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Stalingrad Bondarchuk will be released in China

The film "Stalingrad" by Fyodor Bondarchuk will be the first Russian band, which will be released in wide release in China, reports "Interfax".

"In the autumn of this year in China for the first time on the big screen goes Russian film — it will be" Stalingrad ". 3 thousand 200 copies will be produced. For comparison, the wide release in Russia — 1-1,5 thousand, "- said the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina after the meeting with the head of the State General Administration of Press, Publishing, Film, Television and Radio Broadcasting of China Cai Fuchang.

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More than 100 wildfires burning in Russia, the Emergencies Ministry is monitoring the situation

Today in Russia there are 102 wildfires, emergency assessment of the situation as complicated, but keep it under control, said Deputy Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov.

"Overall, the situation in the country is stable, there are 102 wildfires, the most difficult situation in Buryatia and Transbaikalia — are 59 fires, including 7 large" — Tufts said Thursday at a meeting of the government.

He said that in order to stabilize the gain was made grouping MOE.

According to Deputy Minister of European Transbaikalia were further transferred 200 firemen paratroopers, was also enhanced aviation group.

"The situation is difficult, stressful, today there

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On the Chinese nuclear submarine accident. Radiation leak

The incident occurred on a submarine, moored at the port of Dalian. According to the website, radiation leak occurred suddenly at a time when, in one of the compartments of the submarine installed the new electronic equipment.   Authorities immediately ordered to surround the scene and banned the media to disseminate information about the incident. When it officially in Beijing information about the leak of radiation does not comment. Its scope is also not known.   At present, the Chinese navy has 70 submarines. Six of them are nuclear, with one submarine actually stationed at the port of

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About 150 thousand penguins could die in the South Atlantic

The large-scale operation to save tens of thousands of penguins from spilled fuel from the shipwreck is held in the South Atlantic, Interfax reports with reference to the American television channel CNN. According to local authorities has killed at least 300 penguins. In a rescue operation involving local authorities and volunteers.

The rescue operation began on 16 March, when the vessel is registered in Malta, stranded 1.5 thousand miles to the west of Cape Town near the islands of Tristan da Cunha, after which his body is divided into two parts. The ship was heading from the port city of

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The earthquake in Turkey, 60 people injured

In the south-west of Turkey on Sunday, June 10, there was an earthquake, which resulted in 59 people to hospitals. According to Agence France-Presse, a magnitude 6.0 tremor was recorded near the resort town of Fethiye.

Anatolia news agency, referred to by AFP, the Department of Health said the province, which received the majority of hospitalized trauma, the remaining fixed fractures and cuts.

At least one person has received a head injury by jumping out of a window. Two hospitalized with heart attacks.

All the victims — the citizens of Turkey, 54 of them — residents of Fethiye.

According to

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Anti-Zionism — the new religion of Belgium

Anti-Zionism has become a kind of modern religion in Belgium, says Professor Joel Kotek, a leading expert on anti-Semitism in Europe today. Professor Kotek speaking at a meeting with Israeli journalists in Brussels.

According to him, today, in Belgium, there is such a thing as a "pragmatic anti-Semitism" that is associated with many factors, ranging from the traditional Catholic opposition to the Jews, post-colonial guilt complex, the desire to get rid of the Flemish leaders spots of collaboration with the Nazis and ending electoral considerations. Left-wing politicians who want to attract the votes of Muslim voters, an increasing number are

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Voronezh Region Hurricane

A few southern Voronezh region hit by rain squally wind., Reports News. Ru. Emergency walked a narrow strip of a few tens of kilometers. Disaster lasted only 15 minutes. But, for example, in the area affected Buturlinovsky over a hundred houses, some have completely lost their roofs, including the medical center, knocked down dozens of trees. According to witnesses, the wind lifted into the air and cars. Badly damaged town of Kamensk Pavlovsky District, many houses ripped sheets of slate.

In total, damaged more than three thousand square meters of the roof. At one of the premises covered current

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In Moscow restaurant exploded cooking gas: two women died

The explosion at a restaurant in the south-west of Moscow, killing two women — the establishment's personnel. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Emergencies of the capital. The number of victims, the official Ministry of Interior, is now 26. The search for people who might be inside, continue.

The incident occurred at the restaurant "Il Pittore" Street Novocheremushkinskaya. The two-story building partially collapsed after an explosion, and then caught fire. The area of the fire was 300 square meters. According to some data, the fire is now eliminated. As explained by the representative of the Ministry

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