100 thousand refugees

According to the UN, this figure is based on disk imaging of the Georgian and Russian governments. How should this disk imaging of about 30 thousand people left South Ossetia and currently are in North Ossetia, which is part of the Russian Federation. More about 12 thousand refugees remain in South Ossetia itself. About 56 thousand people left areas around town Blaze in Georgia.In mon UN Agency for Refugees has allocated 2 million bucks to help people who have lost their housing as a result of today’s conflict.

Sche one ukrainian kompaniia introduced GPS tracker

In 2012 sіchnі rock kompanієyu LOGIKA vipuschena Persha partіya trekerіv for road transport monіtoringu i Trading agentіv.

Novi GPS GSM tracker pіvroku prohodiv nayzhorstokіshі viprobuvannya vsіma parameters for the robot i showed it to vischomu rіvnі, perevershivshi Vsi ochіkuvannya rozrobnikіv. Novi GPS GSM tracker CCB rozrobleny s metoyu otrimannya mozhlivostі maximum rozshiriti frame otrimannya іnformatsії about Leather etap ruhu transport route, i tim polіpshennya yakostі by the robot program for avtomatizatsії protsesіv kompanії LOGIKA, such yak upravlіnnya TRANSPORT logіstikoyu, avtomatizatsіya transport upravlіnnya warehouse avtomatizatsіya protsesіv pіdpriєmstva, GPS monіtoring i monіtoring vehicles. Skladovі GPS GSM tracker kompanії LOGIKA GPS

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Pupils of the fifth element

Sociologists believe that the number of gifted children has increased

 Photo source:ng.ru

In the Public Chamber held a plenary zasedenie, which discussed the "social portrait of the Russian youth." And where were read reports containing data of large-scale studies of schoolchildren. The purpose of research, commissioned by the House — to draw attention to the problem of education and the formation of moral values in the modern school. The main conclusion of scientists — the children have changed. In fact, all have long said that the children were different. But no one could answer more fully the question:

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Chukotka Autonomous District. Lorino.

27.09.2010 Special issue came correspondent. The film "The Last Day of the whale"

"This week in Moscow discussed the Arctic. Arctic But — it's not just ice, shelves and underwater ridges. This and people. It's about the small indigenous peoples of Russia."Followed by a discussion of the program and the author of the film.

After watching the film remains ambiguous "pessimestichno-optimistic" feeling.According to tradition, went further on we have done, use the search by keyword Lorino (village) in question in the film, to learn what has changed since then.Yet found two pieces of news:The hunters Chukchi upgraded equipment: http://sdelanounas.ru/blogs/8918/ie

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What was stolen from you, son?

Manifesto Goblin (attention, profanity):

Internet hysteria swept. Pimply idiots screaming at each corner about crooks and thieves. Urge to unite and rock the boat, while not fancy themselves some cattle, and prenepremenno active minority, the conscience of the nation, the avant-garde thinking, the elite of society.

Reading the next convulsive repost beardless youth's no smell of gunpowder civil war, I want to ask:

What was stolen from you, son? Where is the product that you have created with their own hands, brought it to the market and its've stole insidious thieves?

Forget about oil

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They love white people

[Img = http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlLA/original/brokenTV18.jpg] for a white person overriding reason not to have a television is the ability to tell Tom, Dick and Harry that he does not have a TV. [Cut] Long lonely nights, when head of the white man thought creeps in that it would be nice now to see American Idol, Lost and Grey's Anatomy *, he consoles himself with the anticipation of the next day when his friends are busy discussing what he saw , white people will be able to say "I'm not looking. Both my TV is not present. brains He has only faded out."

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What do they think about the provocation Pussy riot famous people?

What do they think about the provocation Pussy riot Patriarch Kirill, Archimandrite Tikhon, Metropolitan Hilarion, Andrei Kuraev, Alexander Gordon, Maxim Shevchenko, Alla Pugacheva, Anatoly Wasserman, Alexei Navalny, Valeria Novodvorskaja, Leah Ahidzhakova, Nikita Dzhigurda, Mikhail Leontiev, Nikolai Svanidze, Alexander Nevzorov and ordinary people——————ROC letter with a request for clemency to the condemned herehttp://rusk.ru/newsdata.php?idar=56387————PS The music on their antics left a girl at home, which has been proved in court, and therefore I believe in the right to use the same technique. In my case, they dance to the German march Im Wald, im grunen Walde (/ watch? V = Yl8tdBArXb>

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After 4 years, there will be Innograd

 Photo source:livejournal.com

Innovation City, which should be the center of the Russian scientific and technological modernization, will be developed by building templates offered by the French company AREP. The winner of the architectural design innovation city in Skolkovo Foundation Council has identified the development of the center of the development and commercialization of new technologies.

In the final involved two foreign companies — AREP of France and the Dutch OMA. They both have experience in Russia and, according to its own promises will attract Russian subcontractors. The concept of the winner is seen from a bird's eye something

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The more correct we do, the louder they yell

Read the blog Notes naive person on the revised map of the sky

"If the West berates us with the last

words, it means that we are all doing the right thing "


That is in fact what pattern is obtained.

When the "Gazprom" has been rocked by Vyakhirev and gas past the budget on behalf of individual beneficiaries, no one even close to openly resented the criminal activities of the gas empire. As soon as the "Gazprom" has become a driving force of the

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Chelyabinsk students created an electric SUV

Chelyabinsk students presented the first of its kind with an electric off-road performance. Elektrobaggi — an experienced Design pattern.

Bright appearance and unusual characteristics. The idea to create such a car came largely thanks to the ever-growing worldwide demand for SUVs. However, Chelyabinsk students tried to find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to powerful engines. So the first thing, "LuAZ" has lost the native power unit. "The internal combustion engine we took. Dismantle the cooling system, fuel tank, — Says Andrey Shevchenko, head of the development team. — But after the installation of electric power

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