In Perm, the exhibition Look, it’s — NANO

The exhibition "Look, it’s — NANO" takes place in the framework of Days of nanotechnology 1 to September 30 at the Museum of Modern Art PERMM. It is organized by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO and the Perm edge in order to promote scientific research in the field of nanotechnology, new solutions, which are already used in everyday life.


The exhibition was opened by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Perm Territory Elena Gilyazova and Culture Minister Nikolai Beginners. For the first time the exhibition was visited by over 200 people.

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New life of the old port

Port Moskalvo (summer navigation 2011)

Once Moskalvo port was the center of shipping the north of Sakhalin, through him supplied with food Rybnovskij, Okha and even Nogliksky areas. With the development of auto industry sector and air transport the port lost its importance in the economic life of the island, but it has become extremely important for other regional industries — oil and gas. In 2006, a large port facilities became the property of the JV "Sakhalin Shelf Service." For several years in its territory have been renovated and constructed berthing facilities, runways and platforms, areas for cargo

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SOS button for the veteran

For several months, the program works in Moscow "panic buttons." While it covers only 400 elderly subscribers, but by year’s end emergency communications with the control station will provide 15 thousand veterans. Pressure, heart, leaking faucet or just razduharilis young people under the windows — the operators of the new call-center are equally sensitive to any signals.


Moscow House of veterans of wars and armed forces. Here, in one of the rooms, turned the main headquarters of the social controllers. It is thanks to them that the elderly no longer have to keep in mind with

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Seaside pipeline beats the world record

In Primorye, construction of inter-settlement gas pipeline from th e GDS in Vladivostok to consumers of natural gas. Russian with a lateral to CHPP-2 in Vladivostok. The total length of the object is about 34 km, according to RIA PrimaMedia. This unique system is due to seal in extremely difficult geological conditions (rocks), a large length of about 2.9 km in diameter and large excavation (762 mm), complex soils, complex profile of the drilling, the depth and length, the presence of a water hazard, the construction of necessary were taken into account and all the geological features. Therefore, immediate

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Not a word, and deed: the first real projects RUSNANO


RUSNANO all used to curse up hill and down dale, at the same time mentioning that the drain on the budgets and actual results as there was no and no. But there is a Russian science, there are young companies that RUSNANO support, and it all starts to bear fruit. In this article we will discuss some successful investments and interesting Russian projects

Abusive press articles about the current state of the Russian microelectronics industry today almost the norm, the rule of etiquette. And that, in fact really have something. You can blame the nearly

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Simple American — about how to love our country


He is 29 years old, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and he lives here — in Moscow. And it talks about the foreigners. His name is Tim Kirby. Tsar Podcast — the name of his project, which he does with Paul Kartaeva. This is a video about Moscow. Tim is very extraordinary man, and therefore the relevant subjects. Do not know how the aliens, but the Russian (or at least know a little English) watch with great curiosity. Swear, approve, discuss and … wait for the next series "King Podcast" Tim Kirby — "Moscow, which

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Night vision goggles new generation


Russian night-vision — the best in the world. And only the inertia of thinking hinders their implementation in a broad military and civilian practice. Moscow "Geophysics-NV" showed the technique and technology of such a level that today only forces the U.S. industry, and even then not always. Completed development and testing of night vision goggles new generation. In one of the countries in the Middle East, completed testing of various night vision systems for helicopters. The Russian was better than American ones. Somewhere said about nanotechnology in the future tense. In "Geophysics-NV" have created a platform for their

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Flax Mill in Maslyaninsky District of Novosibirsk Region has launched a unique line

Flax Mill in Maslyaninsky District of Novosibirsk Region has launched a unique line for the production of insulation ekoteplina — a material made of natural linen. For builders of this product — environmentally friendly alternative to a heater from mineral raw materials (mineral wool, rock wool, polystyrene). The appearance on the market ekoteplina evidence of the revival of industrial processing of flax in Maslyaninsky district of Novosibirsk region.

flax can take 200 residents 11000th Maslyanino

Interesting personality and current leader Vladimir Porhacheva Maslyaninsky flax factory. "Red director" of the enterprise, the former symbol of the area, the post

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Russian arms supplies: truth and fiction


Lately it has become fashionable to criticize Russia at the expense of non-performance of contracts by it (or poor performance) on military-technical cooperation with other countries, in simple terms for the supply of our arms to other countries. But, perhaps, about the "last time" I’m wrong — this leads to not stop showering for a long time and the end-edge of it, alas, is not visible. But, upon closer inspection of such claims, it turns out that the facts cited in support of this thesis — do not stand up to scrutiny.

For example, in this

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Irkutsk Technical University will present at the VII BEF about 15 innovative projects

Irkutsk. August 4. "Siberian News» Irkutsk Technical University intends to present at the VII Baikal Economic Forum about 15 innovative projects, as well as to host a roundtable "Legislative support for technical capacity building in the regions of Siberia and the Far East".

"Participation in the Baikal Economic Forum a good opportunity to present our solutions to potential investors. During the forum, we hope to sign more agreements with companies who are interested in our products"- Said the Rector Ivan Golovnykh.

Currently specify exactly which design will exhibit within BEFa. Total Irkutsk Technical University conducts about 150

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