Once again the production HeliVert (photos)

Published in May photo essay of Roman Vukolova actually producing only pays about a dozen photographs. This time, give a much more photos taken by Marina Lystsevoy (Learn fotografersha) On July 23 during a working visit to the plant of the acting governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

A joint venture between JSC "Helicopters of Russia" and the Italian company AgustaWestland work mostly Russian citizens, and this is a highly qualified workforce. A total of Ljuberetsky company employs 115 employees. The head office is located in Moscow. The holding comprises five helicopter plants, two design bureaus,

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Stupid questions, or why Europeans began to fell in Russia

Tim Kirby. He was born in Ohio in 1981. Game designer, creator of the podcast, writer Today.Rabotal Russia in the Peace Corps. Lives in Moscow.

Sometimes I get very, very intelligent questions and comments. Readers tell me about unrealistic interesting events and give great ideas. My audience is very broadened my outlook: no readers, I probably would have stayed one more bluntly naive foreigner who write the same nonsense as the other "analysts" who discuss Russia without understanding its language and culture. 

But there is a class of problems that are not even so

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In Vinnitsa region opened elevator

Private Agricultural Enterprise "Napadovskaya" (Kalinowski district, Cherkasy region) has commissioned a silo capacity of 15 thousand tons of grain in the village Napadovskaya (Kalinowski district, Cherkasy region).

This was reported by the business owner Peter Tikhonyuk.

According to him, in his construction company invested about $ 5 million.

The elevator is equipped with bins of American Brock, sampling equipment and grain system of chain conveyors and bucket elevators, grain dryers.

"Napadovskaya" handles about 3 million hectares of farmland in the area Kalinovsky Vinnitsa region. In addition to the elevator, the company

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. This caused a flurry of complaints, and at some point the presumptuous fellow, what is called a "corrected" from above. Interestingly, among the leaders and ideologists of the "presumptuous" He was a man whose son after 30 years to write brilliant, "Oh, my Arbat" — Shalva S. Okudzhava — Predsovnarkoma the then Georgia. 

It was only later, in the framework of the "Georgianization", the authorities of the republic began to encourage the migration of peasants to Abkhazia. Created by the resettlement program, worked an entire state organization "Spetspereselenstroy" en masse being transferred to the collective farmers

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Construction of two livestock farms began in Voronezh region

On the territory of Osikovskogo rural settlement near the village Kuznetsovka begins construction of a dairy complex, which will be one of the largest in the area and the largest in KANTEMIROVSKAJa area. The project develops the agricultural enterprise LLC "InterAgro." There will contain 3,400 Simmental dairy cows. Workforce of the new complex will be about 60 people. It is planned that the first phase of the complex for 2,200 head dairy herd will be commissioned next year.

The total amount of money invested in the project will be about two billion rubles. Now, the future of

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All passenger transport Yekaterinburg is connected to the system GLONASS

Special equipment, track the movement of vehicles through a system of satellite navigation, today have more than 1,000 trams and trolleybuses in Yekaterinburg, about 500 municipal buses, as well as all cleaning equipment Daewoo district. Tracking sensors that are installed on the municipal transport BASED how to satellite channels, GPS, and to actively introduce the Russian GLONASS system. In order to properly and effectively use the data obtained through space on public transport, the city administration in 2011, plans to create a single municipal control service. In the control center will flock and information about the movements of buses and

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In Dagestan, opened a tourist information center

July 23, in the lobby of the hotel "Leningrad" as a symbol of the Dagestan hotel hospitality, opening ceremony of the Dagestan tourist information center, where everyone can learn about the rest of Dagestan attractions offered by the tourist routes and all the necessary navigation information.

There’s also specialists GBU RD TBC "Dagestan" can tell us about tour operators who organize trips abroad. That is, coming into a tourist center, a person can get all the information on routes and satisfy his desire to travel in Dagestan, outside the country as well as outside of the Russian

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The new gondola from Roslavlskoye wagon factory

For the first time in the domestic car building on the initiative of JSC "Russian Railways" manufactured prototypes of gondolas envelope TPA for the transport of coal and ore, increased lift capacity with 27 ton axle load.

Their expert opinions about the design features of the car, the tests carried out, its indisputable advantages compared with serial counterparts expressed the experts who took part in its development and staging to production. Gondola was developed by JSC "VNIKTI."

The prototypes are made by Roslavl Car Repair Plant. However, it is fair to call about a dozen

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Kola Peninsula in the I half received new equipment worth about

259 million rubles

For the first 6 months of 2013 units of the Kola Peninsula (a subsidiary of MMC "Norilsk Nickel") received more than 70 pieces of new machinery and equipment for a total of 258.7 million rubles.

Modernization program, the company provides industrial park update technology as all major production stages, and in providing the major divisions, in particular, energy and transport departments. Thus, in the first half of the year was the completion of a major technological complex mine "North": for him, bought a new mine locomotive L-14M (cost about 6.5 million rubles.), Hoisting pulley

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Primary Russia. Why Europeans are lying?

Primary Russia. Why Europeans are lying?

The war against Russia is a very long and very, very successful. Of course, not on the battlefield, where we all always beaten and hurt a lot, but where the West has always won and continues to win — in the information wars.   The main goal — to prove the inhabitants of our country, that they are stupid mindless trash, not even a second-rate, and somewhere 6-7 discharge, with no past or future. And it almost proved — evenauthorsmany patriotic articles agree with this approach completely. Examples? Please!

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