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St Petersburg in the Central Research Institute of Electrical Engineering and Ship Technology have created a prototype fuel cell

St. Petersburg scientists are ready to introduce to the market a product — hydrogen fuel cells, which recognize the most promising alternative fuels for city vehicles. In parallel, the city does not forget about electricity as a harmless source of energy for cars — a month in the city will build a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

At the end of August in St. Petersburg are going to open the first charging station for electric vehicles — it will appear in one of the largest shopping malls in the city center. Petersburg so far behind in this respect from Moscow,

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Marine veteran seeks asylum in Russia

Absolutely incredible by today's situation: American higher education, and who served in the Army sure that the home violated his rights, and asks our country to protect him from persecution in the United States and Europe. Realizing that the FMS at him with a look of suspicion, Patrick Downey decided to first go to the "MK" and tell us more about how he made this decision. Not being able to judge the veracity of the facts set out, we only set out the story told refugee.

Patrick, 43, grew up in the suburbs of New York Irish family. His

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Snowfall paralyzed Stockholm

Snowfall paralyzed Stockholm Weather and Climate

Land and air transport in Stockholm and around the north-eastern Sweden strongly disturbed due to prolonged snowfall. Stopped working a couple of bus routes, some of them were replaced by shorter. Rail service along the east coast is also experiencing difficulties. In this area of the country announced a warning about the dangers of the 2nd category.

Closed because of a snowstorm, some of Stockholm School. Citizens strongly advised not to travel by private car, because the snow will continue to grow and will add at least 10 cm danger is also

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From the Philippines received a message about floods and landslides

September 24, 2013. An echo of the visit Typhoon Usagi Philippine islands were numerous reports of flooding and landslides, especially in the province of Zambales. According to unconfirmed reports, in the province of high water and mudslides killed at least 22 people. List of missing persons has more than a dozen people.

It is also known that about 18 Filipinos have been victims of two separate landslides in villages Vavandu and San Indro near the town of Subic. Landslides are completely isolated the region from the major roads that might come in the form of rescue aid. However,

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Iranian schools will be closed because of the dirty air

Iranian schools will be closed because of the dirty air Facts

As stated by the representatives of the province of Tehran, December 4 and 5, all schools, universities, ministries and other government agencies will be closed due to air pollution levels that exceeded all acceptable performance. This decision was taken in order to prevent the students and workers of stress and physical discomfort caused by the inability to breathe properly in the province, where about 12 million people.

This prohibition applies to all locations except the cities of Damavand and Firuzkuh, located in the north of Tehran. At

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Tambora volcano wakes up

September 20.In Indonesia is evacuated residents from areas close to the volcano Tambora (Tambora), which is considered the most dangerous in the world. It is reported by Associated Press. Its last eruption occurred in 1815, was the deadliest in the world. Then the air was emitted about 400 million tons of sulfuric gases, while Europe and the United States held a so-called "year without a summer."

The government has already announced a second alarm level some time ago, but many locals ignore evacuation orders. However, Hasanuddin Sanusi (Hasanuddin Sanusi), who had heard stories about eruption, who killed more than

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San Francisco Bay suffered shtorma

San Francisco Bay suffered shtorma Natural Disasters

Came from the Pacific storm of the next series of "Pineapple Express," added the problems people in the Bay of San Francisco, has not yet had time to recover from the previous two servings of rain and high winds, floods, and had organized around power outages.

Triple spill storm uprooted many trees, traffic on the roads turned into chaos, causing dozens of accidents. In one of them suffered fire, trying to restore the electricity supply, that as after a strong gust of wind at 297,000 people lost electricity. Given the amount

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Russian blizzard caused problems on the roads

Russian blizzard caused problems on the roads of Weather and Climate

Due to heavy snowfall, which began on the last day of November and lasted more than a day, and ice movement on a Russian highway M-10 turned into a real torture for drivers. Thousands of cars and trucks were stuck for a long time on the snow-covered major roads of the country.

As reported by journalists, the length of the formed due to a snowstorm plug at the site in the north-western part of the Tver region was about 200 km. According to official data, however, the

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Wonder Lake puzzled scientists and residents

February 18, 2010. Miracle or common phenomenon of nature? In Kaliningrad, argue about the causes of a small lake, which appeared in an old sand quarry. Trying to unravel the riddle of the reservoir NTV correspondent Veronika Nikolaeva.

On the street — minus 10 degrees and the water temperature — plus six. In the region have been rumors that the warm water cures for various diseases. According trodden paths of snowy plains to the mysterious lake immediately rushed to fans of alternative medicine from the neighboring districts.

Zinaida Petrova, a resident of the village "Smooth" Guard District, Kaliningrad

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Sold poison

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC), in the first third of the year about 15 million people in the United States were poisoned food. Approximately 40,000 of them were hospitalized and 900 people have since died.

Information about food poisoning, it is worth noting, very rarely seen in the U.S. media. This is for one good reason: shops, catering establishments (restaurants, snack bars, cafes), plants, food producers, farmers and insurance companies are very much afraid of lawsuits and as a result, multi-million dollar losses. Perpetrators of poisoning

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