In Kiev, showed new trolleys Bogdan

August 15 in Kiev, the presentation of 33 new trolley buses Bogdan, which were purchased for the Bank’s credit funds at 5% per annum.

Trolley buses bought for a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. According to Kostiuk, the bank is ready to roll over and the next installment for the purchase of trolley buses. 

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The official noted that one trolley Bogdan worth about 4 million USD. In this case, the EBRD is providing a loan for the purchase of machinery at 5%

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Plant RusVinyl in the Nizhny Novgorod region is ready for 90%

The project is currently in construction Kstovsky Russia’s largest complex for the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is in its final stage. The total performance of all work on the project is about 90%, including the design — 99.8%, supply of equipment and materials — 97.5%, construction — more than 78%.

Similar factories in the Soviet Union never built. It will be the largest plant for the production of polyvinyl chloride in Russia and one of the largest in Europe.

Next to the plant and any two of agglomeration. The first will take over

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Fundamental off

Fundamental off (or a little bit about the architecture of IMA)


In the past few years, Russia has begun to create not only new aircraft, but also technology. And some of the developments will be introduced for the first time on domestic airliners in the world.

Five Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences are working with aircraft manufacturers in more than twenty different directions. Development of domestic and foreign scholars are used both at the stage of theoretical and experimental, and some of them have already implemented or being implemented to create new

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Eugene, however, about the Great on CBS, and more.

I want to share the article Eugene super "Why we do not notice the good news, or should the State energetically promoting their success"

 Dear readers! Over the last month in Russia opened six new iron and steel industries, a car-repair plant, one manufacture to produce composite parts for aircraft, one engineering company and a host of smaller productions. Over the last month in the country opened up many new sports facilities, kindergartens and hospitals. I am sure that all the news passed by most of us. But we know very well what had breakfast yesterday Edward

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In the Lenin-Kuznetsk (Kemerovo region). Opened a new kindergarten

The new day care center for 170 people was opened on August 20 in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo region. The opening of the Child Development Centre — Kindergarten number 9 "Rainbow Childhood" was yet another gift to the citizens vsekuzbasskomu main holiday — the Day of the miner, whose capital this year and won the Lenin-Kuznetsk.

Kindergarten "Rainbow Childhood" is designed for group 2 toddlers and 6 groups of pupils from 3 to 7 years. This new generation of child care that meets the highest modern standards. Here, all Resettled with taking care of the spiritual and physical development of

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Media: imperial security forces threatened the Guardian

The Guardian newspaper received threats from the British secret service, who demanded the return or destruction of classified government documents obtained from the editorship of Edward Snowden — admitted chief editor Alan Rusbridger.

In his newspaper column Rusbridger told how about two months ago, he was contacted by a senior official of the government, which supposedly represented the Prime Minister. He met twice with the journalist, demanding the return or destroy documents.

A month later, chief editor, in his words, a call from the government, and said: "You played enough is enough. Now we want

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Gosznak made the new money for Angola


FSUE "Goznak" commissioned by the National Bank of the Republic of Angola has developed a design of nine denominations and four denominations of coins, told reporters on Wednesday the company’s director Arkady Trachuk. Thus, the updated series of all money of the country.

As said A.Trachuk designed Goznak new series of the Republic of Angola money transferred to the customer, and the customer has released it into circulation.

The first shipment of finished products was carried out in December 2012, at the beginning of 2013 the new banknotes and

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The main achievements of Putin’s yet to come

It remains important

Before Vladimir Putin has even more complex problems than the ones that they have already been solved

Russia learned of the existence of Vladimir Putin’s 14 years ago, and once as a future president. August 9, 1999, Boris Yeltsin, Putin announced the nomination for prime minister and the support of his candidacy for the presidential election, and the 16th State Duma approved the new head of government. Now there is a whole generation, who do not remember the other head


Prior to August 1999, even not all

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The new system of exams for license

Blush for their students who violate the rules will soon have driving schools in Tatarstan. Traffic Police of the Republic for the first time in Russia has introduced a system by which you can keep track of not only the school, but even an instructor who taught once the offender. Under the hood of car inspection future drivers now get on the stage of the exams, getting individual barcode. 

Inject scanners — happy SAI

Last Tuesday, the traffic police Tatarstan officially presented a new system of exams for driver’s license, which is

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Advances Novosibirsk Technopark Academpark

Industry Minister Sergei Semka Novosibirsk Region and CEO Dmitry Academpark Verkhovod showed reporters the latest developments Novosibirsk Technopark residents and talked about joint projects.

A clear indicator of the effectiveness of Academpark — real projects its residents, namely companies that have started their business in the Technopark, using the creation of technological innovation and service infrastructure Academpark. These companies have a place in specialized business incubators.

Currently, residents of Technopark Business Incubation Akademgorodok are 66 companies, of which the total revenue at the end of 2013 should be about 160 million rubles. 

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