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NBC machines equipped with a BBO system Glonass

In the Eastern Military District, in the Maritime Territory, Buryatia, Baikal, the Kuril Islands, which is the training facility, the field has begun a large-scale withdrawal of troops protecting RHB units. These events involved about a thousand soldiers and about 200 units of special equipment and automotive.

Military personnel departments NBC protection in this field will work out methods of using new machines chemical and radiation reconnaissance RHM — 6. This machine is based on the BTR-80 equipped with a device remote sensing of the atmosphere. This enables the detection of aerosols and vapors of harmful and toxic

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Landslide in China eight people buried alive

August 5, 2013. This morning, a landslide in a central Chinese province of Shanxi landslide buried under a five houses — two regular and three houses, located directly in the rocks on the slopes. Since it happened early in the morning — about 3:00 local time — in the homes were family. As a result, eight people were killed.

Rescuers arrived at the village Step, where the accident happened very quickly. But from the rubble and debris rescuers had to get the already lifeless bodies — in spite of all the efforts, the doctors do not cmogli to revive

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Prokhanov the air of Echo of Moscow

M.Koroleva: Hello. It is, indeed, the program "Minority Report", I — Marina Queen, on the contrary — Prokhanov, editor in chief of the newspaper "Tomorrow." Alexander Andreyevich, good evening.

A.PROHANOV: Good evening.

M.Koroleva: Well, the news is the last hour, an Alexei Navalny received in the Kremlin. Letter for overseas property head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, or, as they say the agency alleged foreign ownership. Received in the Kremlin, and now it will send to the prosecutor. I'm in this connection to you 2 questions. What is the fate of the letter is as it seems? So what

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Earthquake in Greece partially destroyed about 300 homes

August 8, 2013. In central Greece, 120 kilometers north-west of Athens earthquake of magnitude 5.3. As a result of the seismic shock partially destroyed hundreds of homes. None of the residents was injured. Tremors were felt throughout the country, including the capital.

The village Drimea (in Fthiotida) hit two uninhabited house. In another chalk, Kato Titorea partially collapsed house where illegal immigrants live. People could not get themselves out of the ruins, they had help.

In some mountainous areas, the earthquake triggered a rockfall. Municipal services apart the rubble, ITAR-TASS reported.

In total, the various destruction from the

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E-Goebbels scares Russia cessation advocacy on its territory

Russian Wikipedia went on strike against a bill to censor the internet. And that means that we are going the right way.


Because in RuNet now there is a war between two ideologies: Soviet and American. The essence of our — let's be patriotic, to love Russia and enjoy life. The essence of the U.S.: fucking Raska must be destroyed to its wreckage civilized western superintendents could build a new cultural state.

I have to admit that so far in this war our enemies win. We are forced to defend themselves, and it turns out it's not always

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Seksprosvet in Switzerland

Creepy movie about the Russian translation seksprosvet in Switzerland. Some of the "psychologists" believe that the children in the classroom useful even watch pornography. Child they have — it's a sexual being. Excerpts from the "Standards of sex education in Europe." This document has been translated into Russian. The film analyzes why there is the sexualization of children, we discuss the role of Alfred Kinsey, who became the "father" of seksprosveta about how this "father" of gathering material for his research, being a masochist and lover of sexual experimentation, including sex with children. His victim, a little

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As the Japanese cherish nature, mother uxy

Japan's defeat in World War II had the effect of strengthening the focus on production, as in the national memory etched into the desire to build power so that Japan would never again could be defeated. In this process affected all: the environment, quality of life, the legal system, financial system, traditional culture. It was part of the policy of "poor people, strong state", which gave the Japanese economy a huge competitive force. However, sacrificing everything for the sake of some future high GDP, was born on policies that harmed the different methods of mountains, rivers and

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Give us a map of the coast of California!


Since August of this year, state and federal specialists will start — under the supervision of the National Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric USA (NOAA) — a laborious and time-consuming work: preparation of detailed maps of California coastline length of 1,200 miles. For the implementation of the project cost $ 3.3 million involving the newest equipment, aircraft, LiDAR (laser radar-infrared), etc. Images of these, according to project manager Doug George, are so clear and detailed that the new map will be possible to see some boulders.

Why should the federal and local authorities took it right now,

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Primary Russia. Why Europeans are lying?

Primary Russia. Why Europeans are lying?

The war against Russia is a very long and very, very successful. Of course, not on the battlefield, where we all always beaten and hurt a lot, but where the West has always won and continues to win — in the information wars.   The main goal — to prove the inhabitants of our country, that they are stupid mindless trash, not even a second-rate, and somewhere 6-7 discharge, with no past or future. And it almost proved — evenauthorsmany patriotic articles agree with this approach completely. Examples? Please!

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As the Zionists saved Jews during World War II

For the Jewish people, World War II was a terrible tragedy — a third of the Jews killed were destroyed most durable, traditional communities. Why has this happened, why this energetic people could not be saved? Aside from the obvious culprits — the Nazis were other culprits that contributed to the tragedy, who — out of ignorance, who — according to indifference to other people's lives, who — for reasons of ideology.

Anecdote tells of a freezing sparrow rescued cow dung and ruined cat. "Not everyone who shits on you, the enemy is, not everyone who pulls out of

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