Ancient Map of the Urals


Ancient Map of the Urals 10.11.03, the



The estimated age of discovered an ancient map of the Ural Mountains is estimated to be 120 million years old. Our assessment is based on the grounds that when the Earth was attended by its creators, and it is closer to 90 million years. Since the Ural Mountains are located in the old earth's solid platform, always remained above sea level, it is possible and likely that

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The research agency Gallup showed that about five million working Americans are not going to file tax returns because of lack of funds.

Some experts predict that the tax season 2010 — 2011 Year his "main duty" before the state will perform a record low number of people in the United States.

The vast majority of "forced defaulters" — the middle class. This social layer is most affected by the economic crisis.

Also, studies have shown that Americans have not experienced before tax office IRS (Internal Revenue Service) that terrible fear, which was still 10 — 15 years ago.

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recorded unusual phenomena



Voyager-1 11.11.03, the



Spacecraft NASA Voyager-1, which recently reached the boundaries of the solar system, encountered the strange phenomena.

Located at a distance of 13 billion miles from Earth, the unit has a strong cosmic storm that has allowed scientists to measure the effect of "solar wind." According to experts, the unit was in the area of the

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In the southern part of Colombia landslide

July 19, 2013. The landslide came down from the hilly area on the roadway in the southern Colombian department of Huila, caused the death of six people. Except for the people below the soil surface were two houses situated by the road linking the city Suazo, Huila, and the city of Florencia Caquetá department, as well as an ambulance and a truck.

Dozens of local residents, which was quickly removed from the struck a hill, in a matter of urgency to the hospitals and Garzuna Suazo department of Huila. Survived a further 26 Colombians caught in the dam

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Is it necessary to make public predictions of earthquakes?

Experts' opinions on this issue differed D. Alizadeh, N. ABASOV

Seismologists, hiding behind a ban on opening projections hide their failure in predicting earthquakes. This in an interview with "Echo" said seismologist known Russian Viktor Bokov.

"In the case here as some of them, when the accuracy of their forecasts is about 90%, then to hide from the public the expected earthquake is a crime," — said the scientist.

Meanwhile V. Bokov also said that he fully agrees with G. Nazarov, the author of articles on the subject, published in an issue of "Echo."

According to regular reader

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Savvidi wants to unify the growth and the SKA.

President of SKA Ivan Savvidi said about possible problems with the financing of the club in crisis. It is proposed to merge the two into one Rostov club under the double name. According to Savvidi, Rostov region does not need an expensive team of the first division, with its long-haul flights. Instead, he proposes to have a strong command of the Premier League and a few clubs in the second division. Under the threat of the existence of the women's team SKA, bronze medalist Russia, said "Sport-Express". The idea of combining clubs have already caused a sharp reaction from the

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With russophobia have to fight (The Guardian, UK)

Anti-Russian stereotypes in the West at every step. And the task of the media — not to spoil so important for Western relations with this country. The atmosphere is poisoned by a virus russophobia. What is it, you ask? This is when a teacher of English literature in a very respectable school, explaining to your daughter how to answer the exam question about the genre of comedy, says: 'Do not worry. Simply write: I am Russian, I have no sense of humor. "

Or when people did not hesitate for a minute, let go of

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Latvians are beginning to speculate about something

Nearly half, or 42.6% of Latvia's residents believe that Latvia as an independent nation-state is unable to exist, according to the study SKDS «myths in Latvia's foreign policy: the EU and Russia", ordered the fund to support the Small Historical Library of Latvia.

Totally agree with this position 16%, in part — 26.6% of respondents. 46.2% believe, however, that Latvia is able to exist as an independent nation state. 11.3% found it difficult to answer the question.

More than two-thirds, or 70.9% of the population believe that Western countries use to Latvia in their interests and only 3% strongly disagree

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The eruption of a volcano in New Zealand

The eruption of a volcano in New Zealand Natural Disasters

According to news agency of Wellington on the North Island of New Zealand's Tongariro volcano erupted. Vulcan, slept through more than a century before, began to show strong signs of activity in August of this year, and his willingness to eruption forced the fall observing service officially inform island residents about the potential threat.

According to witnesses, a column of ash was wide enough and rose above the crater of the volcano to a height of about two kilometers. The eruption occurred intensively and quickly. Despite the fact

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New Polish cinema adds 30 to the level of conscientiousness and rukopozhatnosti

Text emotional. There are harsh words.

The first time in my life whistled in the cinema.

Poland every year brings at MIFF (Moscow International Film Festival) Dermische the beyond, and every year more trenchant and trenchant. With unhealthy persistence worthy of a better cause, a new Polish cinema nadrachivat the same subject, giving rise to doubts about the psychological health of modern Polish nation. Fight against any memories of socialism automatically turns into obsession fight with everything that anything to do with the Russian. Nation, as if it mildly, jammed, and one does not vyedesh Weide, and Wajda has,

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