Seismologists all countries unite!

Ross Stein (photo by James Brown / From J to B.)

June 20, 2013. In a dark room eight seismologists from Albania and the former Yugoslav republics listen attentively Ross Stein of the U.S. Geological Survey, which explains how the geological compression in some places the rock is moving upward along the fault, and in the other — the side. The suppressed until then energy can cause severe shock like the one in July 1963 killed more than a thousand residents of the Macedonian capital of Skopje. The scientists map the Balkans, bristling with pointers to possible earthquake

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In Arizona in the fight against the fire killed 19 firefighters

June 1, 2013. At least 19 killed in fire extinguishing a forest fire near the town of Prescott, Arizona. Perhaps another member of the fire service is in hospital with severe burns. Currently, the flames continued to spread over a distance of about 1 km each hour, according to TV channel Fox News.

Fire occurred on Sunday night, presumably, it was caused by a lightning strike. Fire has reached more than 5 million square kilometers of land, destroyed 50 houses.

To fight the fire were sent 250 firefighters and seven helicopters. Because of the strong winds and low humidity,

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In Russia began hysteria about doomsday

In Russia began hysteria about doomsday Facts

Hysterical mood gripped Russia and some neighboring countries, with the approach of the Day of Judgment. Travel agencies have started selling tours in heaven and hell, and people stock up with food and fuel. Some hastily leave town, as rumored in the cities will be harder to survive the apocalypse and what will be after him on Earth. Officials, in turn, have been actively publicly deny the possibility of such an event, hoping to calm the agitated public.

Those who are seriously waiting for the end of the world, there are

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The storm dumped tons of hail in New Mexico

July 7, 2013. New Mexico. The storm dumped several inches of hail on the community of Santa Rossa on Wednesday evening, leaving a lot of ice and damage on the way, says KRQE.

The storm that came out of the community of San Miguel, lasted about an hour. On Thursday morning, with the air of Santa Rossa still looked like a winter wonderland. Ice covered streets, parks and roof after a storm that showered the place hail the size of golf ball, and layer in some places reached 30-40 cm

"It was funny to see people in the

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American doctors tended, planted drugs on the elderly

Residents of the United States over age 50 are much more likely to use drugs and potent drugs that are highly addictive. This is the conclusion reached by experts Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration — SAMHSA) and authoritative center Hanley (Hanley Center).

The main reason for drug addiction adults and the elderly is considered ambitions pharmaceutical corporations, which from year to year sales increase of opium preparations, as well as deficiencies in the national health care. It's no secret that quite often people become addicts because of the doctors who are

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Scientists discovered in Antarctica, the largest subglacial flood

July 4, 2013. In Antarctica, scientists have been able to find signs of the enormous ice flooding that has accumulated about 6 billion tons of water close to the ocean. The cause of flooding could become over the banks of a giant lake Cook, located under the ice cap of the continent. Displacement in this location can be compared with a double volume of water contained in the River Thames.

According to data from the satellite, the lake is hidden under the 2.7-kilometer layer of ice, which sank in the place where the flood was formed. The peak of the

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Their mission — Earth

…I sat in the car, looking in the direction of the radiator sunrise, and suddenly saw the crest of the hill because of the rising red-orange clot. At first I even thought it was a fire. And only when the dome came, I realized what it was. The heart was ready to jump out of my chest. Later I could see this huge disc hovering over the hill. I was trembling with excitement and to shoot better, put his hands on the steering wheel and took a picture of the

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In the U.S. rose more and more industrial

America is losing production capacity, jobs and valuable technology, as the country moves to a more service-oriented economy, but the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression only accelerated this re-orientation, forcing the closing industrial plants throughout the United States.

Many of these plants due to the irresponsible policies of free trade, moved to Mexico or China and India, where labor is cheap, and the environment is almost absent.

Others simply closed and consolidated production trying to cut costs and stay competitive with multinational companies that have at their disposal a cheap labor in the Third World.

Indiana lost

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The used equipment on the Moon revived humanoids?

How to find a competent circles NASA (about atom repeatedly reported the U.S. media), «all the flights of American spacecraft controlled from afar and near the aliens (or their auto ship.) However, land bases ordered the astronauts to store this information in secret.» According to unofficial data, a similar pattern was observed and the former Soviet Union, where virtually every spacecraft launch from Baikonur, Plesetsk and Kapustin Yar is not controlled by an identified flying objects. Most of the famous UFO photographs were taken from the surface of the Earth. However,

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— Buggers, sir …

Popular British actor and writer, open a homosexual, Stephen Fry addressed to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the International Olympic Committee to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In an open letter published on his blog, Fry compares the infringement of the rights of sexual minorities in Russia today with the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany during the Berlin Olympics in 1936, and insists on the fact that the games in Putin's Russia forever tarnish the Olympic movement.

"It is not enough to say that gay Olympians will

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