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In three of the region received new coaches

July 18, at the bus station on the Yaroslavl-Main transport agency head of the Yaroslavl region, Alexander told Boltovnin Route 500E and presented the new buses.

The route out of 9 new buses. They replaced the fairly used cars. The new bus GolAZ "Voyage" is built on the chassis and aggregates Swedish company Scania and is designed to operate on long-distance routes stretching up to 500 kilometers or more. In its 53 seats, it is 9 more than the usual lyase, comfortable seats, air conditioning. All on the line will see three such machines.  

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The Battle of Kursk and falsifiers of history

Archpriest George Gorodentsev the famous strategic battle of the Great Patriotic War and Russian foes …

These days Russia remembers the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Kursk, which led to a turning point in the Great Patriotic War, and in general of the Second World War. In the summer of 1943, the German high command planned to conduct an offensive operation (Operation "Citadel") with the strategic objectives — the ambience and the elimination of Soviet forces in the Kursk and further break the Nazi troops to Moscow, which was, according to their strategists,

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The new shop is running on hot-dip galvanized steel Ural Plant (Sverdlovsk region).

JSC "Ural Plant of Metal" ("Umekon") has launched a new hot-dip galvanizing plant. New capacity cost the company 600 million rubles.

Launched department will conduct an annual 30,000 tons of galvanized steel. The new production will create about 300 high-performance workplaces. The estimated payback period is 3-4 years.

"Umekon" one of the three largest manufacturers of metal structures and transmission towers in Russia. Currently, the company embarked on another project — the construction of the production of multifaceted supports that allow a quick assembly lines. In the purchase of equipment to be invested about 5.7 million euros.

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Wheat yields Astarte at 64 kg / ha

Structural units ASTARTA "Astarte-Kiev" harvested winter wheat area of about 7 hectares, accounting for about 25% of the total area, the press service of the company.


The average yield is 50 t / ha, which is significantly more than last year in the region.

In the best agricultural firms yield higher than 64 kg / ha, which is a result of the effective application of advanced agricultural technologies, optimal use of technology and the professionalism of the staff.

"Just to harvest scheduled for about 60 thousand hectares of early grain. A

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Highway M-58 Amur

At the end of May this year, drove a car with Vladivostok to Bratsk. Last year, just lecturing on your site a great report about haul road and about the Chita-Khabarovsk. During the year I was on the site with the search engines come a lot of people interested in the state of the Chita-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok. There was even one such query into a search engine, which has led to my site "is it true that after the drive Putin Chita-Khabarovsk highway asphalt removed?". So I think that a report on the state of roads in 2013 will be

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BBC explained that the soldier gutted for fun…_rebel_heart_biting.shtml 

BBC BBC justified the commander of the terrorists, who on camera, cut and took a bite of the heart Syrian army soldier ( link ).

Well, thank God, all things are cleared up, it turns out, he did not swallow it, and did it for show. The correspondent of the British television interview took great fighter for democratic rights, in which he explained that "Syrians" are suffering because of the lack of Western financial aid.

I would like to thank the "BBC" for an explanation of the situation. Kill, gut and

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Severodvinsk began to master the funds received one-industry town

To support the activities of the comprehensive investment plan to modernize company towns of Severodvinsk for 2010-2020, the region has received federal funding: a grant of 274 million 756 thousand rubles and budget loan 697 million 944 thousand rubles. More 40 million rubles received through the Federal Housing Reform Fund. In 2011, the amount of state aid the city of shipbuilders will be about billion rubles. The total amount of financing plan for the city is planned in the amount of about 40 billion rubles. The key investment projects are the projects of modernization of enterprises JSC "United

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The information war against the Universiade

This is our home Universiade medals gold, silver and bronze.

Emphasis is placed on sporting success of Asia, and the complete failure of the western world, from which adequately acted only Germany (and even that was at a sporting leaps and bounds from the GDR). Ukraine is trying very hard, but alas — remaining from the Soviet Union, too, has little yeast rod, like Lithuania. But hark — the cradle demokrazii United States has achieved 1 gold and 1 bronze medals, sharing 23th place with Israel. Less than Chinese Taipei. What Taipei — poor

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Russian way: between America and China

The exercises worked through a series of complex interactions: a reflection of the potential enemy attack from the air (which is the role of the Su-24 Air Force), the battle with the speed boats, the release of the ship seized by pirates (the pirates today — one of the main threats to the sea), search and rescue action. Why would it?

Is Putin plans to expand cooperation with China? Recently there have been many events that clearly hurt our image in the West, and once declared a "reset" of relations with the United States has completely

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Nizhegorodskiy Ship passed the head multipurpose vessel situational Ladoga

July 10 mill "Nizhny Novgorod Ship" All-handed head situational craft project BLV02 (yard number 902) "Ladoga".

Customer — PKU "Rechvodput" Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.

"Ladoga" built for Volga-Baltic State Basin Department of Waterways and Navigation. Situational ship designed to carry out the following work:

• Monitor the status of the fairway on the inland waterways and harbors; • Monitor the status of the channel to navigation, control burning lights illuminated signs on the situation; • Placement and removal of signs, as well as their movement when changing

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