A session of self-exposure, or an incredible story about what the Germans are fools

Just returned from Weimar. There I participated in the exhibition Mit Krimineller Energie, the gallery ACC Weimar: Zeitgenossische Kunstgalerie. This is the same show that was held in Leipzig in the spring. There I was doing graffiti and performance-conversation. But the performance fell by the fact that he was appointed to open and no I did not listen, and graffiti myself slazhal. As I explained then I'm not quite correctly assessed the German context, and the fact that the Czech Republic would be good in Germany did not work.

For the Weimar exhibition, I suggested another project, and that

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1,600-year-old ice has melted in just 25 years


The largest ice sheet in the tropics Kuelkayya (Quelccaya), Located in Peru, demonstrates itself to the pace of temperature changes on our planet.

Cusco, Peru. © Enrique Castro-Mendivil | Reuters

Radioisotope dating "outcropping" during the melting of the remains of plants that are covered glacier thousands of years ago in the process of its formation, allow scientists to learn more about the past and present state of the ice field.

Lonnie Thompson (Lonnie G. Thompson) Ohio State University (USA) and his colleagues, who studied for decades Kuelkayya ice sheet, radioisotope

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Questionable future of cryonics



17.12.03, the


Selected academic science the way to immortality by eliminating the causes of aging, not all satisfied. And really — when more science learns to confront death. Not the fact that I — as a person, which does not care about the interests of evolution, and which does not want to die — live to see the day of light. What to do?

Proponents of cryonics believe

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RUSAL creates energy-efficient technology to produce aluminum

Engineering Technology Center Rusal has started to develop technology to produce aluminum with reduced power consumption.

As told at the International Congress «Non-2011" project manager "Energy-saving cell designs" ITC RUSAL Gennady Arkhipov, the development of energy-efficient technologies is a major challenge for the investment company. "In the cost structure of RUSAL aluminum smelters are the lion's share of payments for electricity — said Arkhipov. — In the year of KrAZ consumes about 17 billion kilowatt / hour of electricity. This is commensurate with the volume of electricity that produces the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Rates are the same from

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China resolutely opposes sandstorms

China resolutely opposes sandstorms Facts

The problem of conflict sandstorms in Beijing and Tianjin went to the state level. In the next decade (2013-2022 gg.) In the region will try to strengthen the fight against this phenomenon, as well as environmental degradation.

In 2013, the program will include Shanxi Province, which generates most of the sand storms that attack the above two cities. The deeper question is will be engaged in 138 districts of 6 Chinese regions (previously the program operated in 75 districts 5-regions).

Achieve victory over sandstorms trying, landed between 1999 and 2006, about

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The top 10 events in science for 2011

The top 10 events in science for 2011 Facts

Graphene has become the leading material XXI century …

… Or, at least, so says George Osborne. After two scientists at Manchester University, Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim, won the Nobel Prize for research on graphene, the Prime Minister said that Britain will invest £ 50 million in the development of a national research program of the substance.

Graphene — a two-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterial consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms. It can be used to create a whole (from touch screens to cheap plastic), although they may take decades

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Mars rings drops


17.12.03, the


As it was established astronomers, it appears, on Mars at the present time there are active climate change. After analyzing the data obtained from the survey of the spacecraft "2001 Mars Odyssey", scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) found that on the Red Planet at the moment the ice age ends, and behind him is coming era of global warming. After spending more than a year on the low Mars orbit, "Odyssey" transmitted to

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Schoolboy, remember — daily orgasm replaces a doctor!

UK National Health System (NHS) has published a booklet on sex education for school children, which recalls the right of everyone to the enjoyment of sex, and that regular sex beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

Toolkit is designed for parents and teachers and calls include sex education about the benefits of fulfilling sex life. According to the authors, for a long time such an education focused on safe sex and the need to get married, but says nothing about the positive aspects of sex.

Slogan booklet titled Pleasure («Pleasure") was the phrase «an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away»

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Promotion of Horror: processing consciousness of western people against Assads Syria is a century-old techniques.

From the book Rudolph Zultsmana Propaganda as a weapon in war

The methods of modern warfare are limited to a number of international agreements and rules, which are required to adhere to every civilized nation. These rules put limits the use of certain tactics and weapons. But so far, none of the provisions of international law did not apply in time of war propaganda. Does not appear even any conventional restrictions, although the appalling act of propaganda became known during the war of 1914-1918. Thus, the promotion has now become a weapon of war, the use of which is not

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In Nepal, there was a Landslide

September 7, 2013. Friday night in the vicinity of the Nepalese city Mulghat Landslide occurred. 13 houses were buried under a layer of earth and mud. Information about casualties among the population, fortunately, has not yet been reported.

Left homeless more than 100 people. Dozens of other homes in the affected area are also threatened by the landslide. They warned residents about a possible evacuation, according to the portal "Republica".

In addition, as a result of the landslide was closed stretch of highway that connects the Cauchy and Dhankuta district. More than 100 cars can not get off the ground

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