The MiG-31 crashed near Perm

Battle-plane MiG-31 crashed today in the morning in the Perm region in the vicinity of the airport, "Savino huge." The fate of the 2-pilots while it is not clear, told reporters at the Ministry of Defense.The incident occurred early in the morning, RIA "Announcements". The fighter took off from the military airport in Perm at 06:48 local time and disappeared from the screens of air traffic controllers in just 4 minutes after takeoff. It soon became clear that the plane crashed near the village of Bulgari. "He sat down on a plowed field, overturned and burned," — said in an

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History of poor flight Phobos-Grunt said the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency

Start the "Phobos-Grunt" interplanetary gallakticheskoy station that the engines did not work when entering the orbit was coerced. In the Russian Space Agency realized that apparatus unreliable, but have taken this step because it came time operation, said Vladimir Popovkin, head department. Also Popovkin do not rule out that the tragedy gallakticheskih devices of, the increasing trend in the near future, can not be adjusted.

Designing and building the apparatus "Phobos-Grunt" was held in the criteria of limited funding. This provision is intended introduction of high-risk technical solutions and has caused difficulty of the mission as a whole. In

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The water in the area of the accident at the oil pipeline under Vladimir OK — MOE

Water samples taken in the area of the accident on the main oil pipeline in the Vladimir region, fully comply with sanitary norms, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the regional representative of the central board of MOE.

The accident at the main oil pipeline near the village of October Vyazniky area (143-km oil pipeline "Verhnevolzhskie oil" Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl ') occurred at 21.05 MSK medium. Were immediately closed two valves — in Kovrov Vladimir region and one in Nizhny Novgorod region. Available PE installed 60 meters of booms that prevent oil in the water sources. According to MOE, the area

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Near the Fukushima Rabbits are born mutants (VIDEO)


More than 30 kilometers from the territory of the NPP "Fukushima-1", in the prefecture of Okuma, was born a mutant rabbit. The birth of a white rabbit without ears led to the spread of panic among the residents. They began to fear that mutations can occur and births.

Experts say that it is quite understandable event, saying that another consequence of the accident at the nuclear power plant was the impact on the biosphere. In addition, the researchers are confident that the environmental consequences of the accident are more noticeable than on land

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In Mozdok emergency landing newest helicopter Mi-28N

Press service of the Southern Military District, reported that on August 6 at the airport Mozdok made an emergency landing latest Russian military helicopter Mi-28N.

"When you run a training flight made a hard landing helicopter Mi-28N. When boarding the helicopter crew was not injured, no damage on the ground. The helicopter suffered minor injuries. Causes of the accident are installed, "- said the representative of the Southern Military District.

According to correspondents, "military-industrial complex," news agencies ARMS-TASS, Interfax-AVN

Earlier, a source in law enforcement agencies of North Ossetia

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A red light. Alexander Dedyushko watch online

The country shook terrible catastrophe killed an entire family of acting. After some time, they could become real stars of feature films, rather than the usual TV series in which they were shot. To all this, the most terrible is that their family made famous tragedy, in which they all died …

Disaster and tragedy

In Kurgan opened a new trauma center

Regional Trauma Center opened the first level of 3 June 2013 on the basis of the Kurgan hospital number 2. The emergence of the institution is made possible due to the interaction of the regional hospital — city hospital number 2, and federal — Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopedics named Ilizarov.

The center is designed to provide specialized medical assistance to victims of road accidents. It is equipped with modern equipment, it will operate upscale surgeons. It is expected that with the help of the center will be able to reduce the mortality rate and

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India pledged to continue buying Russian MiG-29

India's defense ministry will continue to purchase Russian decked MiG-29K/KUB, despite the collapse of a similar model aircraft near Astrakhan last week.

This was said on Friday, July 1, the commander of the Indian Navy Divide admiral Nirmal Verma as the "Interfax". Admiral highlighted that flying fighter planes in India will last as usual.

On Thursday, June 23 at Akhtubinsky crashed near Astrakhan region MiG-29. As a result, the tragedy of the whole crew battle car died. Crash came away from populated Fri, because more victims.

The investigation team found out that the premise of the tragedy was the

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Romanchuk has had an accident

Society The car with the presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk got in an accident. As BelaPAN Yaroslav Romanchuk, the accident occurred on December 11 and 9:55 on the road from Gomel in Rogachev.

Romanchuk"It happened about 40 km from Rogacheva, near the turning to Buda-Koshelevo."

The circumstances of the accident, according to He said, "There were a few strange":

"Suddenly, right in front of the car in which I was riding," Audi A3 "," standing at the curb, left the roadway and began to make a turn. We encountered almost head-on. Thank God, the airbag system in our car.

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The effects of pollution in Taman spill tanks removed

Effects of oil as a result of a railway accident on the Taman peninsula removed, contaminated soil removed, for laboratory analysis of soil samples taken, says NGO "Green Patrol" following an inspection.

As a result of the train accident on Nov. 24 with 12 derailed tank with crude light oil, owned by JSC "Tamanneftegaz", four of them caught fire. The incident occurred because of the attackers who shot connecting rails lining. When going carriages came the spark that led to the fire. Fired about 180 tons of oil and oil products was contaminated with about 40 cubic meters of soil

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