Scary facts about the fall of the U.S. economy

Anyone who believes that the U.S. economy is finally beginning to come herself thanks to incentive measures by the Federal Reserve and the lending rate is almost zero, you just need to look at the showgirl, say the authors of the blog ZeroHedge. U.S. President Barack Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke actually drove the country into a debt trap from which you do not know how to get out.

In 1980, the U.S. national debt was less than $ 1 trillion., Today it is rapidly approaching $ 17 trillion. In 1970, the total amount of debt, business

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How much money do I need Briton to have enough for a living?

The British government continues the policy of austerity. In the framework in April limited the amount of benefits to which eligible low-income: up to 500 pounds (24 thousand) per week for a family and 350 pounds (about 17 thousand) for a person living alone.

The country turned around arguing about on how much can actually live person, or, for example, parents with children

Question British site Bi-bi-si on the cost of living and ways to save has caused a lot of interesting responses. We publish some of them.


In January,

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Wellington is under the influence of slow earthquakes

May 30, 2013. Under New Zealand's capital city is most interesting seismic event — it is above the place where the earth is with a magnitude equivalent to an earthquake magnitude of 7 points. Despite the fact that such a strong push claims to be the strongest in the last 150 years, its presence can be confirmed only seismological reports and graphs as well as the phenomenon belongs to the category "silent earthquakes. "

Such a wobble in the Earth's crust is possible because of the deep movement called "slip Kapiti" or "shift Kapiti" west of Wellington at

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U.S. soldiers in France

Professor Mary Roberts University of Vinskonsina.

With regard to France — "Paris and a woman" — the Americans were not much different from the Germans

"My book upsets the old myth about American soldiers who by all accounts, always behaved well — said Professor Roberts. — The Americans were having sex everywhere and with all on whom the skirt was. "

It is estimated that a total of U.S. military raped in Europe in the years 1942-1945 about 14 thousand women. Only in France for rape were sentenced 152 American servicemen. 29 of them were hanged.

Of course,

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As the Anglo-Saxons freed Europe from Hitler

From the book by William Hitchcock Bitter Road to Freedom, Europe 1944-1945

In Normandy

Thefts and robberies … farm houses [locals] began June 6 and did not stop all summer. David Webster (David Webster), landing in Normandy Invasion Day as part of the 110th Airborne Division, U.S. Army, recalled that he had stolen a bottle of brandy started a few hours after landing. In the town of Colombieres, located just a few miles from the coast and liberated on the first day, according to the memoirs of one of the local residents, Canadians thoroughly ransacked her home. "Robbery was

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Kreatif Romanian advertisers: Killed Stalin — saved a pedestrian

Intervyu with Silviu Nedelshi (Silviu Nedelschi) — creative director and specialist copywriting advertising agency Publicis in Bucharest, which carried out these layouts by request of the Advisory Centre for Victims of road accidents in Romania.

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Socialism is un-American

83,000,000 Americans — in the care of the taxpayers

The notorious nanny state in action: more than 72,000,000 Americans receive assistance under the program Medicaid, yet almost 11,000,000 people — Temporary Assistance for those unable to work. In sum, this — more than the population of any country in Western Europe (Ed. figures, of course, are overlapped, but there must also be made to 48 million Americans receiving food coupons, and 90 million unemployed).

In 2008, at the height of the crisis and the coming of a new host at the White House, the number of those who receive

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Shimonahinya Nile — Prophecies about Russia


I would like to share memories of the gift of foresight mother Neela. A few years ago, we held a meeting in the church clergy County and then we Silvanus priest, rector of the church of the village Kosmodemyanskoy Vinogradov went to my mother.

Father Silas wanted to talk to her. When we walked in, my mother said: — Who should drive the rector of Trinity Church of the village priest Leonid Konobeeva flat. Indeed, it was not long, how did my father Leon Id. And we agreed that he would come, and my mother could

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The Story of a protracted

By work, I often have to fly on business trips. And each time, arriving in one of the cities, I sincerely wonder: why the plane is landing in a small old airport, which was built in the 30's of last century, when standing next to the new complex, much more roomy and comfortable. But for some reason not working.

With the new airport was linked instructive story, a long and sad. The familiar, in general.

In the early 90's in there for three airport. But the opportunities for expansion of the two of

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Edition of TIME gave the job photojournalist Joachim Eskildsenu a report about the ongoing crisis, which is now affected about 46 million Americans. Eskildsen was in New York, California, Louisiana, South Dakota and Georgia, for the first time since 1986, having arrived in the United States. According to him, about poverty was not mentioned in the news, he looked in Berlin. "For Europeans, America — a kind of mythical place, which is associated with childhood with Coca-Cola and American culture. The more bitter it was to see people living not just poor, but having unhealthy living conditions. "

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