Successfully completed the installation of gravity base for the new platform, Berkut

Installation of gravity base for the new platform, "Berkut" project "Sakhalin-1" completed successfully, the press service of the company "ENL". Platform "Berkut" is designed to develop A-D, the third field of the project "Sakhalin-1". Its development will add to the total annual output of the project to 4.5 million tons of oil.

The platform under the name "Golden Eagle" is designed specifically for use in harsh sub-arctic conditions, and be able to withstand waves up to 18 meters, the pressure of the ice fields of thickness up to two meters and temperatures of up to -44 C °. It

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Advances Novosibirsk Technopark Academpark

Industry Minister Sergei Semka Novosibirsk Region and CEO Dmitry Academpark Verkhovod showed reporters the latest developments Novosibirsk Technopark residents and talked about joint projects.

A clear indicator of the effectiveness of Academpark — real projects its residents, namely companies that have started their business in the Technopark, using the creation of technological innovation and service infrastructure Academpark. These companies have a place in specialized business incubators.

Currently, residents of Technopark Business Incubation Akademgorodok are 66 companies, of which the total revenue at the end of 2013 should be about 160 million rubles. 

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Yields of wheat, Astarte at 64 kg / ha

Structural units ASTARTA "Astarte-Kiev" harvested winter wheat area of about 7 hectares, accounting for about 25% of the total area, the press service of the company.


The average yield is 50 t / ha, which is significantly more than last year in the region.

In the best agricultural firms yield higher than 64 kg / ha, which is a result of the effective application of advanced agricultural technologies, optimal use of technology and the professionalism of the staff.

"Just to harvest scheduled for about 60 thousand hectares of early grain. A

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Ural T-72 tank. Inductee, who returned from the Third World

Exactly forty years ago, a joint resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers was adopted for the prototype main battle tank "object 172m", which received the designation T-72 "Ural". Began the life of the mass of the modern Soviet tanks. 

Soviet tankoprom lived extensively — in the best years, he drove in the ranks of the army of four versions of the main battle tanks that are not compatible to operate and repair. And if the "heaped" T-64 and T-80, stuffed with the best Soviet achievements in the field of

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Urals scientists have created anti-drug vaccine

Two years later, the drug may appear on the shelves of scientists from the Urals State Medical Academy have developed a drug that will help fight against opium addiction drugs, including heroin. The idea of creating a synthetic immunogen protivoopioidnogo the scientists began about five years ago.

According to the researchers, the drug acts on the same principle as the measles vaccine. "Create a group of antibodies in the body, and when the drug will come, the antibodies will bind him and bring no change from the body. Kaif addict will not receive, "- said the executive director

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The unique textbook for students of Buryatia

The unique training package with maps of the living world, protected areas and the mysteries of Lake Baikal, including the online version is presented in Ulan-Ude, teachers and the public, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Government of the Republic.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Buryatia recommended set as a training course for primary and secondary school age, this is the first tutorial of this kind, which has received a recommendation.

"Kit called" Baikal Box ", it is designed as a guide for junior and middle classes, teachers and parents.

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The unique tower and wagons of class luxury in Yaroslavl

October 6, in the management of the Northern Railway journalists of regional media showed "heart of the Northern Railway" — updated control center, which is concentrated in the management of all shipments. Head of the Northern Railway Basil Biloha told about the results and prospects of the development of highway


Now tower of the Northern Railway in Yaroslavl is unique in the country. Meanwhile, all the software center — the handiwork domestic IT-Schnick.

A single bulletin board allows you to monitor a stretch of more than 600 km. On the very busy transport corridor Kuzbass-North-West

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Umba — about where amazing

Time in Umba is specified, it seems that it is mixed with the blue water of White Sea and is about to stop. Generally, about Umba write scary. Tell me honestly, how's amazing — and a crowd of people go there. And all the spoil. 

About forty percent of the population have the surname Devyatkina, and another forty percent — Podymnikovy. These — the indigenous coast dwellers living around Umba from time immemorial, it seems to cling to the roots of scarce shore of the White Sea. The remaining twenty percent — had to …

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Osa town streets lights illuminate the intellectual

The implementation of the lighting system is more like astronomical experiments. Only instead of the luminaries of the textbooks are LED lights. For six weeks in 1037 appeared Ose modern fixtures.

Vasily Dvoeglazov, Osa town resident: "It is much better to become. It gets dark early — the important thing is that they work now! "

The company "Permenergosbyt" replaced the old, energy-consuming lamps, and the contractor developed software. This small control room can monitor the voltage, to see the counters and even disable the entire street. However, the economic effect in 66% yield

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Ukraine pіdgotuvala Іraku friend partіyu BTR-4

General director Ukroboronprom zayavlyaє scho Ukraine pіdgotuvala i nayblizhchim hour Mauger vіdvantazhiti Іraku friend partіyu BTR-4. Torіk Ukraine declared about the Borg Іraku and Baghdad pogrozhuvav fines.

"Contract With Ukraine mіzh that Іrakom vikonuєtsya stabіlno. Sogodnі on DP" Plant Malisheva "time іz spіvvikonavtsyami contract zavershuyut pіdgotovku to zdachі іnozemnomu zamovniku Druha partії bronetehnіki at kіlkostі 62 BTR-4" — ydetsya at povіdomlennі on saytі Ukroboronprom.

Behind the words CEO vіdomstva Dmytro Peregudova, pіslya viprobuvan tehnіka vzhe "blizhchim hour" Mauger Buti vіdvantazhena Іraku.

Ukraine is the Іrak UCLA contract postachannya about 420 BTR-4

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