The accident at the pipeline deprived zhanbaytsev water


2.12.11.Vecherom November 30 Isatai near Atyrau region there was an accident on an oil pipeline owned by the company "Potential Oil."

Pipeline rupture occurred near the mine Zhanatalap belonging NGDU "Zhayykmunaygaz" (PF "Embaymunaygaz"). Oil poured out of the tube a few hours before workers' Potential Oil "to stop the leak. During this time the oil got into the channel, which is a source of water for the villagers Zhanbay, located a kilometer away from the pipeline.

Our correspondent reports from the scene:

— Visually, you can see that quite a large contaminated area, thickness of about 3 cm

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Gas collapse in Kyzylorda


21.12.11.V Kyzylorda incapacitated gas processing plant. Thousands of residents were without natural gas. In addition, as a result of an accident suffered two major supplier of heat.

That people are not left without heating two city CHP urgently transferred to the oil. According to local authorities, the cause of PE were frequent interruptions in the supply of electricity. At the head office "KEGOK" already found guilty.

Marat Muhamedsaliev, General Manager DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS JSC «KEGOC»: "There is a negative situation with the selection of power and electricity grid neighboring Uzbekistan. As a result, for the last day three

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The collapse of a coal mine in China, underground locked 12 people



BEIJING, Nov. 18. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kargapol'tsev /. As a result of the collapse of a coal mine in China's underground locked 12. As reported today by the Xinhua News Agency, the accident occurred in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On the causes of the incident is not reported. There is also no information about how many miners were working in the mine at the time of the collapse.

This is not the first serious accident at the mine in China over the past two weeks, reported by mainstream media. The largest of which occurred on

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In Khabarovsk, had a serious failure of cellular


Khabarovsk. October 3. Interfax-Far East — Khabarovsk thousand subscribers were without mobile and fixed-line Monday morning because of an accident on one of the exchanges, the agency "Interfax-Far East", the press service of the Khabarovsk branch of OJSC "Rostelecom".

"The accident occurred on one of the exchanges of the Central District of Khabarovsk by failure of the power supply. Currently repair team to solve problems, "- said the press service.

According to him, the accident telephone lost about 6 thousand.

Source: Interfax-Far East

Several thousand Voronezh remained without electricity because of the accident


13.08.11.Tsely Voronezh district, home to tens of thousands of people were without power as a result of the accident, which occurred the night before and is still not resolved.

As the attendant Soviet District Administration, emergency shutdown substations happened in the streets of the village and Perhorovicha West Avenue to the Patriots and the South Moravian. Remained without electricity in South-West district, which is part of the Soviet District and occupies a large part of its territory — more than 50 flats.

Liquidation of the accident by specialists "Gorelectroset." Cause of the accident is not known, according to RIA

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Environmental disaster in Chelyabinsk. Video


9.06.11.Ekologicheskaya disaster in Chelyabinsk. Because of the damaged reservoir factory farming "Ravis" chicken waste flooded areas in the garden association "Uralets." Repair work was started only on June 9.

Above the beds hover flies vacationers instead work together to discuss the accident … away from their gardens. By garden community is gravity sewer. It connects the poultry "Ravis" with treatment facilities. According to eyewitnesses, the land suddenly the river poured caustic liquid. Sewage continues to flow to this day. And perfectly clear: besides sewage here and chicken waste — manure, feathers. Faeces flooded for more than a dozen

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An earthquake measuring 5.8 occurred in Japan


13.04.11.Na eastern coast of Japan on Wednesday at 04.37 local time (23.37 Moscow time on April 12) there was an earthquake of magnitude 5.8. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the shock was located 64 kilometers southeast of the city of Morioka, the focus lies at a depth of 44.8 km. Information on the effects have been reported yet, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to the newspaper VIEW, on Tuesday morning in the north-east Japan in Fukushima Prefecture was another powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.3, the tremors were felt in Tokyo.

Earlier on Monday night, Moscow time,

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A gas explosion at a mine in China


5.03.11.Chetyre body of missing miners in a coal mine "Shuyhualin" in Jiahe County, Hunan Province / Central China / March 4, in the morning, have been found, so the number of those killed in the accident at the mine has risen to six. This was reported by local authorities. At about 11:20 on March 3 at a coal mine "Shuyhualin" located in the village called Syaotszyachzhen County, there was an explosion of gas. The accident at the site, killing two miners, four more were missing, said the agency "Xinhua".

The night before, on the decision of the administration Jiahe

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Fire at TPP-2 occurred in the Altai


18.01.12.V Barnaul investigators and working committee TPP-2 understand the causes of the fire, which occurred in a room turbine shop. Cabin burned in pipes turbo area of 30 square meters. meters.

— Message about the fire came from the employees of combined heat and power — told Life News, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Altai Territory. — At the time of the arrival of fire protection in the area covering the turbine shop burned in pipes turbogenerator.

As a result, emergency switchboard damaged turbine generator control and paneling on its pipes. According to

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The cause of the helicopter crash in Irkutsk region became sinkhole


Photo: EMERCOM Russia's Irkutsk region

6.07.11.Aviakampaniya "UTair" announced the official cause of the accident helicopter 320 kilometers from Ust-Kuta.Iz Ad that landing a helicopter right wheel dip in the ground, which caused the loss of control of the helicopter.

The accident killed two possazhira helicopter: Sergienkov Yuri Shaburov and Peter V.. Three other passengers received injuries of varying degrees of severity, according to the press-service of "UTair"

Currently under investigations designed to find out all the circumstances of the incident.

Source: SAN Irkutsk

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