UFOs: They were standing together in a row, there were five


Started another wave of declassification of documents on UFOs.

NEWCOMERS to interfere in politics

During the presidential elections in the United States as many as three candidates promised to finally deal with UFOs and even start preparing to repel aggression from space. Barack Obama's victory was more reserved. But it is on the voters his administration hopes are pinned. After all, the current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is known for his interest in aliens. At least she has repeatedly stated that she would like to know about them

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The door to the underworld


Opening the Russian State Statistics Committee approved the list of languages and nationalities of the Russian Federation, you can learn many interesting things. For example, the fact that people live in Russia, ranking to the people of the mythical wizard — Chud.

Picture of a door closing in the rock passed Alexey Popov one of the witnesses in 2012

Most likely, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, according to legends of the north of Russia, these people went to live in a cave more than a thousand years ago. However, in Karelia and the

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Kiev fights with sleet

The end and the beginning of the year were marked by heavy snowfall in Russia. Ukraine also has not been without the vagaries of nature. So, last week in Kiev in sub-zero temperatures was a real downpour, and the great city of almost a thousand square miles turned into a mass of ice skating. Despite the efforts of public services, aimed primarily at ensuring the smooth operation of public transport workers are not coped with the task to ensure the safety of life of Kiev. According to Inform Agency "Free Press" Head of Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov extremely

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Nanovaccines — secret chipizatsiya


With the development of medical risk to human health is greatly increased! Medicine actually becomes an instrument of mass murder of millions of "extra" people on the planet! We are well aware and protest struggling …

The parasitic system which seized power in the world, teaches the people to think in fragments, more and more constricting our thinking. People are gradually turning into mindless creatures — intelligent animals, — Who do not care about any history of their ancestors, nor the fate of children, and only care food, lodging and entertainment. This

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Rostov for six months, has commissioned about 240 kilometers of power transmission lines

For the six months of this year, "Rostovenergo"Put into operation about 240 kilometers of power lines and 16.2 MVA transformer capacity.

In the first half of 2012 as part of the Rostov energy investment of capital investments in the amount of 472.5 million rubles. Over the same period, fixed assets commissioned by 423,200,000 rubles.

Large-scale reconstruction of the network economy south-west of Rostov region. Rostov Energy as part of the investment program carried out a large amount of work on the reconstruction of 0.4-10 kV distribution networks in Neklinovsky and Tatsinsky areas of the Don region.In particular, the experts of

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