White Russia for the people

Belarus — the kingdom without American coronation

Rolandas Paulauskas

Modern Belarus eyes of Lithuanian journalists Rolandas Paulauskas, which is about the tension of the last few years of hard studying Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

Lithuanian political elite (or rather — get-together) in unison with the U.S. yells that elections in neighboring Belarus illegal, it requires a second election to become president of the Alexan-der Milinkevich. That’s when de in Belarus will finally democracy.

However, the choir sang really do not want to talk about what is so objectionable Alexander Lou Kashenko countries of the world "democracies». [Cut]

What is

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Russian telescope on the ISS will conduct a new census stars

 Photo source:rian.ru

MOSCOW, July 29 — RIA Novosti, Ilya Ferapontov. Russian astronomers create a new space telescope, "Lira-B", which is scheduled to be installed in 2015 on board the ISS. This tool will scan the sky and collect data for a new comprehensive catalog, which will include about 300 million stars and other objects, according to RIA Novosti, Mikhail Prokhorov, head of the laboratory space projects of the State Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University (SAI).

 Photo source:rian.ru

"Telescope" Lira-B "will be the first Russian space instruments operating in the visible range, and the first optical

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Urals scientists have created anti-drug vaccine

Two years later, the drug may appear on the shelves of scientists from the Urals State Medical Academy have developed a drug that will help fight against opium addiction drugs, including heroin. The idea of creating a synthetic immunogen protivoopioidnogo the scientists began about five years ago.

According to the researchers, the drug acts on the same principle as the measles vaccine. "Create a group of antibodies in the body, and when the drug will come, the antibodies will bind him and bring no change from the body. Kaif addict will not receive, "- said the executive director

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Look into the hole

In the Russian space exploration has begun a new era. After launching into space observatory "Radioastron", which will be considered with unprecedented accuracy black holes and tunnels in the search for other worlds, we went back to the most advanced positions in science. Launching a satellite into orbit, Russia has created the world’s largest telescope. Together with the ground stations of its size — 330 000 kilometers. For the realization of this project took twenty-five years "Zenith" was launched on July 18 at 8:00 31 minutes, local time, or at 6.31 Moscow time. The rocket went quietly into an

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New wind power plant in the Orenburg

On Tulganskaya electromechanical plant in the Orenburg region in the run up wind power plant with capacity of 200 kilowatts, and three mini-boiler capacity of 100 kilowatts each.

Consumption is reduced by about 20 percent, says the director of the plant, Alexander Kolesnikov. Wind farm was purchased in Europe for three million rubles. At the factory setting had to overhaul podremontirovat. Return on investments in the company plan in about a year.

— The use of wind energy in the work of the whole enterprise — new for our area, — The chief of the department for

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Orbiting weather satellite test Electro-L completed

Completed flight tests of the newest Russian weather satellite "Electro-L", the decision to bring the spacecraft into regular operation in the near future should take the state commission, the head of the space segment of the project "Electro-L" from "NGO im.Lavochkina" Vladimir Babyshkina.

"You can talk about that phase flight tests, which lasted about 6 months, formally completed. We are fully satisfied with the findings. We expect that the decision on the commissioning of the spacecraft state commission will in the near future "- quoted by RIA Novosti Babyshkina.

Weather satellite was successfully launched on January

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Video pogotovki spacecraft Spektr-R to launch

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome continuing intensive preparation for the launch of a space rocket "Zenit-3M" with the upper stage "Fregat-SB" and the Russian Radioastrophysical Radioastron observatory "Spektr-R".

The missile with a radio telescope Radioastron "Spektr-R" is scheduled for July 18, with the 45th site Baikonur cosmodrome. RadioAstron will be launched into an orbit with a perigee of 600 km and an apogee of 330,000 km. The duration of the spacecraft will be at least five years.

The aim of the project is to develop, together with a global network of ground-based radio telescopes single system ground-space interferometer to

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FIGURE YOU!» Mikhail Zadornov

For a long time the most popular words in the world were, in the first place — "Kalashnikov", the second — "Cocaine", the third — "Gagarin"! Now most often in mankind pronounced the word "crisis." It even won an undefeated for many years, "Kalashnikov". A rating of "cocaine" in general has fallen to half the rating of "crisis." Is not that reassuring? Finally, people started thinking about how to survive and not kill yourself like! Not for nothing, many today believe that the crisis — a sobering effect. And Cleansing! [Cut] First of all, start to improve ecology. Many businesses

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Katyusha against Vanya: 70 years of the Soviet miracle weapons

On Thursday, July 14, the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the legendary fighting vehicle rocket launchers BM-13, better known under the name of "Katyusha" first shots which rocked in fierce fighting July 14, 1941 near the town of Orsha (Vitebsk region., Belarus). Two sudden firing stroke of the new plants fired by the enemy incredible, overwhelming any desire to resist the effect. According to some historians, it is "Katyusha" played a crucial role in several battles of the Great Patriotic War and the Soviet Union in the final victory over Nazi Germany.

The first battery

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NSSP began building berth of the ship project MPSV07

Employees Nevsky Shipyard implemented the rollout of the stocks of the second multipurpose salvage ship. The power of this vessel belonging to the project MPSV07, is 4 MW.

The developer of the technical working project MPSV07 is the Marine Engineering Bureau.

Craft project MPSV07 — multifunction rescue vessel with high ice class, long bunk superstructure tank located fore deckhouse and engine room in the middle, with a diesel-electric power plant, c two full-circle rudder propellers and two bow thrusters.  

The main tasks of rescue and salvage ship are patrolling, towing, fire

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