Concrete transformer substations for Odessa


Odessa Branch of JSC "Electrograd" continues to participate in the reconstruction and upgrading of networks and substations Odessa. In late 2011, it was joint-stock company "Electrograd" manufactured and delivered the first concrete block type QFT instead of the metal, literally pitted corrosion substation at the intersection of the Transfiguration and the Pasteur (TA number 40 st. Pasteur, 64).

In September 2013, our company has made anotherBKTPfor the reconstruction of the old substation in the historic heart of the city at the intersection of Osipova, Polish and Jewish (Jewish Street, 10), in conjunction with the

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Izyumsky Locomotive Works established cooperation with the railways of the country

JSC "Izyumsky Diesel Locomotive Plant" (Kharkiv region). Completes the order GP "Southern Railway" (JZ). This was told "SQ" sanatorium plant Oleg Kostyuk. According to him, it is about repairing vehicles. The scope of work was around 2.5 mln., Most of the work has already been done.


As noted by Kostyuk, load factory production through collaboration with some of the country’s railways. The volume of orders may be around 8 mln. "The plant is capable to fulfill these orders, but in order to begin the work needed working capital. Their We expect to receive from lenders. For

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Around 50,000 people took part in the clean bloggers in the CIS

The number of volunteers who participated in the clean bloggers on September 14 in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus has increased over last year by almost a factor of 2 to50,000 people, said Tuesday the mastermind work day, blogger Sergei share.

Just a volunteer this year was attended by 220 cities in Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, as well as a number of cities in Ukraine and Belarus. In the capital, the volunteers cleaned to five sites, which became the center of the national park "Elk Island". There’s activists have collected more than 800 bags of trash.

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So what makes Moscow?

The head of the presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov did not realize that produces Moscow. And so he said, "What is the residents of Moscow? It janitors, drivers, office plankton, journalists … Officials agree. Service sector and trade. In extreme cases bloggers. There is a specialty. That the 15-20 millionth mass produce? Absolutely nothing. Intellectual property? Question doubtful. Take Novosibirsk, where produce high-tech products, aircraft assemblies for nuclear reactors that are sought after around the world. There produce products with which to pay taxes. What is produced in Moscow, I do not understand. " Rhetorical question Ivanov deserves two answers.

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Innovative Plumbing

Sanitary device InnoSan — winner of Innovation

At the conference "Energy Security and Climate — a new priority of state policy" organized by the magazine «Facility manager» 16-17 May 2013, in a competition for the best energy-saving equipment was recognized as the winner of the project InnoSan.

Few would dispute that at present familiar to us from childhood sanitary device for a toilet (in common parlance, "toilet") is the most archaic of all household appliances (since 1775 significant changes in the design of this device is not shown). At the same

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On SSHHPP set a new seismic sequence

As explained in the press service of the Sayano-installed equipment "… will allow for monitoring of the dynamic state of hydraulic structures and the registration of earthquakes." Moreover, data recording system will be maintained continuously and automatically. According to the information provided about the new equipment and its capabilities in comparison with the old: now in the updated seismometric complex involving 22 special pavilion, located in the dam body and intended for the seismic equipment. Previously, the station was used only 7 of these pavilions. The old system was in standby mode and ran when a seismic event

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British shocked requests Arshavin

As follows from the formal communication between the clubs agreed in principle to move the player on terms acceptable to both parties and the respective fair market value of a football player. Specifically noted that the set-off transfer fee player will be introduced half received them upon signing the 2006 contract with the St. Petersburg club "lift." Only for agreeing to sign a contract Arshavin paid 5 million euros! Andrew will return two and a half — and for exactly the same amount will decrease its value to "Arsenal". [Cut] It would seem that it is the long-awaited happy ending.

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A virtual tour of the island of Kizhi

Museum-Reserve "Kizhi" offered its visitors a new media product: virtual guide on Kizhi Island and its monuments. With it, you can see pictures and spherical panoramas of the island of Kizhi, its monuments and their interiors, to listen to the new audio tour, learn interesting facts about the history and daily life of ancient Zaonezhja.

According to the press service of the museum, visitors will get the answers to the questions: What famous Kizhi at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1901, which was considered in Zaonezhie main feature of female attractiveness, which produce the

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In 2012 in Ukraine, about 100 hydraulic fracturing

Frekinga technology is not new, not only in the world but also in Ukraine. Only in the year 2012 in our country, about 100 such procedures.


This statement was made on September 26 the chief engineer for Shell’s drilling in Ukraine, Mikhail Gretzky at a conference in the framework of the "German Weeks in Ukraine" on "unconventional gas production in Ukraine: a welcome energy independence or a horrible ecological disaster" that took place in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

"Hydraulic fracturing — this is a common technique Ukrainian drillers, which aims

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The new mini-ecotrail appeared at the cordon of Altay Nature Reserve

A new ecological mini-trail, which will tell visitors about caring for the indigenous peoples of the Altai to nature and natural resources, appeared to cordon Karatas Altai Reserve, according to the website of the reserve.

"The first phase of resettlement ecological trail" Path of the Hunter "to cordon Altai Reserve Karatas. Trail dedicated to the life, family life, cultural and historical features of the traditional nature of the Altai people. Ecotrail main task: to tell visitors about caring for the reserve of indigenous peoples of the Altai to nature, their sound approach to natural resources, "-

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