Fresh plaster a fed

Volgograd group "VOLMA" producing building materials over the past few years has placed its power in different parts of Russia and came to the regional markets of North-West to the Maritime Provinces. The company develops its own production of raw materials and intends to build additional plants


The crisis has become an ordeal for manufacturers of building materials. Grow during this period could very few companies. In Volgograd company "VOLMA" — manufacturer of finishing materials — during the crisis turned out to increase production, to negotiate with distributors and retail chains and become, in effect, the

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Canada: Smog from forest fires covered the provinces of Ontario and Quebec

July 4, 2013. Wildfires raging for several days in Canada, provoked the appearance of smog over the southern provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Something like that experienced people in Central Russia in 2010! Warning of the danger and orders regarding the smog was declared in almost all districts of Southern Quebec. In Ontario, while this is the status of the reduced risk, but if the fire does not stop, because of the smog formed in cities and towns, this region may also help in the disaster area.

At the moment, forest fires have destroyed about 250,000 hectares of forest. But

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Welder with Sergey Sevmash

Naval photographer Oleg Kuleshov talks about the new faces of the defense enterprises of Severodvinsk.

I will tell you not only about the boats, but also about people. Those who make and repair ships.Here is my first hero Sergei 21 years. 4 years working on the "Sevmash" welder and is currently production foreman. Here's what he told me about himself:— On the "Sevmash" I was very simple: he entered the "Sevmashvtuz." Now it is a branch of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after MV Lomonosov, where I study on plant-technical college system. This is when you learn to six

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Cops uncut (Cops under the gun)

Popular in America show, where police "live" pursue suspects.

— Mechanical Hound operates smoothly. This is a wonderful invention, since the first use to search for criminals, has never made a mistake. Our television company is proud that it provided an opportunity with a television camera mounted on a helicopter, overall mechanical bloodhound to follow as soon as it begins its way on the trail of a criminal …

— Now Mechanical Hound is a helicopter landed at the fire site!

On the small screen appeared burned house, the crowd, something on the ground covered with a sheet and

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A cautionary tale about how the general secretary of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia became a revolutionary artist and marketer of ideas of Western strategists

Flirting talented strategist West Churchill Yugoslav communist leader Tito began, of course, in 1948, a little earlier. Tito nimble biographers write about it in the spirit of western misinformation — rather vague and contradictory. Foreign Office himself and his faithful assistant's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) on the subject for more than half a century, not a word. However, as they say, murder will out. It suffices to compare the facts that have leaked over time for reasons beyond the control of the ICU, and a normal person can understand the behavior of Tito in 1948 Here are some of

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People living in two worlds


Stories about travel to other dimensions is not such a rarity. However, at all times there were people capable of get back and forth at will. Of course, they were helped in this magical gift. Thus, in the jungles of New Guinea, there is a tribe oolugov, whose representatives argue that they live simultaneously in two worlds: in our world and the land of shadows. Falling into a trance, oolugi come to the Land of Shadows, which is home to the descriptions similar to Neanderthal savages, as well as the winged monkeys and giant ants. In

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Canada: Children's camp in Edmonton, hit by storm

July 4, 2013. A powerful storm attacked the children's camp in the north-east of Edmonton, Canada. As a result, 19 children and two vacationing employee camp suffered multiple cuts, scrapes and bruises. All the victims were sent to a local hospital for medical treatment. Fortunately, the injuries are not life threatening resting guys.

As it turned out, the storm came in about 21:30 pm local time and was accompanied by very strong winds (up to 100 km / h), making it possible elements for a few minutes easily reversed, and destroy 18 of 30 tented cabins (teepee) in which there

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Homodictatorship in Europe and its prospects in Ukraine

Press conference on the theme: "How to destroy the structure of foreign Ukrainian state policy in the sphere of family and morality."

Special guest expert Alexander Spak, a lawyer and political analyst in London said that the homosexual community in Europe were able to achieve that basic sound arguments about the family of a man and a woman are seen as evil and intolerant. Until a few years ago about this no one could have thought. To date, Western society quietly accepts immoral arguments and twisted facts, but people expressing their opinion about sexual ethics

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The resort Goa landslide blocked the road

July 5, 2013. Torrential rains that do not stop for the past two days have caused a blocking key roads in the main resort of Indian state of Goa. In Anmod Gat rains have led to a massive landslide, and a parody Rice, floods killed two people. Thus, the 52-year-old resident of parody, returning home was demolished by the rapid flow of storm water, and 45-year-old Raya due to slippery roads and washed out by rain moved out on his scooter into a ditch and died from his injuries.

Landslide in Anmod Gat, near the border of South Goa and

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn decided to move to Russia

"Europe is dying. I'm moving to Russia ", — Strauss-Kahn wrote.

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn decided to relocate to Russia. A man who was accused of sexual harassment as soon as openly about the imminent demise of the dollar and the Euro, tweeted about his desire to live in Russia.

Not surprisingly, most recently known French financier, came to the Supervisory Board of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, as well as to the supervisory board of the bank Bank are owned by "Rosneft".

By the way, in a recent interview

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