Satellites can predict the risk of incipient tsunami

July 2, 2013. A team of scientists from the Shanghai University of Technology (China), led Benlunom Wann, made a statement about what satellites can now register here and magnetic fields from the tsunami. In the future, this could prevent the population of the respective regions.

Scientists have in mind is extremely dangerous phenomena, which are very often can cause tragedies. Recall that in 2004, the tsunami claimed the lives of nearly 250,000 people, and in 2011 in Japan by the tsunami killed 15,000 people, with the Fukushima disaster has occurred. The reason for these unfortunate events that the tsunami is

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South of New Zealand met with an unusual storm

September 12, 2013. Tourists vacationing in southern New Zealand Gunns Camp temporarily blocked in its shelter because of a few avalanche coming down to the area of Milford Road. According to preliminary estimates, after the storm on one of the scrolls routes are descended about 20 avalanches, and so far 15 people have no opportunity to leave the danger zone.

Despite the fact that tourists were trapped in a store morale and very excited by what they saw the storm, it does not detract from the possible danger of avalanches gathering new, confident experienced miners, last seen the

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More than two million people have been affected by torrential rains in China

June 30, 2013. Around 2.1 million people have been affected by heavy rains have been going on for three weeks in the east of China.

The agency "Xinhua" referring to the local authorities, the disaster has affected the two eastern provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi.

In Hunan by the landslide killed two people. There are about 26,000 people have been evacuated from the disaster zone.

Earlier, it was reported that as a result of flooding caused by rains in the southern and eastern provinces of China killed 15 people.

In early June, rains hit the nine regions of

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Its time to remove U.S. nuclear weapons from Europe

One of the most pernicious obstacle to sound policy is the inertial effect. It consists of the following: the adoption of a political decision, it begins to live his own life, resisting change, even when the benefits of such solutions is exhausted. For example, we can say with confidence that many more years will waste time in queues at airports, where we checked for safety, even though Osama bin Laden has long been dead. Existing security measures will not pass even the simplest test for benefit-cost ratio — but which political leader would dare to weaken them?

I thought

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Loss of NATO in Yugoslavia

Subject losses in at least some very sensitive about the war and contradictory. But specifically contradictions in the estimates provide more or less complete picture of this. Many years have passed since the war of NATO against Yugoslavia. Tremendous military machine collapsed on Yugoslavia, the entire population of which was less than the number of residents in New York City alone. The operation, code-named "Allied Force" was doomed to success. In this article, I would like to at least briefly to answer the question is really whether the Yankees and other members of the coalition was a bloodless victory?

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Death of the West

Part 7. The war against the past

How can you separate the people from their roots? The answer is simple — destroy the memory. Deprive people of knowledge of who they are or where you come.

If we forget that we managed to do that, we will not know who we are — Ronald Reagan said in his farewell address to the American people. — I caution you from oblivion … our glorious past, which could lead, eventually, to the disappearance of the very spirit of America. "

In the Middle Ages, the Ottoman Empire was introduced to Christian

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Flooding in Pennsylvania has reached its peak

June 28, 2013. In the West, the U.S. state of Pennsylvania because of flooding occurred declared a state of emergency. The most difficult situation is in Dubois and Trautville where to travel almost all the roads are closed, most of the streets have turned into streams with the water level at 1 meter. The state of emergency also applies to counties, Jefferson and Klierfild which officially closed about 200 km of flooded highway northeast Pitsbugra.

From ignited by Dubois, the 150 mm of rain affected families of 20-30 houses, ground floors and basements are literally floating. For the

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Svetlogorsk — cold Baltika warmer Southern Seas

Svetlogorsk — a small town in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, which in 2012 was attended by about 500 thousand tourists, of which about 50 million — were foreigners. Cold Baltic Sea and the beaches are quite small — its natural "cons" Svetlahorsk draws in the "pros". 

The coolness of the Baltic forced exercise fiction in attracting tourists to the town of Kaliningrad, and keep it clean at the neighboring Northwest Territories. A variety of hotels, motels and guest houses — a continuous flight of fantasy owners. Great nature, clean air and friendly locals.

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Death of the West. Part 9. Most frightened

Why are Christians allowed to have their faith and their God banished from their own churches? Why are they so little resistance? Napoleon claimed that God is on the side of superior forces. In America, Christians are still the majority, then God must be on their side. However, they are inferior — and infantry, and cavalry, and even Dragoons. In his book "The Long March" by Roger Kimball, editor of the "New Kraytirion" cultural front break ties with the weakening of the Conservatives:

"The long march of the American Cultural Revolution ended with success, which dared to dream that

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Soldiers unrighteousness

Timeworn America was once again shocked when I went on the internet photos of U.S. soldiers posing with the dismembered bodies of their slain Afghans.

Start gave the newspaper "Los Angeles Times", which placed shot a soldier with a severed hand on the shoulder of Taliban. Of signatures indicated that the military belongs to the 82nd Air Division of the United States, located in Afghanistan. Then, on the website of the newspaper there is another picture of a soldier who was holding a severed leg of his enemy. In the third photo, two soldiers posing with severed hand Taliban,

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