Tornado in New Zealand: there are victims

The New Zealand North Island today struck a devastating tornado. Brunt of the disaster was in the city of Oakland and its suburbs.

According to a local police Rob Crawford, winds tore roofs of dozens of houses. One of the trade center destroyed. According to incoming reports, one person was killed and there are victims.

Despite the fact that in New Zealand tornado — are rare in the past almost all of tornadoes caused loss of people, according to ITAR-TASS.

So, August 25, 1948 near Hamilton element has claimed the lives of three people, and in August 2004

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Showers in the northeast of Brazil have been left without shelter three thousand people

Five cities have declared emergency mode and more than three thousand people were left homeless by a powerful shower in the northeastern Brazilian state of Alagoas, said the local office of civil defense.

According to authorities, the flow of rain water destroyed 102 houses, still partially flooded 312 houses.

The victims are temporarily placed in clubs and schools. According to preliminary data, the floods killed one child. The number of victims is specified.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the coming days the rains in the region will continue.


New earthquake recorded near Alma-Ata

New earthquake of magnitude 4.2 occurred on Monday morning in the south-eastern Kazakhstan, near Alma-Ata, the website of the European Seismological Center (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre).

According to the center, tremors have been recorded in 08.31 local time (06.31 MSK), 74 km north-east of Almaty.

This is the tenth earthquake that occurred last night in the region. Six of these cases occurred in a Sunday, three — tonight.

The first 5.5-magnitude quake was recorded at 08.31 (06.31 MSK) on May 1. The epicenter was located 76 kilometers north-east of Almaty. Was later recorded a series of eight earthquakes with a

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Abnormally warm for the winter weather in Sevastopol

Sevastopol meets first day of winter heat waves. The temperature last three days ranges from plus 16 to plus 20, dead calm sea, and flowers in bloom and some fruit trees, there were even fruit.

Crimean spring weather forecasters said that this year in April in Sevastopol was summer. Despite the cold snap across Ukraine and the Crimea in November, in Sevastopol kept relatively warm weather, and from Wednesday the air warmed up to plus 18 degrees. According to forecasters, the anomalous warming contributes to the south wind.

RIA Novosti correspondent personally toured several areas of the city and found

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Arctic cleaning of accumulated debris will take at least eight years

Cleaning the islands of Franz Josef Land on the program developed by the experts of the Council on the assessment of the productive forces (SOPS), will take at least eight years to realize it the government plans to allocate 8.5 billion rubles, the deputy chairman of CSPF on the environment and natural resources, chief of environmental Expedition Anatoly Shevchuk.

In April 2010, Vladimir Putin, who was then Prime Minister, visited the Franz Josef Land, and spoke of the need to hold a "spring cleaning" in the Arctic. According to experts, in the archipelago of abandoned barrels of 40-60 thousand tons

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Japan evacuates more than 240,000 residents from flooding

More than 240,000 Japanese were ordered to evacuate due to the heavy rains that hit the south of the country and caused flooding and landslides. On this day according to local media.

Victims of the disaster were 20 people, seven more remain missing. Temporary evacuation declared throughout located in Fukuoka Prefecture Yanagawa city, with a population of about 70,000 people.

Over the banks of the River flooded hundreds of houses in the prefectures of Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Saga and Oita. In some areas, people leave their homes and move into temporary shelters in schools and public buildings.

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Several U.S. states liable to flooding

In several villages, located in the U.S. states of Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri, the threat of flooding forced the evacuation of residents declared.

As reported on Monday, local authorities, because of the threat of a dam break on the Black River in Missouri may be evacuated to about 17 thousand people.

As directed by the State Governor Jay Nixon to areas of possible disaster has directed U.S. National Guard units. Their mission is to help people.

In addition, the evacuation of residents conducted on the border of Kentucky and Indiana. It can get out of the shores of the

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Fish Mermaid surfaced in Nigeria


Residents of the city of Ibadan (southwest Nigeria) last week ran to gawk at the strange fish, which is rumored to be attended by the human body. The woman-seller fish shop drew attention to the strange creature during unpacking and preparing fish for sale. The observed being so frightened her that she raised a cry, to which many people came running.

According to her, she bought wholesale fish from local fishermen and began to prepare it for sale. "I was shocked when one of the fish alive in the water," —

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Scientists on the Mediterranean fall tsunami

Mediterranean countries, including Egypt, in the next three years, waiting for the devastating tsunami. With such a warning by the group of Egyptian and Italian scientists.

According to them, in the area of the three islands — Cyprus, Rhodes and Crete — a violent earthquake, followed by a threat of a tsunami, and eventually the coastal cities will fall multimeter waves, washing away on the way the whole town.

According to Professor Ahmed Ali Badu, a specialist in the study of seismic processes in Cairo Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, in the course of studying the history of

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In Australia back massive floods

The north-east coast of Australia again swept by floods. Incessant heavy rains threatened lowland agricultural areas of Queensland.

As said on Sunday Acting Mayor Banana Shire, Maureen Clancy, the water level in the river Dawson stood at 12.2 meters. "The floods have caused the failure of the local businesses and farms, and probably turn into a loss of crops, — said Maureen Clancy. — Local authorities prepare for the worst — the loss of the crop. "

Meanwhile, heavy rains have become an obstacle to the annual music festival of Christian music in Toowoomba. According to the press service

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