In 2012, the Corporation VSMPO shipped products by 1.4 billion rubles

This year, the strip is 1.6 billion rubles.

This amount takes into account the sale of "Corporation VSMPO" and his "daughters." Among the latter, LLC "VSMPO titanium Ukraine", Tirus, who oversees sales in the European and North American markets, and manufacturer of titanium billet and bar stock NF & M International (USA). As reported by "Uralinformbjuro" the press service of the corporation, in 2013 only VSMPO should ship 32,000 tons of titanium products, in 2012 the figure was about 30,000 tons.

Currently VSMPO looks dignified against their competitors. For Airbus Corporation supplies over 60%

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In the Sverdlovsk region opened a new feed mill

In the Sverdlovsk region opened factory of full-fat soybeans. The new product will provide businesses and poultry protein high-protein feed. "The issue of livestock complex own food supply is very important for the Sverdlovsk region. Now is not a technology for growing animals and birds can not do without this useful protein supplements — natural soy. Every year in the Sverdlovsk region, for the needs of agricultural enterprises imported from outside the order of 60,000 tons of soybeans, the power of this plant 36,000 tons per year. This production may close many of the needs of our farmers,

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In the Tambov region opened after reconstruction Cheese Factory

In district Coopers opened after reconstruction cheese factory.

The project is of great importance for the development Bondarskaia district. Purchase of milk at a fixed price enables local rural producers to think about the benefits of dairy farming, which until recently was considered one of the most unprofitable. Therefore Bondarskaia district began construction of family farms, which are supported by the state.

The birth of their second plant must governor Oleg Betina, who decided to create a new type of company in the field of milk production. It must not only produce quality products, but also to

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Department of State: U.S. continue funding Russian NGOs

Moscow imposed restrictions did not stop the United States in their efforts to support non-governmental organizations in Russia, said at a press briefing U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland.


"As you know, the Russian side has serious limitations (were reflected) on our ability to make direct financing in Russia, taking in particular the decision to curtail the activities of the Agency for International Development, — She said. —However, we (still) … provide funding to organizations that want to work with us, with the understanding that they are now required to

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The complex SAMSON


KPS "SAMSON" — A set of software tools that provides input, storage, processing (statistical, analytical, financial), and the transmission of information about patient care in hospitals.

A distinctive feature of the CPS "Samson" is a reorientation of health personnel from quantitative to qualitative performance indicators, with the final intermediate results of operations, which are different for the medical institution and its subsidiaries. The new accounting system will reorient thinking doctors, putting them at the center of attention a person applying to health facilities. The main value of the proposed system is given to enhance the

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Started, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

I guess that is how Putin said the launch of the "war," North Korea and South Korea. And this match is not lit, but very close to it and is just one of those … things first.

Let me remind you of an armed Venezuela Hugo Chavez died. The country’s population believes the U.S. involved in the death of his el-president.

In Syria, for the third year wielded by gang of terrorists who are sponsoring mongrel dollars in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Side by side is Iraq, which survived the U.S. intervention in

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Non-traditional areas of Russian farming

The world is changing rapidly, replacing the old traditional technologies come new. This also applies to agriculture.

Farmers are constantly looking for new approaches to farming. In a world of increasing the number of farms involved in alternative agriculture. Russia in this respect, too, is not far behind. In this article we describe the non-traditional crop and livestock production in our country. 

Breeding ostriches.

While the ostrich breeding is somewhat unusual for Russian business, but every year the number of ostrich farms increases. No more difficult to breed ostriches any

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Children’s homes in the Ivanovo region filled with 30-50% of the target


The meeting of the Government of the Ivanovo region on March 19 was devoted to measures of state policy in the sphere of protection of orphans and children left without parental care.

As noted by the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Khasbulatova, in recent years the priority of the complex social sphere was a device orphaned children in the family. Significant progress has been made: Now in 74.5% of orphans live in homes. Children at home (and there are in the region of 15) are filled with 30-50% of its planned capacity.  "We constantly hear how other

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Yugra extinguish torches associated gas

In physical terms, reducing flaring of associated gas in the Khanty-Mansi — Yugra was 1.5 billion cubic meters, its value at the prices of the Russian market — about $ 150 million, and at world prices — about four times more. 

For the first time in decades, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area — Yugra ceased to be a leader in terms of flaring of associated petroleum gas (APG). The following year, the region plans to achieve the specified level of APG utilization of 95%.

The Russian government has long been fighting for the efficient use

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On the thief cap off.

U.S. authorities are concerned about the audits of NGOs in Russia

"We are concerned about how the adoption of the law and its implementation, and verification of thousands of NGOs," — said the representative of the State Department Wig Ventrella.


WASHINGTON, March 25 — RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov.U.S. authorities are concerned about the audits of non-profit organizations in Russia and regret in connection with the adoption of a Russian NGO law, said State Department spokesman Wig Ventrella.

In mid-March Petersburg prosecutor’s office

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