Olympic Village: laying stone

In the Imereti lowland ceremony of laying the foundation stone Olympic Village. According to the architects, the territory of the future of the village will be divided into a resort and residential area. Along the sea will be a pedestrian street that joins the same for all objects of coastal embankment. Designers have identified one complex of buildings, each of which will have its architectural appearance. Overall, however, the Olympic Village will look like a Mediterranean town, with some architectural elements will be reminded of the classic resort of Sochi mid-twentieth century. The project involves the construction of about 1.7

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IOC: Sochi work on track at impressive pace

Construction of venues for the Sochi Winter Olympics was proceeding at an impressive pace, the IOC said on Wednesday.

Russian officials were warned last year by Jean-Claude Killy, the head of the International Olympic Committee’s coordination commission for Sochi, that construction delays could threaten the ambitious plans for the 2014 Games, which includes building all the facilities anew.

But on Wednesday he told a news conference that «as far as we are concerned, and according to our experts, everything is going according to plan.»

«I wouldn’t have said that last year,» he added.

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Kryukov Wagon presented subway cars, upgraded for

money of the Kyoto Protocol [Photos]

Kryukov Wagon Works presented the subway cars that have been upgraded for the money of the Kyoto Protocol. According to the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Mikhail Kostyuk, in early 2014 to allow five trials were modernized subway.


  Total project involves the upgrading of 95 cars. For these purposes will be spent 1 billion USD. Kyoto money. The first tranche of 300 million USD. already accepted by the enterprise. Modernization are now operating subway cars aged about 40 years. Kryukov factory engaged in the restoration of buildings

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In the sp Yamnoe Voronezh region has opened a kindergarten for 115 places

October 9 Yamnom Ramon Voronezh region has opened a kindergarten "Sun. The two-story building located next to the local new buildings, near Honey Apple.

Garden was originally designed for 115 seats, but the 145 guys here will not be crowded. The necessity of its construction is long overdue.

There is a building of sports and music halls. It is planned that in the children’s garden will be opened Center for Continuing Education on the study of a foreign language.

The construction of a kindergarten in Yamnom in co-financing has been spent about 15

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Now available to all new pictures from the satellite Electro-L

Today again there is a reason to talk about the satellite Electro-L.

I hope that many already know about the Russian meteorological apparatus Electro-L, which is the third year running in the geostationary orbit. I have alreadyrepeatedlytalked about it, anddemonstratedthe results of his labors. Today will share one more positive news on the satellite.

  First, a small digression in order to clarify the value of this event: Electro-L removes the visible disk of the Earth once every half hour, and his pictures are in the public domain. Therefore, they may engage in processing each.

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In Kolyvan established a two-ton bust of Pushkin

On the territory of the Central Library in Kolyvan Novosibirsk region appeared bust of the poet Alexander Pushkin from high-strength concrete.

As told at the Museum of Novosibirsk Larissa Volkova, museum coordinated the project, the patriotic organization "Alley of Russian glory" donated the bust, and the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Kolyvansky and Bolotninskogo areas VAT Alexander Shpikelman paid pedestal, delivery and installation — only about 120 thousand rubles . 

Perpetuate the Pushkin initiators decided therefore that next year will mark the 215th anniversary of his birth, explained Larissa Volkova.


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SWAT. Be on time

A documentary about the top secret Russian military units. Unique outcomes of training and exercises with the best fighters of the FSB special forces. History and present of one of the world’s most successful anti-terrorist centers. The film is about the people for whom homeland, honor and duty are not empty words. The film, which is expected.

Dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Special Forces Center of FSB Russia.

Corporation Biscuit-Chocolate has started formation of Christmas gifts

Corporation "Biscuit-Chocolate" has started formation of Christmas gifts, the first party which traditionally go to the U.S. market. Start shipping the products weighing about a ton already taken place, and after the company began to form sweet we launched for other countries that annually become buyers of these products: Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and others.

 In general, the same as last year, about 40% of these kits the company plans to export. This season, the company has developed a line of 14 colorfully decorated gift in cardboard boxes and in the form of soft toys

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Europe’s largest heliport for 200 helicopters being built near Moscow

On the border with Moscow to build the country’s largest Heliport, which will be based up to 200 helicopters. With the opening of expected rise in popularity of rotary-wing aircraft and increased business activity in the metropolitan area. The project is the largest helicopter base in Russia is implemented jointly by "NDV-estate" and the helicopter company "Aerosouz."

Construction is underway near the Ring Road near Myakinino, near the metro station "Volokolamskaya." The opening of the first phase of the center of the helicopter with the tentative title "Heliport" BaZa "," is expected in November this year. According

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Innovative Plumbing

Sanitary device InnoSan — winner of Innovation

At the conference "Energy Security and Climate — a new priority of state policy" organized by the magazine «Facility manager» 16-17 May 2013, in a competition for the best energy-saving equipment was recognized as the winner of the project InnoSan.

Few would dispute that at present familiar to us from childhood sanitary device for a toilet (in common parlance, "toilet") is the most archaic of all household appliances (since 1775 significant changes in the design of this device is not shown). At the same

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