After the storm Bebinka on China fall Rumbaugh

June 29, 2013. The South China at about 30 miles an hour is coming tropical storm "Rambam". He will come to the province of Guangdong on July 1-2.

Meanwhile, authorities in the region are counted damage storm "Bebinka", struck China on June 22. Then it was delayed 128 flights, which is why in Sanya lingered about 6.8 million passengers.

In the east of the country affected by floods in the last month element 335 homes destroyed and 22.2 thousand hectares of crops. Due to bad weather affected 666,000 people, 5,674 local residents were evacuated. The damage amounted to 525

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Is it possible to drown in a volcano?

Is it possible to drown in a volcano? It is interesting

Fig. Lava lake in the crater of the volcano Niragongo in Congo.

Many thrillers special effect used when the character is drowning in boiling lava of the volcano and dissolves instantly at about a thousand degrees. This happened with the villain Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings." But geologist Eric Klemetti sure that everything is a bit different.

Rather, it falls into the lava man will not sink, but will be retained on the surface of the hot mass. First, this is because the density of the lava

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Severnaya Verf won the tender for the construction of 3-logistics ships for the Russian Navy

At the end of an open auction in the electronic form on the supply of three units of ships logistics with high ice class ARC4 for the needs of the Defense Ministry appropriate state contract will be awarded to the "Severnaya Verf". .

Auction organized by the Federal Agency for the supply of arms, military and special equipment and materiel to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ("Rosoboronpostavka"), the results of the auction were announced June 8, 2012. .

The project of the state contract will go to the company June 13, 2012. .

In the case of

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Baikal goes under water

June 30, 2013. North Baikal region has turned into a disaster zone. After showers mountain river burst its banks, destroying everything in its path. Bridges razed villages and towns inundated. His hundreds of families have lost their homes.

Of the Trans-Baikal Tungokochena get to the mainland today only by helicopter. Yes, and the village itself has to travel by boat.

Due to heavy rains the small rivers on the north edge sharply overflowed. Located in flood plains towns flooded. Turbulent fluxes and demolished four road bridges and washed away the track. Who road services erect temporary crossing to

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The FBI acknowledged the existence of UFOs?



As is known, the authorities are very reluctant to talk about the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, and often simply deny their existence. Recently, however, the FBI issued a press release in which it described the incident 63 years ago, associated with the UFO. This occurred in connection with the next observation of mysterious lights in the sky in the north-eastern United States. Since information about the phenomenon widely commented on and discussed, the agency issued a release stating that

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Made in Tomsk: how to produce a heat-efficient building blocks

Today in Tomsk produce not only bricks and panels for housing, but also the various building blocks.

Member of urban design Made in Tomsk, a small company "Betta" makes one of these types of units called "Teplosten" (development of Soviet times, the lines for which designed and manufactured the Russian Institute Teplosten) while mastering the construction of houses from his own products.

For reasons of economy, shop enterprise located in the territory of Tomsk satellite — Seversk. Rent and communal areas are considerably cheaper — 3, 3 million square feet of manufacturing space on favorable terms will not

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Carbon funnel narrowed

Most climate models predict that the world's oceans and plants absorb about half of the carbon dioxide that we release into the atmosphere.

Because plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis, a hypothesis that they play a large role sewer (carbon sink), which will take off much of the carbon dioxide formed by burning fossil fuels. Some scholars have even suggested that the increase in the atmospheric concentration of CO2 would be beneficial for the plants, saying that greens will grow more vigorously, absorbing more of this greenhouse gas. Climate models consider that the oceans ate about 30% CO2, released over the

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Made in Russia-5: VAZ

In previous articles outlined the general situation with the production in the country. The general sense that I wanted to put in my previous article — not as bad as some would like, but there is definitely something to strive for. Now it's time to talk about the real production plants in Russia. I wanted to start with Rostselmasha, but decided to leave it until later on, and touch on the theme that is so overgrown with stereotypes that my mother did not worry.

Here's what's interesting, the people who criticize the WHA, often do not do it because

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Made in Russia-2: Modernization

Before turning to the specific examples of the production, I want to warn the application of such a plan, "Well, done, but it got from the Soviet Union and its nothing to build"

Truth in these words there, but some of the favorite words do here is obviously out of place. And here's why. Let's first take a simple thing, which by itself can prove that we have built a great deal. Look at the statistics of imports.

As is known, Russia's trade surplus, that is, we sell more than we buy. But it is clear that it is

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Made in Russia. Small, but successful

And it's very single-minded, hard-working. Not every adult (and especially so, as the authors of comments listed at the end) is capable of so carefully and thoughtfully prepare for the launch of its project. And even more so — to break all the walls and get financing.

You can be sure that even if you do not have all the lads will go smoothly with advanced projects, it does not lower the arms.

Schoolboy from Peter created his own media and became the voice of young people in adult policy


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