Americans for decades poisoned by fluorine?

More than sixty years, there is a dispute among experts: fluoride is harmful or beneficial to the body. However, despite the fact that a clear answer to this question has not yet been received, the U.S. government took the responsibility to fluoridate drinking water to all its citizens.

It all started with the fact that in the forties of the last century in the United States opened a positive effect of fluoride on the healing of tooth enamel. It was found that fluoride can literally "patching holes in the teeth." After that, the scientists said that in areas with

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Typhoon Lipi close to the south of Japan

© Japan meteorological agency

June 19, 2013. Once again, Japan is preparing for the arrival of the typhoon. Tropical cyclone named "Lipi" experts awarded the fourth serial number, according to the agency "RIA Novosti" with reference to the General Directorate of Meteorology of the country.

Meteorologists believe that by Wednesday evening the typhoon, the rate of which is now less than 20 kilometers per hour to reach the islands Sakisima and will continue to move in the direction of the island of Kyushu. The pressure in the center of the typhoon is over 900 hPa.

Because of the

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The tsunami of unknown origin struck the northwestern part of the U.S.

June 25, 2013. Sue Willard was shocked when I heard the news.

"I do not think that there is something like this could happen," — said a resident of Stafford Township. "I do not know that this can not happen by the earthquake."

But, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it was true. The tsunami hit the Jersey Shore early this month.

Cohen, when he saw a big wave, about 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) from peak to trough was moving towards. The wave was so powerful that she was "grabbed" two people on a

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Since the beginning of 2013, Shanghai had only 59 days with no smog


The situation with the increasing air pollution in the Chinese metropolis has long been critical. In the first three months of 2013, only 59 days Shanghai residents can enjoy a more or less clear air and a time to forget about the fear for their health. The quality of the air in 2013 was the lowest for the entire period of observation, and for 10 days in the city held down minimum visibility.

The city administration has decided that

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Konsumeristskoe body without aging

In konsumeristskoy culture advertised media image of youthful, slender body is in seeming contradiction with the life of bodies belonging to the "third age". Relation to the senile body in many ways fits into the formula that brought Baudrillard. "Old age has only a marginal and highly antisocial particle of life."1 With all the radicalism of this statement, it pretends to best express the meaning of the ratio of modern Western culture to the bodies of the "third age". Let us consider more closely the processes that give the right to formulate such statements.

In traditionalist cultures, old age

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The capital of China is growing at an unprecedented pace underground city



Hundreds of thousands of citizens who come to Beijing in search of work, can not afford another apartment, except for a tiny room in the basement, with no heating and ventilation.  




Wang Zhang lucky came from a village in China's capital city and immediately found work as a realtor. Every day

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On the coast of Italy emerged tornado

June 25, 2013. In the south-eastern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna and Marche exploded real "water bomb", which has suffered from several resort towns. In Riccione for several hours has dropped about 81 mm of rain in Rimini, about 73 mm, Ancona received 33 mm of rain. Some parts of the coast up to 120 mm of rain.

Storm triggered massive power outages and local flooding, which caused unbelievable congestion in the south-eastern roads and city streets. This state of affairs has led to the closure of several highways.

At the same Adriatic coast of Italy near Termoli storm

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My wage slavery

Contingent labor in the United States, or "if you drop pan, you can no longer work for us."

"Just do not take anything from the fact that there will be with you, close to your heart" — tells me with a wink, a woman in the local chamber of commerce, when I tell her that tomorrow I start to work in the Amalgamated Product Giant Shipping Worldwide Inc . I stare at her in disbelief.

"What's the matter? — I ask. — To me there will find fault or something? "

She smiles: "Of course." I'm in a small

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The underwater volcano near Kalpakkam

June 26, 2013. Indian Council for Regulation of nuclear energy (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)) began a detailed study of how the detected underwater volcano threatens nuclear power plant in Kalpakkam, about 70 km away. from Chennai.

Evidence of an underwater volcano was announced five weeks ago. At the moment, Geological Survey of India (GSI) also conducts special research status of the volcano, although the initial analysis showed no geological activity.

In addition to the AERB and GSI, to join the National Research Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

All of these agencies have

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Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" is coming to Australia

Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" is coming to Australia Natural Disasters

A tropical cyclone is moving in a south-easterly direction to the north-west coast of Australia. It is predicted that "Iggy" caused numerous tornadoes in Indonesia, will bring heavy rains and storms.

Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" a tornado on the Indonesian island of Java to Bali. As a result, destroyed about 1,000 homes, with about 500 of them destroyed Seribu Islands. About 50 people were wounded, 7 died (three killed by falling trees in Purbalinga, two — in Bali — one in South Jakarta and one — in Vonosobo).

Formed in the eastern

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