IBM Corporation in the United States has cut 1,300 staff

The world's largest provider of computer services to multinational IBM as part of a global restructuring has reduced this week, according to the organization Alliance @ IBM, 1,300 employees in the United States.

Alliance @ IBM, which is part of the union Communications Workers of America, says that among the laid-off employees was 222 units of marketing software and 165 people from the research department to develop semiconductor components. The decision to restructure was made after the April results of the first quarter.

Coordinator of the Trade Union Alliance @ IBM Conrad Lee

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Licence to Kill

The incident with the murder of office of the FBI agents in Florida Chechens suspected of involvement in the recent terrorist attacks during the Boston Marathon, received an unexpected sequel. Journalistic investigation showed that over the past decade, the Bureau agents used weapons against suspects (and got them) for a total of 150 times, and never (!) Internal investigation did not impose any sanctions on the shooters. This may indicate either the absolute infallibility of the FBI, or the existence of a true "license to kill".  

Reporters from the New York Times

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Motoring in Europe

… I have always been hostile to all changes in the automotive market of Russia: raise taxes, increase insurance, bad roads. I Khayal our country, believing that "Russia is a country idiots" and we have a useless government, and basically I was not satisfied with the road, the cost of fuel, road tax and customs duties on foreign cars. For months, chattering keys in the forums, I cursed and defended his point of view. Do you recognize yourself?

All of this is in the past, after I left for Europe. And now I want to

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Terrorism in the United States today

Complaints about the quality of the water — it is an "act of terrorism".

At least, according to officials of Tennessee, as he said during a meeting with the local people when they said that their children are sick because of the "muddy water with a weird taste."

The representative of the Ministry of Environment of Tennessee told a group of concerned citizens that complaints about the quality of the water can be seen as an "act of terrorism" — says The Tennessean.  

Sherwin Smith (Sherwin Smith), deputy director

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What it is — to die



The stories that you hear about people who have experienced clinical death, usually end with light at the end of the tunnel, memories, meeting with God and enlightenment. This is not something that happened to me … Six months ago, I was dead.

I do not have memories of the event, but this story retold so many times that I think I also saw it all. I was in the gym a residential complex with a roommate Sam. I was

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Ukraine: Near Odessa experienced massive fish kills

June 6, 2013. In Tiligul estuary in the Petrovsky village council found fish kills (goby), a length of about 2 km and a width of 0.5 meters. The total mass of dead fish about 2 tons.

According to the State GSCHS in the Odessa region, a possible cause of fish kills is the large presence of diatoms, which are a very large number absorb oxygen.

State Environmental Inspectorate of the North-West region of the Black Sea vzyatla water samples for laboratory analysis.

At present, the commission planned to leave the group TEB and Emergency Kominternovsky WGA to determine the

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«KaY-wave predicts earthquake. Part 2

Alexander Jagodin Haifa laboratory earthquake warning predict.y @

< Часть 1 · Part 3>


Seismologists and biologists have often turned to the help of dogs, with the hope that they can predict earthquakes.

In this article? describes the typical cases of positive examples: "… After the Spitak earthquake in Armenia has become widely known story of Alice and her husky owner A. Garibyanom from Leninakan. The morning of December 7, two hours before the earthquake, the owner took the dog for a walk, but back in the house refused to return Alice, creepy howling and barking.

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In the womb found a two-headed shark embryos


Similar anomalies are rare because new case has received a separate scientific articles in the Journal of Fish Biology. Researchers from Michigan State University, explains that scientists are much more likely come across two-headed lizards and snakes, but it may not reflect the true picture.

"These animals, — says Michael Wagner, an assistant professor and one of the authors of the opening — often bred in captivity, so the appearance of anomalies easier to detect."

Sharks, unlike snakes and lizards, very rare breed in the eyes of man, and two-headed birds usually live very

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China will put on stream the birth of genius babies



The Government of the Middle Kingdom at the state level has approved a new project in the field of genetic engineering. Chinese scientists set out to create a multi-million army of geniuses. Researchers Genetic Research Center BGI Shenzhen collected DNA samples from two thousand brightest representatives of the world's population and have studied them, trying to identify the genes responsible for intelligence. And they are pretty close to a great discovery.

Once that is done, scientists will give parents the

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U.S. staged a Chernobyl in Iraq

The city of Fallujah took first place in the world in the number of children with congenital cancer. Experts believe that the reason — in the use of U.S. weapons of mass destruction in 2003-2004, writes about this today portal Lifenews.

ReporterStringerskogo International Bureau of Investigationvisited the city of Fallujah hospital and talked to the doctors. He was told that the surge in illnesses among infants began in 2005. In 15 percent of newborns had pathology of internal organs, leukemia, congenital oncology. "This data is far from complete, as 40% of women give birth at

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