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Kurganmashzavod increases production


During 10 months of 2011, JSC "Kurgan", which is under the control of the company "Concern" Tractor plants "(included in the Machinery & Industrial Group NV), increased its production of civilian goods in half, compared to the same period in 2010. The increase in the production of civil engineering in the absence of state defense order for special products allows Kurganmashzavod minimize losses, providing a certain extent, equipment loading and collective enterprise. The main increase production of civilian goods in one of the leading enterprises of the domestic defense industry gave ATVs CHETRA TM130. The volume of

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How do agents of influence

1. Regular Guy A couple of years ago at a professional oil forum I met a middle-aged guy from Houston. He was no expert on the level of student troechnika, but very actively participated in the discussion of various issues. From talking on the forum revealed that he married an American, has no permanent job, temporary jobs interrupted. Turning the pages of the forum, I found an interesting detail. Just discussed on the forum 260 different topics, but of these, 142 subjects were initiated thereby guy. At first I thought it was a senior administration official forum, charged with its

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A new method for early diagnosis of breast cancer, developed by Novosibirsk scientists


Modern problem of female deaths from breast cancer is inefficient method of diagnostics. For years, working on a new improved method for early detection of breast cancer graduate Vladislav Mileiko and his supervisor — PhD of the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine Paul laktionov.


Vladislav Mileiko

And their work has not gone unnoticed. Since December 14 last year at the Skolkovo innovation city, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev summed up the results of the national contest "Zvorykinsky breakthrough" one of the winners of which was Vladislav. He won in the category

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Face in the crowd: the FSB is developing a surveillance system


Every year, human identification technology for physical and behavioral traits, ie biometrics, develop and become cheaper. And the government has to treat them with great interest Among the projects of the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev created in 2009, which advanced the citizens had high hopes for the reform of the country, there is a project to improve the identification system of the individual. The project marks the intelligence services, its aim — the creation of national multi-biometric systems identify a person in real time. In practice, this means the technology with

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In Primorye, in 2012, will begin assembling the Mi-34C1

The plant "Progress" in Arsenyev Primorsky Territory in 2012, will begin assembling the Mi-34C1. This multi-purpose machine is designed for patrol, passenger and freight traffic.


Thanks to the special construction, the hour of flight at such a helicopter is less expensive than many similar models. Primorsky Territory Governor Sergei Darkin said that the Territory is ready to buy a few of these models for the development of small aircraft in the region.

Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress". N.I.Sazykina manufactures attack helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator" supersonic cruise missile complex "Mosquito" and export options. In addition, the produced

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In Obolensk (Moscow region). Opened a new packaging plant

November 16, 2011

Even in economically bad times in Serpukhov District, there are new businesses. The company "Kopaking Center" is engaged in fast moving consumer goods packaging from the leading manufacturers. This is a brand «Danone», «Procter & Gamble», «Nestle» and others, only about 300 types of products.

To date, it employs about 60 people. But will the expansion of production, then this figure will grow. The average wage of workers at a conveyor belt — 20 thousand rubles, experts reaches 70. Video:

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Oxford and TPU jointly released a book about the Tomsk Scientific

The publisher of Imperial College Press published a book on the life and work Professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University Armin Stromberg. Presentation of its place on 7 December in London, at the Pushkin House.


The book was written as part of the college St. Johns College, Oxford. Author team consists of employees Oxford University — Richard Compton, Michael Stopert, Gregory Vayldgus — and Tomsk Polytechnic — Elsa and Alexander Zakharov Kabakaev.

Book «AG Stromberg — First Class Scientist, Second Class Citizen» — A scientific and biographical work. It talks about the achievements of the Tomsk

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Gas KAMAZ gaining Ukrainian market


Foreign Trade Company "KAMAZ" entered into an agreement with LLC "TPK Ukrsplav" (Donetsk, Ukraine) for the supply of compressed gas trucks KAMAZ-65116-30 running on compressed natural gas — methane. The first batch of cars in the amount of 10 pieces of "Ukrsplav" shipped yesterday, November 17. Overall, in the framework of the agreement Ukrainian partners will supply 50 units. The total value of the transaction amounted to 120 million rubles. Manufacturer KAMAZ-65116-30 was made by the distributor of "KAMAZ" — LLC "RariTEK" engaged in the installation of gas equipment on KAMAZ chassis. It’s the biggest party of gas

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Guests of Sochi will be accompanied by electronic guides

In Sochi, in the summer of 2012 there will be GPS-multimedia audio guides. They will automatically turn on and play back information about the object at the approach to the tourist attractions.

The tourists will be able to view photos and attractions write reviews about objects in audio, photo and text format. With the help of an audio guide sightseers can learn about the history of the resort, attractions, museums.

In Sochi, developing a project of audio tours of the city. For information on any sightseeing resort can be heard with a mobile phone on the spot by

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Very expensive Russian phone

In today’s world there is only one company that has commercialized exclusive phones — is Vertu. All other "luxury" items — it’s usually the piece goods, though no less expensive and original.

Now the Finnish manufacturer has a serious competitor, and from Russia.

In the Russian retail chains and ION "Euroset" started selling mobile phones The Q — devices luxury cost about 179,900 rubles.

Apparatus enclosed in a titanium case, sapphire crystal is used as the display and finishing of leather. The devices differ unusual "arch" form.

Luxury-phones collects the Russian company "Stright" at

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