic lingering winters may lead to inaction farmers in Sindh instead of the usual preparation for the new growing season.

Usually glaciers begin to melt in March, providing enough water for the whole season, but this year's extreme cold prevented this. The water level in the reservoirs of Mangla and Tarbela reached the minimum level, which can lead to serious consequences: about 40-50% of the area of Sindh face the problem of water shortage in the summer crop (Kharif), which starts in April.

It is

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The Dead Sea absorb sinkholes

September 20, 2013. The rate of drying of the Dead Sea continues to grow, and on-site water immediately arise deep crevices that are very similar in appearance to a giant bowl-shaped karst cave-ins. Over the past year, such salt was particularly large craters, which attracted the attention of researchers.

Each cleft is a result of subsidence and the simultaneous dissolution of salt on the bottom of the sea under the influence of underground freshwater sources. According to the latest observations, the day of on-site water retreated there is at least one new crack, but other patterns of occurrence

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State Department churns belogandonnikov

All western chorus agency reported that the Cuban dissident and blogersha Yoani Sanchez, 37 years, has received permission from the authorities to leave the country. Five years she sought this right, and that's waited. In January 2013, amendments to the law on migration. All Cubans have found the possibility of free travel abroad. Passports, buy ticket, receive an entry visa of the destination country — and Godspeed! Yoani and received was, of course, disappointed that in Cuba, few people paid attention to her departure. No drama, neither questioning nor searches, nothing that could be branded in the next twitter-message

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Defenders of the homeless cynicism angered the mayor of New York

Organization for the Protection of the Rights of homeless New Yorkers, Mayor Bloomberg acknowledged one of the most inefficient politicians in the history of the city. Caused a wave of indignation about the mayor's recent statement that "no one today is not sleeping on the street." According to Bloomberg, "The Big Apple homeless people receive from 3 to 10 times more compassion than homeless other major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle."

The word "compassion" the mayor was referring to shelters, free meals, and a number of other city programs, the total value of which exceeds

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