Academic drawing.

The spacious halls of the Russian Academy of Arts, the exhibition «Academic drawing XVIII-XX centuries.» She can not help to recall the sweet memories of many artists of the years of training in the art studios, art schools, colleges and higher educational institutions.

The exhibition is timely and instructive for many professionals and art lovers, get a rare opportunity to explore the academic work of outstanding Russian artists of the past and present, as well as students of art institutes in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Artworks for bringing this to the modern viewer the unique information on the methods

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The number of Russians who want to serve the Fatherland, has grown by 7.5 times

September 1 and 2 in all the educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will be celebrations of the Day of Knowledge and the start of the new school year.

On the eve of Russian Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the staff of the educational institutions of the Knowledge Day and the beginning of the new academic year.

"In the classroom and on the ranges you have to understand the fundamentals of that later become highly qualified, dedicated professionals who can effectively solve the problem of the security

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In Kolasauski Lyceum — prom

At the Lyceum prazdnichek invited graduates of various years, public figures, diplomats accredited in Belarus. For a day or heroes prepared a big concert.Now half the 10-ka graduates after four years under the roof of the "partisan school" say goodbye to the National Humanities Lyceum. By the way, in the midst of many nonresident students toddlers who for a few hours every day to expend it to get to high school. What was the Lyceum school graduates? Reads the last student Franak Vyachorka: "School — a school of Belarusian, for sure. Nothing instills a love belarushchyny as Belarusian-language teachers, the

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The opening ceremony of the Buryat State Academic Drama Theatre (photo)

December 1 after two years of renovation opened its doors to new Buryat State Academic Drama Theatre. H.Namsaraeva.
















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French resident of Donetsk awarded the prestigious Order of Napoleon

Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages won the French unique vocabulary

In Donetsk school French is now a sign of world-class quality. November 29 Donetsk philologist Love Kofanova representative of the French Embassy presented the prestigious award in the field of education — the Order of Academic Palms. The solemn ceremony was held in the framework of the "French business practices," which opened the chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Andriy Shyshatskiy and the speaker of the regional council Andrey Fedoruk.

Order of the Academic Palms — the award is not simple. Its established by Napoleon Bonaparte, and the

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Victor died Rovdo

Victor Rovdo born November 10, 1921 in Smorgon. In 1939 graduated from Vilna Theological Seminary, and in 1951 — the Lithuanian Conservatory. Since the early 1950s, Victor Rovdo taught at the Metropolitan conservatory, was choirmaster Municipal Academic Folk Choir Sveshnikava. In 1956 vorachivaetsya in Belarus, where the first works as a conductor of the State Academic Choir of Belarus, and from the early 1960s to the same head of the department at the Belarusian State Academy of Music. In 1965, Victor Rovdo appointed artistic director and principal conductor of the Academic Choir of the Belarusian TV and radio.Students and colleagues

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Fool is …?

— "In good, in Russia as in the right and not an irresponsible owner Arctic is necessary to select and pass under international jurisdiction like Antarctica, with a total ban on economic and military activities," — said Professor HSE Sergei Medvedev.

— "Idiot …" — said the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Sergei Medvedev


Address: 125319, Moscow, Kochnovsky avenue, 3, room 618 Phone: +7 (495) 152-11-91 E-mail:

Education and degrees

Ph.D.: Institute of Europe, 1995, specialty 07.00.00 "History of science and

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Russian watches Launch Academic

Russian watches "Academic" is a new and unique quartz watch in a large enclosure. At the beginning of the year, "Rocket", continuing a series of hours, "Academic", produces a model-based design 60s. The original division of the dial resembles a board lined with academics to prove the problems and theorems. This watch is for people who are constantly striving to develop, knowledge, to something new.

Russian official video clock "Academic"

Russian watches "Launch Academic" Russian Poster hours "Rocket"

Etymology of Russian watches "Launch Academic"

The oldest company of Russia,

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During his academic Rostov could pay

[I] "Sport-Express" [/ i] his determination to extend unbeaten record, and not let themselves to their closest pursuers Rostov identified not only by the presence in the aggressive duo of forwards Dyadyun — leather, but the gait of a true leader. They are from the first minute to claim the lead in the match. After two assaults dashing hosts ended inaccurate strikes, Rostov took the ball under control and the first strike on goal opened the account. Header Dyadyuna was generally only one of the guests in the first half hour. [Cut] The second is also almost brought them success.

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Ekaterinburg: the construction of the district Academic


Academic — built residential area in the Leninsky and Upper Iset in Yekaterinburg. Currently, it is the largest integrated development projects in Russia.

The main parameters of the project: The area: 2,500 hectares (about 1,200 hectares — forest park) Estimated population: 325 thousand. Area of dwelling: 9015 square meters The area of non-residential buildings: 4220 sq m Number of parking spaces: 160 000, including in the underground parking garage — 144000 Educational institutions: 32,500 seats.



The project is unique not only for its size — the largest project

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