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In Rostov-on-Don, opened a modern perinatal center


In Rostov-on-Don prepare a demographic boom. There opened a modern perinatal center, equipped with the latest medical technology. Now, even in infants weighing just a pound there is every chance not only to survive but also to grow up healthy. Its construction took more than two years and more than two billion rubles — half from the federal and regional budgets. The region — one of the leaders in the number of births — opened center where everything is collected for the delivery to make happy, whatever the threat originated neither the mother or the unborn child.

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Battle KAMAZ. He’s rally

Well, comrades. How do civil KAMAZ, on this site we have seen, what are the army KAMAZ also learned about a sports KAMAZ heard a lot, but the details do not know enough. I will try to restore the gap.

Center KAMAZ-master

And therefore propose a photo report about what are the most powerful, fast, strong and reliable trucks in the world.

Before the car is born it is necessary to design. At KAMAZ is engaged in designing Science and Technology Center (STC), which in the recent past has been loss-making division of the company,

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If tomorrow the war!

For years, inflamed the minds of worried man in the street hypothetical military conflict between the two powers Russia and the United States. Submit a military conflict between these two states in its pure form is almost impossible. Can hardly be assumed that the military confrontation between the two countries will not embroiled neighboring states. Besides the United States, as a NATO member, may rely, if not on the full support of the alliance, at least on the support of its main European allies — Britain. But all the same just try to analyze what can oppose each

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The report on the experiment with MFC

Since I in January, in an impromptu holiday to celebrate volneniya was some svobdnoe time and labor on hand, I decided to highlight a few days on the design of the new TRAVEL-expired passport instead. And since such a thing — immediately decided to make a new, bombastic "biometric" for ten years. Perhaps, it will use. I have uchetka on public services, but I’m wondering more — some time ago began to open the so-called "Multifunctional centers", that is to say the MFC, which combine many of the structures for which earlier had to be worn in different parts

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Academician Viktor Ivanter: Now the society has an interest to live decently

Great article, but for starters pair of quotes, which prompted me to put stuff on the Song:

You have to understand: we have a very good structure of exports. … But now our problem is different: we have a bad structure of imports, we have a very high proportion of critical import, we are dependent. So we do not need to diversify exports and imports replaced diversify the economy.

Everything that made the liberals — is the 98th year. That was a normal consequence of their policies. … Prosperous economy, by definition, a liberal:

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Branch Arkhbum launched equipment for the production of three-layer board

In Istra branch of "Arkhbum" (Moscow region). Corrugator running BHS (Germany). Equipment designed to produce 3-layer board with ribbed C, B with the ability to manufacture corrugated cardboard with brown and bleached surface layer profile, C (T20-T27 brand). The design capacity of the first stage is about 200 million square meters. meters of corrugated packaging per year.

In the future, the equipment will be retrofitted with corrugator with profiles B, C, and optional cassette with the profile of E for the production of 5-layer corrugated cardboard profiles BC, CE, BB, BE, CC.

The company will

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Astrakhan region, Kalmykia and Dagestan will connect the new highway

This project was planned almost 20 years ago, but its implementation began only in 2012, after the inclusion in the federal program "Roads of Russia."

Modern track length of 27 kilometers built on the site of the federal highway Astrakhan Astrakhan — Kotchoubey — Kizlyar — Makhachkala. Earlier Astrakhan section A-153 was ground-gravel and went directly through the regional center of Lyman. Now the track has received a new direction — to bypass the district center to the border with the Republic of Kalmykia — and will be paved.

By the end of the year will be

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Natalia Narochnitskaya: In Syria, waged a war of all against all

In March of this year Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in conjunction with the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society have organized the international conference "Syria, the path to peace." The event was held at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, hosts the European headquarters of the United Nations. The conference was attended by the head of the Institute of Natalia Narochnitskaya, deputy head of the IOPS Elena Agapov Superior convent of St. Jacob in Kara (Syria) Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, as well as the Secretary General of the Committee on social and national reconciliation "Musalaha" Sheikh Mohammad Nabil- Feuillade.

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Department of State: U.S. continue funding Russian NGOs

Moscow imposed restrictions did not stop the United States in their efforts to support non-governmental organizations in Russia, said at a press briefing U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland.


"As you know, the Russian side has serious limitations (were reflected) on our ability to make direct financing in Russia, taking in particular the decision to curtail the activities of the Agency for International Development, — She said. —However, we (still) … provide funding to organizations that want to work with us, with the understanding that they are now required to

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The complex SAMSON


KPS "SAMSON" — A set of software tools that provides input, storage, processing (statistical, analytical, financial), and the transmission of information about patient care in hospitals.

A distinctive feature of the CPS "Samson" is a reorientation of health personnel from quantitative to qualitative performance indicators, with the final intermediate results of operations, which are different for the medical institution and its subsidiaries. The new accounting system will reorient thinking doctors, putting them at the center of attention a person applying to health facilities. The main value of the proposed system is given to enhance the

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