Globally icing postponed "for later"

Globally icing postponed "for later" It's interesting

Last icing Earth ended 11,500 years ago. The new "Ice Age" to go back to the planet in about 1500 years. But this may not happen because of the constant release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of human activity.

The group of Dr. Luke Skinner, along with scientists from University College London, the University of Florida and the University of Berger, Norway, has estimated that the CO2 level should be reduced to 240 ppm (mg / kg) to ice possible. Even if the carbon dioxide to the atmosphere stops

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The assembly of engines for the Yak-130 promises to fully convey to Omsk

Aircraft engines for aircraft Yak-130, about one-third of nodes which are now available in Omsk, will be assembled here in full, according to BK55.

This was told today by the Minister of Industrial Policy, Transport and Communications of Omsk region, Alexander Gorbunov. Currently about 30% of components and assemblies for aircraft engines AI-222-25, mounted on combat training aircraft Yak-130 is going to Omsk engine combining them. PI Baranova — the branch of FSUE "Research and Production Center Gas Turbine" Salute ". "In the long run the engine for the Yak-130 is a fully assembled in Omsk,"

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Earth rotates differently

July 12, 2013. The latest research suggests that the earth rotates at different speeds at certain times of the 5.9-year cycle. Scientists have also found a link between changes in the Earth's rotation and the sudden changes in the magnetic field of our planet. The speed of rotation of the globe can change quickly, a millisecond per day, because of the wind or liquid on the surface of the Earth. Scientists can measure how fast the Earth spins, watching the distant objects in space and time and counting how long it takes to get back into the field of view

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Mass death in Asia is of climatic anomaly

August 17. Miriam Marler at Columbia University found that such climatic events such as El Niño (as for the heated water is in the eastern zone of the Pacific Ocean and waters off the coast of Indonesia's become cold, we get a result — suppressed monsoon rains usually extinguishing fires in forests) provides a significant increase in deaths in South-East Asia, says "Remedium".

As a result of fires pollution level in the environment increases significantly. This can be a cause of death of about 15 thousand people. So, in the midst of defeat are residents of the regions stretching from

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Hundred of thousands of Chinese people have been made homeless cave

August 4, 2013. As a result of heavy rainfall of about 100 thousand people living in the caves of the Chinese people were left homeless. Residents of north-western province of Shaanxi, living on the Loess Plateau, for thousands of years, living in makeshift caves. In this area, the soil is very viscous and solid, and it is best suited for construction work. Because of the high price of real estate people are not in a hurry to move to homes built using the latest technologies.

Self-made caves have several advantages. According to local residents, to build such a house is

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Physicists have named a new cause of death when jumping into a black hole


Astronomers and astrophysicists do not only look for confirmation of the theory of relativity and studying volcanoes on Jupiter's satellites. They are still trying to find out what will happen to leaping into a black hole man.

Photo: Rambler

Obviously, writes Nature News, he will die. The only question is, how and how fast. Previously, it was commonly believed that at some point the difference in operating in different parts of the body force of gravity reaches a critical value and break the man on the side (remember the formula of

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Aliens, the Sumerians and Voyager 2


Aliens, the Sumerians and Voyager 2


07.10.03, the


This detective story began a year ago when, in August 1989, the automatic interplanetary station "Voyager 2", launched in 1977, started with a distance of 2.75 billion miles transmit to Earth the first ever photographs of the planet Neptune, shot at close range. For scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., which communicate with the "Voyager", the pictures were full of surprises. First, the color of the planet — a

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Pyongyang tossed with military exercises in the fight against floods

August 4, 2013. North Korea's leadership had to cut the Summer of military exercises to kick the military to fight the effects of the devastating floods. This is with reference to South Korean media reports Agence France-Presse. Flooding caused by strong rains, has already led to the death of 33 people, the destruction of homes and farmland.

In connection with the flood military units placed in the west and south-west of North Korea ordered to reduce to a minimum the teachings and do recovery work. Summer teaching North Korean troops were to be conducted in parallel with the joint exercise

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France declared "orange" alert due to snowfall

France declared "orange" alert due to snowfall Weather and Climate

37 departments of France, including Rhone-Alpes, Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Burgundy are experiencing difficulties due to blizzards and heavy snowfall, do not stop for about a day. As the center of traffic information, the vast majority of road traffic very difficult to act warning about the dangers of the 2nd, and in areas with sleet third level, everywhere a limitation of maximum speed. Citizens are advised not to make avtoprogulok unnecessarily.

Due to the heavy snowfall in the Paris airport Roissy become very popular blowers services, and now

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What skeletons are hiding in closets Ikea?

The "Ikea" is not the same brilliant image of what once was. Especially since, as a former assistant to the company's founder, Ingvar Kamprad conversation. Now the furniture giant shakes the scandal of forced labor in the GDR.

Collaborated whether the Swedish furniture maker Ikea in the 70s and 80s of the last century with the dictatorship, and he did not get a profit from forced labor — thereby bringing a collective responsibility for human destiny and tragedy? Since then, the Swedish television channel SVT reported on Wednesday that Ikea battened on the forced labor of political prisoners in

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