Now the world remember the missing

According to the Interior Ministry, about 6,000 people are reported missing. The police and the prosecutor’s office to find someone who has not returned home, turning his relatives. From time to time there are those who went to work in neighboring Russia, but for various reasons were not able to come back. Vserasprostraneny cases where elderly people forgets where they live and can not even call his name. Often, the children quarreled with his parents leave the house. From time to time people who died in the street, buried as unknown, and seek out their relatives on a couple of

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Now — International day of the missing

He noted the initiative of the International Committee Reddish Cross, who addressed the public to pay attention to a more severe one of the more complex humanitarian problems that occur during armed conflicts.How many people in globally listed as missing — not exactly clear. Exclusively in Iraq, according to official, but the estimates in various conflicts since 1980 gone from 375 thousand to 1 million people, reported the press service of the International Committee Reddish Cross. During the wars of Yugoslavia’s disintegration after first 1990 lost 17 thousand people. In Africa, the lists of missing persons — 10’s of thousands,

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In Warsaw remembered disappeared Belarusians

The participants held white-red-white flags, portraits of the missing, as the portrait of Ira Kazulina."We came here to show that we remember the victims of the regime, the last of which — Ira Kozulin. We are seeking release of political prisoners and a clear consequence for the purpose to learn the fate of the disappeared politicians" — said our radio organizer Igor shares. At the end of the event participants of the picket fence at lit candles of the Belarusian Embassy.

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The bridge over the abyss.

A reflection film on the key stages of the recent history of Russia. Helmsmen, who led the country in the days of destiny.

After 1917, at the helm of power in Russia stood at a different time, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev. Together they ruled the country less than one hundred years. Historically, the term miserable, but hardly any other country in the world during that period has survived so many internal and external wars, reform turns in the development and setbacks of the past. Russia — a country

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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle — the sunken Atlantis

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle constantly acquires new details and versions. For the first time the world community heard about the Bermuda Triangle, when soaring in clear weather from the U.S. military naval base torpedo — the bombers did not return, simply vanished into space, no debris, no bodies of the victims were found. Are you interested range night vision scope? Then, in the online store you easily select the desired target.

It is learned only one thing from the negotiations on the radio operator base that on board

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In Bolivia, the bus fell into the abyss with a height of 150 meters


January 16 in western Bolivia from a height of 150 meters down into the abyss of a bus. Fifteen people were killed, 17 were wounded.

The tragedy occurred near the village Kahata. According to preliminary information, the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

The injured are being treated, according to ITAR-TASS.

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The X Files — Secrets of the brain. watch online

Mid 80s. USSR. Moscow. Overseas spy vanished. A certain number of days, he does not communicate. All possible search methods do not work. And the staff department of the KGB secret preparing to Difficult Conversations. Find someone special charge to the employee. He is given a photograph of the missing person. He carefully looked at her and soon the surrounding note: man, as if reincarnated in the person who is depicted in the photo. Facial features, facial expressions, and even the eyes — everything is similar. Voice of the missing scout, he knows: where is currently, and what happens

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From the point of view of science sea abyss. The final frontier. Online

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Secret history. Year 2009. Breakthrough into the abyss

February 16, 2013 19:15

August 1, 2008, during a total solar eclipse, scientists observe the mysterious phenomenon: when the Moon's shadow completely covers the day-star, disappears solar corona and the sun is like a black hole. This has never happened before in the history of observations. Astronomers speculated astrologers are assured: this eclipse — a sign of the heavens that are coming global changes.

Muscovite Leo Fedotov was born in January 1923. 17 days before the German attack on the Soviet Union, he described in his diary of when and how the war starts, the pace at

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House-carving. Ancient Slavic characters

Sacred sign for the sun and its course, birds and horses — carriers of the sun, the earth, the world tree, goddesses, dragons night, the sky and the air moisture reserves and fertility — all this, on the one hand, was to protect the house and its inhabitants from evil and dangers — so focused on the holes, enter the house — such as doors and windows. So it happened that the trim, closing the gap between the door frame and the wall of the house, except for protection from cold and drafts, had to defend even the intangible

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