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Argun sugar factory in the active pace continues to work on a sugar beet processing

The processing plant sweet roots running since 1961. However, due to certain events in the region of the production of sugar were terminated more than 10 years. Just since 2008, the plant received a new breath. More than 50% of obsolete equipment was replaced, almost all of the production is automated.

During the sugar refining — from September to the end of December — will accept and process about 50,000 tons. sugar beet. Round the clock trucks supplies to the plant from the fields of agrarian republic of about 800-1200tn sugar beet productivity in 2000-2500 bags of sugar a day.

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In Chechnya, completing the construction of the road Goudermes — Grape

In the Chechen Republic of completing the construction of the road "Goudermes — Grape."

According to the Ministry of highways Czech Republic, the road connects Grozny, Gudermes and Shelkovskaia areas. It passes through the village Darbayev-Hee, Grape, Braguny and out to the highway "Chervlennaya — Terrible". The length of the roadway is 28 kilometers and width with asphalt — 8 meters.

According to the CEO of the contractor Minavtodora CR SPKF "Chechenplast" Magomed-Emin Soltamuradova, during the construction of the road has been involved up to 100 vehicles.

"Road builders broke all records: two months managed to put three-layer asphalt at

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In Udmurtia, replaced the equipment in half of the rural school canteens

In Udmurtia, the work on the replacement of equipment of rural school canteens. According to the minister of trade and consumer services in the region Peter Ponomarev, this year thanks to the President of the Republic of Udmurtia Alexander Volkov was allocated 22 million rubles.

Most stoves, ovens already completely worn out, and they are difficult to prepare quality meals for children. The allocated money the old equipment was replaced in half of the rural schools. According to the minister, to complete the re-planning in 2013.

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For MS-21 made the first black wing

In Russia completed the production of the console so-called "black wings" for the new mainline aircraft MS-21, fully formed from composite materials, said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Yuri Slusar.

"We have quite a serious phase, associated with the manufacture of wing panels, completely made of composite," — said Yu.Slyusar on International Aviation and Space Salon "ILA 2012" in Berlin.

Yu.Slyusar reported that certified aircraft MS-21 is scheduled to end in 2016, and mass production to begin in 2017.

"The aircraft has a new engine. Moreover, two kinds. This engine "Pratt & Whitney" and

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Nibulon will Shipbuilding

Ltd. "Farming" Nibulon, "one of the largest producers and exporters of grain in Ukraine, has acquired Shipyard" Lyman. "According to the director general of the interview" Nibulon "Alexei Vadaturskyy posted on the official website of the company, legally the acquisition of the plant" Lyman "was completed on August 15. assumed that the" Lyman "will also be organized by the construction of ships of small tonnage for" Nibulon. "This company is planning to implement the program for 2013-2014.

"In general, the implementation of our immediate tasks we need to build at least 35 of complete self-propelled vessels of" river-sea

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The Russian car market in August was the largest in Europe

Automotive market in Russia up to August was the largest in Europe, for the first time since the crisis ahead of Germany, where for the second consecutive month, there is a decline in sales. According to preliminary estimates of "AUTOSTAT", sales of passenger cars in the country amounted to more than 241.5 million units, which was the best result in the history of August, the Russian car market.

Thus, Germany has fallen to second place with 225,455 units sold (-4.6%). According to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), a negative result is mainly provided retail sales as

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At the poultry farm Reftinskaya being upgraded

The news a month ago, but for some reason passed the site. Correcting the omission.

On the chicken farm "Reftinskaya" with the advent of the new leadership a modernization enterprise. "In terms of production capacity of the plant has exhausted itself three times, so we started thinking about to take a step forward," — said the new leader Vladimir Valchuk.

+ More videos and photos under the cut

2016 now launched a program with funding of 3.5 billion rubles.

With this money, decided to make a complete redesign. 30 years Poultry "Reftinskaya" worked on cross-country "Change", which

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Aeroflot was among the ten most profitable airlines in the world

According to an authoritative international trade magazine Air Transport World (ATW), Aeroflot Group has entered into the top 10 airlines in the world in terms of net profit for 2011. Compared with the previous year the corresponding figure has almost doubled to 491.3 million dollars. Thus, the group of companies has risen from 23 places and into the top ten airlines in the world.

On other important financial indicator — operating profit — Group also showed strong growth, moving from 22th place on the 15-es the result of 585.3 million dollars.

The company’s success did not stop even additional

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In Ulyanovsk, put into operation the new flight simulators

Photo: ITAR — TASS

The latest flight simulators went into operation in Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School. This event happened in the framework of the International Air Transport Forum (IATF), which was held in the city last week. Cost of unique equipment — 380 million rubles. According to experts, expensive simulator will bring pilot training to a new level.

The head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko, who was present at the inauguration ceremony in the operation of flight simulators, asked the students how they relate to the new product. "Cool, what can I say"

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800 tons of coal assigned officer tylovikov

Deputy commander of a military unit in Novosibirsk became involved in the case of nezakonnomprisvoenii 800 tons of coal in excess of 1 million rubles.

As they say in a statement posted Wednesday on the website of the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office, the deputy commander for the rear of one of the units, Colonel Sergei Samsonov had falsified accounting documents and taken out from the warehouse of more than 800 tons of coal, which has ordered for any reason.

"In total, illegal military actions inflicting damage to the state in excess of one million rubles", —

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