Fresh plaster a fed

Volgograd group "VOLMA" producing building materials over the past few years has placed its power in different parts of Russia and came to the regional markets of North-West to the Maritime Provinces. The company develops its own production of raw materials and intends to build additional plants


The crisis has become an ordeal for manufacturers of building materials. Grow during this period could very few companies. In Volgograd company "VOLMA" — manufacturer of finishing materials — during the crisis turned out to increase production, to negotiate with distributors and retail chains and become, in effect, the

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The SEZ in Togliatti in November will begin construction of the first plant

Russian-Slovenian company "TPV Rus" will begin construction of its production on the territory of the Special Economic Zone in Togliatti in November this year. Ltd. "TPV Rus", specializing in the design and manufacture of car seats, will invest about 560 SEZs million rubles. The plant will create about 600 new jobs. Enterprises will be supplied to automobile assembly plants operating in the territory of Russia. Becoming a resident of Togliatti SEZ, "TPV Rus" signed a contract with AvtoVAZ to supply seats for the new car LADA Granta. To date, about 75 potential residents met with the management of the

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The company Telebalt launched an upgraded assembly line TV

October 4. In the production hall of Russia’s largest contract electronics assembler (Kaliningrad) was launched upgraded assembly line televisions.


— Streamlined assembly line has a higher degree of functional smooth flow of the build process, thus increasing its capacity by 20% — said General Director of "Companies Telebalt" Victor Borisenko. — Moreover, the updated line we will be able to collect TVs faster than the rest — about 1300-1400 units per shift vs. 900-1000 pieces, which are now produced in a shift on our other lines. And it is especially important now, when came the so-called

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Caterpillar starts production of dump trucks in Russia


The company "Caterpillar" starts production of dump trucks in Russia. Today in Tosno (Leningrad region) was officially launched production of trucks 773E. There will be manufactured frame and chassis of the machine capacity up to 60 tons. Body for it will be manufactured at the company’s plant in Novosibirsk. The first such machine today transferred to the customer — the company "Norilsk Nickel".

As the director of the production of transport vehicles Larry Tate "We are not talking about the production of screwdriver Tosno". "There is brewed frame — the foundation of reliability truck — and

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March of success — the beginning

November 1, 2011 Public Organization Russian Citizens Union held the first vigil in the perpetual campaign "March of success." We took to the streets to tell the citizens of Russia about the achievements of our country, who are silenced by domestic media. The action "March of Success" was held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Kaliningrad and Krasnodar.


Russia — the country, not only the potential but also the very real achievements — this is the main message of our campaign. Moscow

Mass picketing was held in Moscow near the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 Goda",

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In Ukraine, may prohibit the Russian film We Are From the Future — 2

Ukraine has sparked debate about the new Russian film "We Are From the Future — 2". The tape of the events of the Second World War may prohibit shown publicly.

According to the BBC, some experts in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that the tape hurts the national feelings of Ukrainians and can also spoil relations between Ukraine and Russia. They are also surprised that the film starred with Ukrainian actors. It is possible even that the filmmakers can apply to the court at the international level.

The first part of the film "We Are From the

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Moscow collects first record corn crop

This year, in the suburbs of southern assembled high yield crops — maize grain.

The management of JSC Plemzavod "Barybino" Domodedovo urban district, the largest agricultural enterprise, Moscow region, has decided to no longer buy expensive goods in the south. Experiment on the cultivation of maize grain was carried out for about three years.


As a result, in the harvest of 2011, JSC Plemzavod "Barybino" with an area of 400 hectares harvested 4,070 tons of maize. Yield of the crop in bunker weight was 101.7 kg / ha.

Green corn for silage with an

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Siberian scientists create laboratory growth of semiconductors for ISS

At the Institute of Semiconductor Physics (ISP), SB RAS, work began on the construction and testing of a pilot plant for the synthesis of semiconductor nanostructures "Ekran-M", which will be placed on board the ISS. This was announced on Friday, RIA Novosti Deputy Director for Science Institute, head of the project, Professor Oleg Pchelyakov.


The semiconductor electronics use crystalline materials that are grown in a high vacuum. The purity of the semiconductor materials depends homogeneity of the crystals, which allows you to modify and control their conductive properties by further insertion of impurities (doping).


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Marsh success

November 1, 2011 NGO Citizens’ Union Russia launches campaign "March of success." On the first day of each month we will be giving away in busy areas of Russian cities leaflets with information about the most significant achievements of our country. New factories, scientific discoveries, built roads, homes and hospitals. In short everything that is positive, what is really happening in the country.

Most of the Russian media deliberately sowing despair and hopelessness. Because controlled from abroad. "Backward" Raska ", from which you want to" cut "anywhere — here is the thesis that we routinely implanted. Thus, they educate

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Who and how does Russia ‘world leader corruption’

Mediasphere today (2011.11.02) Was pretty clogged materials about

"Rating Russia on corruption. "

The essence of the campaign consisted of two things — a certain report from stuffing "Transparency International"And it was a perverted interpretation.

Here is a typical version of misinforming treatment ( "with reference to«]):

"Russia has become the world leader in corruption. In other countries, namely businessmen from Russia most likely to bribe. Russian companies have been leaders in the ranking of export companies bribe abroad. These data are contained in the report international corruption organization Transparency International, which annually calculates the

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