Two trains collided in India


13.09.11.Krupnaya railway accident occurred in the south. Two passenger trains collided about 80 kilometers from the city of Chennai in southern India. More than 80 people were injured.

In the crash with three cars derailed. Many passengers were trapped, caught fragments poezda.Po According to police, one of the train stopped at a red light when he crashed at full speed followed it express.

Rescuers, firefighters and medics few hours removed from the affected zavalov.Zheleznodorozhnoe message on the site has been suspended. Causes of the accident are established.

Ekaterina Sidorova

Source: Life News Online

5.7 Earthquake in Japan


14.05.11.Silnoe 5.7 magnitude earthquake today happened today in northeast Yaponii.Natsionalnoe Meteorological Agency announced a tsunami threat to the coast, but a few minutes later withdrew preduprezhdenie.Soobscheny the destruction and casualties were reported. Transport operations are not interrupted.

The epicenter of earthquake was located off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, and the focus lies at a depth of 30 kilometers under the seabed. Strong tremors were felt 17 residents of the 47 prefectures of Japan, including Tokyo.

Non-peaceful atom. The earthquake in Japan has led to the accident at the Fukushima-1

Recall, after the devastating earthquake in Japan on March

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Fish kills in the Lipetsk region


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14.07.11.V village pond Red Lipetsk fish kills occurred. One of the causes of the accident area environmentalists called sewage runoff that occurred as a result of the accident at the CND.

— This place is a cascade of water, but suffered only Furmanov pond located in the center of the village — told state inspector environmental Lipetsk Natalia Bessonova. — The valves are on the pond, above and below the affected area, have not given water and contaminate it.

Preliminary estimate is killed all the fish in the pond — from small to large.

Now experts

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Five thousand inhabitants of Leningrad region without electricity due to power line accident


MOSCOW, Oct. 10 — RIA Novosti. About five thousand villagers Murino and Lavriky village in the Leningrad region were without power as a result of breaking power lines on Sunday afternoon, told RIA Novosti on Monday spokesman for the MoD "Murinsky rural settlement."

"Has disconnected 17 houses on defense street, and houses in the village Lavriky" — a spokesman said. The official said the administration, the failure occurred suddenly on Sunday about 13:40 MSK by breaking power lines. At 12.30 MSK on Monday to discuss the situation Interdepartmental Commission for Emergency Situations.

According to the regional Emergencies Ministry, also

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The village Rahja accident on the pipeline and the pipeline break in Khanty


PETERSBURG, October 30. Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region there is no heating and gas supply in the village Rahja. Residents suspect that the accident occurred on the pipeline.

As reported Olga to the "People's Line", "News", October 29 from 18:30 till now time off gas Rahja village, including the local gas boiler. In the service of "04" was told that this was due to the accident.

"The question is, what will happen in the winter in case of such an accident, if the heating system is thawed. On the street bonfires will grow to keep warm and cook food?

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Altai Republic remained without electricity because of the accident


14.09.11.Obryv wires on transmission lines left without electricity for almost the whole country. Millions of citizens of the republic for a few hours sitting around the world.

— The accident occurred on the supply line — reported in the grid company. — Where exactly was damaged lines specified.

Professionals do their best to bring light into the house residents of the republic at the earliest. While the consequences of the accident have not been eliminated.

Maria Vystavkin

Source: Life News Online

Venezuela: The accident left the country without electricity


8.04.11.V Thursday, April 7, in several regions of Venezuela there were power cuts, including in the oil-producing states and the capital, Caracas. State television reported that the left without electricity for at least six states. Caracas was de-energized at the beginning of rush hour, resulting in a city subway stop.

However, the major plants in the country continues to function properly, a spokesman for the state oil company Petroleo de Venezuela SA

According to the Electricity Minister Ali Rodriguez, the cause of the accident was the failure of the electric cable designed for 800kW of power after the jump

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Emergency on Gorlovsky Coke. Video


11.06.11.Vchera evening, June 10, at 18.25 at Gorlovsky Coke was discontinued supply of electricity from the network "Regional Energy", which caused a traffic hazard and led to the discharge into the atmosphere of surplus coke oven gas. This writes

"As a result of the termination of the power supply was disrupted continuous process, stopped gazotrubnye machines and pumps. In this situation, according to the plan to eliminate the accident, the discharge of coke oven gas was the only solution. In order to minimize the adverse effects on the environment, coke oven gas burned — when burned release

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Japan begins unplanned shutdown of nuclear reactors


05.07.11. Seismologists fear new devastating earthquake, which may lead to an accident at the plant. In a dangerous tectonic zone were once three Japanese nuclear power plant, which will have to shut down the reactor.

The first will be disconnected from the mains power units at nuclear power plant Tsuruga Sendai and a capacity of 890 and 1,160 megawatts. They embark on unscheduled inspection, reports Reuters. At 200 kilometers southwest of Tokyo will be drowned out by all of the reactors, said on the eve of Prime Minister — Minister of Japan Naoto Kan.

This is caused by the

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South Korea’s nuclear accident has turned off


18.02.11.Na a South Korean nuclear power plant in the south of the country, there has been switched off. As it turned out during the repair, the most likely cause of the incident was getting into one of the reactor cooling system pump screwdriver, reports Agence France-Presse.

According to the agency, the accident occurred is on February 4, but became aware of it only now. The causes of problems required three days. According to agency "Xinhua", which refers to South Korea, "Yonhap", 30-cm long screwdriver came into contact with the pump motor winding, causing a short circuit.

How the instrument

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