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Kirov Plant (St. Petersburg) is planning a 2-fold increase in production

The structure of "Kirov Plant" includes 20 subsidiaries. All are in the factory, and it is about 200 hectares. Today, "Kirov Plant" executes orders for the Russian Navy, "Atomflot", OAO "Gazprom", the state corporation Rosatom and other customers. Photo

On 1 November 2011 the plant produced about 650 cars, 500 of which are for agriculture. Municipal vehicles on the stated performance is not inferior to foreign analogues and, thus, it is cheaper.


Next year we plan to release 1,000 cars.




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Very expensive Russian phone

In today’s world there is only one company that has commercialized exclusive phones — is Vertu. All other "luxury" items — it’s usually the piece goods, though no less expensive and original.

Now the Finnish manufacturer has a serious competitor, and from Russia.

In the Russian retail chains and ION "Euroset" started selling mobile phones The Q — devices luxury cost about 179,900 rubles.

Apparatus enclosed in a titanium case, sapphire crystal is used as the display and finishing of leather. The devices differ unusual "arch" form.

Luxury-phones collects the Russian company "Stright" at

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Manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA-22 was successfully launched to the ISS

To the International Space Station (ISS) was successfully launched Russian manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-22." On board cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov, Anatoly Ivanishin and NASA astronaut Daniel Burbank.

Booster with the ship pulled away from the launch pad at the Baikonur 13 November 14 8:00 Moscow time. The first stage separated two minutes after launch. After another 40 seconds was dropped fairing that covers the "Soyuz". The second stage otdelililas after about six minutes of flight, and the ship began a solo flight at the end of the ninth minute after launch from Baikonur. Now the "Union" to catch up

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Colmar started construction Inaglinsky coal field in Yakutia


Coal company "Colmar" started construction Inaglinsky Neryungri coal complex in the region of Yakutia in the framework of the comprehensive development of the southern part of the country, which includes the construction of plants for the enrichment of coking coal on the basis of the new complex, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Ministry of Industry of Yakutia.

The total investment in the project amounts to 27.5 billion rubles, of which 17.1 billion rubles are investors’ funds, and the rest — budget allocations.

Inaglinsky coal complex will consist of the mine and processing plant

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The Russian army will change masks

In 2012, the armed forces of Russia will do combined arms filtering respirators are the next generation, according to "Interfax-AVN" Head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC), Major General Eugene Starks.

"Right now developed and tested a new all-arms-filtering respirators, which we called" Air ". It is expected that in 2012 it will begin to enter the army, "- said General Starks.

According to him, the new mask will come first in mobile brigades and battalions NBC, and then will gradually flow into other formations and units of the Russian army.

Eugene Starks said that

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In Yekaterinburg, made a trial run of the first line of the new sorting plant

On Shirokorechenskiy landfill made a trial run of all units and units of the first line of the sorting plant. Work run showed that the conveyor musorosortirovki ready for commissioning.

This is the first in Yekaterinburg modern waste-sorting complex, being built on the city budget. Already in December 2011, his first sorting line will come into operation, and the management of solid waste in the capital of the Urals will be released on both quantitatively and qualitatively different level.

Civilized musorosortirovka will significantly reduce the burden on Shirokorechenskiy landfill, which was launched back in the sixties

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Records of Agriculture

Simply quote the transcript of the meeting … well … the same organization.

ChiefThank you. Victor A., we have due to the large crop (and thank God that we have such a harvest) any question to be decided: it is the price of agricultural products, transportation and harvest this year … for the intervention fund. I would ask you to say a few words about how it works in practice and about the transport of agricultural products by rail. Please.

DeputyThank you … in view of the fact that this year’s production did rise significantly: 97 million tons

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The SEZ in Togliatti in November will begin construction of the first plant

Russian-Slovenian company "TPV Rus" will begin construction of its production on the territory of the Special Economic Zone in Togliatti in November this year. Ltd. "TPV Rus", specializing in the design and manufacture of car seats, will invest about 560 SEZs million rubles. The plant will create about 600 new jobs. Enterprises will be supplied to automobile assembly plants operating in the territory of Russia. Becoming a resident of Togliatti SEZ, "TPV Rus" signed a contract with AvtoVAZ to supply seats for the new car LADA Granta. To date, about 75 potential residents met with the management of the

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On the Yenisei plywood factory launched a new production line

The project for the construction of a plywood mill in Sosnovoborsk in 2008 was recognized as a priority, and the federation involves production of 350,000 cubic meters of plywood and 100,000 cubic meters of marketable veneer per year. Now the plant produces about 110-120 thousand cubic meters per year. Generally, a total of eight edge projects are included in the list of priority investment projects of the country in the area of forest and "Yenisei Plywood Factory" — one of them.

"Here today, the company has already started the machine for assembling packets. Unique, this is nowhere in

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Alapaevsky metallurgical plant will be restarted after 6 years of inactivity

Currently, the AMP is in full swing revival of the production. In particular, the reduced blast furnace, which is scheduled to produce at least 10 tons of cast iron per month. In addition, its monthly capacity allow to melt about 3 tons of ferromanganese. According to the chief engineer of JSC "AMW" Maxim Gusarova, blast furnace output to design capacity by the middle of next year.


In parallel with the repair furnace at restored depot repair buckets, bottling equipment, railway and machine shop. The volume of investments only for restoration of repairs amounted to about 150

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