Seven myths about Ctalingrade

Russian army will have — will Russia. This is an immutable rule at all times. But for the electoral battles we have forgotten the real battle. In which our forefathers have shown the power and luster of Russian weapons. November 19, 1942 began a counter-offensive of the Red Army, which has led to an environment of German troops at Stalingrad. February 2, 1943 ended with the Battle of Stalingrad — German troops ended in disaster.

When, on February 23, but we think about it.

Fighting for the destruction of the 6th Army surrounded Pauwels

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The family of fuel supply next-generation battery systems developed in the Altai region

Unique and innovative products Company "Altai plant precision products" (AZPI) has now been successfully tested on a variety of techniques.

Altay Common Rail System (ACRS) runs performance tests on the car belonging AZPI MAZ-4371 with an engine of the Minsk Motor Plant, D-245.30 (Euro-3). At the end of April mileage of almost 3 thousand miles. Similar tests are carried out on the tractor "Belarus 1220.4" in Minsk (1100 hours operating time), ZIL-5301 "bull" in the town of Stary Oskol (run 45 thousand km). Being tested and marine applications. Reviews of the system, only positive.

Battery fuel supply system of a

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Floods and landslides in Central America

Floods and landslides in Central America, Natural Disasters

Heavy rains have passed over Central America. Over the past week 80 people were killed by floods and landslides, destroyed bridges and flooded roads. Since there is no sign that the rain will subside, local authorities announced the alarm in the mountainous regions, where about 42 million.

On Monday, October 17 President of El Salvador said that the country's state of emergency. 32 people were killed and three were missing, about 32 thousand people were evacuated. In Guatemala, 29 people died, 13 — in Honduras, 8 — in Nicaragua. However, these figures

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Rumba was held in China

July 4, 2013. Tropical storm "Rumba" reached the coast of China and is moving from the south to the north-west. This is the sixth tropical storm in China this year, with his victims over the weekend were already 39 people, at least 13 people in the nine most affected areas so far unaccounted for.

Among the affected regions, where torrential rains caused landslides, flooding of rivers and as a result, large-scale flooding, were the south-western province of Sichuan and Inner Mongolia in the north, as well as the coastal provinces of Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

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Teleportation or disappearance?



In Kenya, on Lake Rudolf, is an island Envaitenet that the language of the local tribe elmolo is "irrevocable." Just a few kilometers in length and the same in width. Locals do not settle on it, considering "a cursed place." In 1935, Kenya's expedition of British explorer Vivian Fusch. Two of his colleagues — Martin Sheflis and Bill Dyson — set off on a mysterious island. It's been 15 days, and scientists do not come back. Worried Fuchs sent a

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Forbidden Archeology


In his books, anthropologist and historian Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson mathematician lead startling data, which the scientific community has been aware of, but for a long time this information was outside the field of view of scientists thanks to the so-called "knowledge filtration." The bottom line comes down to the fact that modern man has existed on Earth for millions of years.


To extract this information to light, the authors had to do an enormous amount of research and analysis, the results are so impressive that are set out in such detail that

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Glacial lakes in the Himalayas are more dangerous

Glacial lakes in the Himalayas are more dangerous Danger Zone

Curious enough to watch the Imja glacier lake grows clumps of snow falling from the mountain tops. But the lake is one of the most dangerous areas in the Himalayas.

If the lake, situated at an altitude of 5100 kilometers in Nepal, breaks through the glacial deposits, known as moraine, it will flood the area at a distance of 60 miles, flooding the fields and houses of coal dust (culm) up to 15 meters high. But the issue is more likely is not, under any circumstances, but when it happens.

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Farms Trans-Baikal Territory update technique

In the Trans-Baikal region is an intensive renovation to agricultural machinery and equipment. In 2011, rural farms edge purchased 600 units.

Over the past year, agricultural enterprises edge purchased 248 tractors, 29 combine harvesters, forage two — and one potato harvesters, three sowing complexes, cars — 39 Kamaz trucks with trailers, GAZ, URAL-375 and "Guran" 52 Pick-up, 139 mowers and other farm equipment.

unit for primary tillage and seeding complex production of "Agromaster" (Tatarstan) entered the SEC Kunkur Agin District Trans-Baikal region (August 2011).

Each year the volume of purchased technology in the region is getting

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Scholars have commented on the abnormal glow in the sky Chelyabinsk

June 16, 2013. Scientists have commented abnormal glow in the sky, on the night of Sunday, June 16, is concerned about the residents of Chelyabinsk and the neighboring towns, and even in the Sverdlovsk region.

Eyewitnesses strange phenomena have decided that saw the northern lights. However, it usually occurs in the northern latitudes.

Residents of the South Urals actively pay attention to the various natural phenomena after the February 2013 Chelyabinsk famous throughout the world since the fall of the meteorite. In social networks witnesses unusual glow shared experience: "Lord, in the sky above the Chelyabinsk — the northern

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The sleepy giant Arctic stirred

Permafrost region occupies nearly a quarter of the land surface of the Northern Hemisphere. (Image Hugo Ahlenius, UNEP / GRID-Arendal.)

June 11, 2013. The Arctic is very important for the understanding of the global climate. This is analogous to the canary in the coal mine for the whole Earth. The weather is changing in the Arctic faster than time to adapt ecosystems.

For a detailed study of what is happening in the Arctic Circle, NASA established a five-year project CARVE (Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment), the purpose of which — measuring the output of carbon dioxide and

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