In Khakassia students buy textbooks for 35,000,000

In Khakassia will provide textbooks for all students of junior classes.

Photo: Andrew Kedrin

In 2012, Khakassia received 35 million rubles from the federal budget for the purchase of textbooks, the ministry of education and science of the Republic.

Funds allocated under the modernization of education in schools — has made its first step. According to the plans, it is expected to provide books of all primary school students in the coming years. This is facilitated and streamlined experience at schools donating books to the more senior junior after the end of the school year.

Delivery of textbooks

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Start of production of UAV Orlan-10

In the interests of the Russian Defense Ministry started mass production of complex aerial reconnaissance and surveillance UAV "Orlan-10"

"At the moment the customer decides on a complex quantity and delivery times complexes with" drones ". The first deliveries of "Orlan-10" will be implemented this year, "- said a source in the military-industrial complex.

He recalled that "White-10" was created at the enterprise "Special Technology Center" on the state defense order and successfully passed the state tests.

According to him, the order of the Ministry of Defense to complexes with a "drone", "White-10" is expected "very, very large and

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Armored Car Wolf-Convoy: done in 10 days!

In the closed part of the cabin, "Engineering Technologies" held recently in Zhukovsky, a very limited number of people could see a new development of "military-industrial complex" — armored "Wolf-Convoy" or otherwise "Wolf-K."

One option armored MIC-3927 "Wolf" to "TVM-2012"

This armored vehicle intended to carry a specially protected persons from the country’s leadership. The idea of constructing a machine of this class, was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the exhibition ground weapons EUROSATORY-2012 in the context of the general discontent "surrender position" in the design and manufacture of armored cars to foreign companies and various

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Work in Russia (Agora Vox, France)

Eurostat report back on the growth of unemployment in Europe — it has exceeded 10%, while the number of unemployed in Russia has returned to the index of just over 5%, this is the pre-crisis level. The number of Europeans summary sent to the Russian recruitment portals is growing.

The number of immigrants from Europe seeking work in Russia is growing. Fellow Russian site headhunter recently told a reporter edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", that "the number of foreign candidates CV increased in 2011 compared to 2010 by 10%."

The online recruitment network The Network has published statistics on candidates

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Heavy shestikopter created by order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations

Moscow. July 5. Airports — Scientific-Production Center "Company" NELK "creates a new perspective shestikopter unmanned heavy-duty commissioned by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, said," AviaPort "assistant executive director Nicholas Panasenko.

"We are now preparing the documentation and worked through the terms of reference for the establishment of long-term shestikoptera", — he said.

According to preliminary data, the new shestikopter must have a mass of payload up to 5 kg with a launch weight of about 9 kg.

According N.Panasenko generated shestikopter must be more than twice the weight of the target load, and

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In Zarechnoe started production of robot manipulators

The first three of the manipulator, having the form of a human hand and fully reproduce its movements, assembled at the production association "Start" in Zarechny Penza region.

According to news agency «PenzaNews» Acting Deputy Director General for Civil enterprise products Dmitry Kudryavtsev, on the creation of robotic engineers and designers association worked for almost six months.

"E-arm length of 1.5 meters and a width of 40 cm is attached to the wall and is controlled from an adjacent room by means of a computer keyboard," — said Dmitry Kudryavtsev.

According to him, the "Start" will gather 32 similar

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In the final stage of Euro 2016 will play 24 teams

Member of the executive committee of UEFA and well-known former international footballer Franz Beckenbauer, Germany announced that, starting from the European Championship in 2016 the number of teams that will take part in the final stage of the championship, will be increased from 16 to 24. This was decided at the beginning of the two-day meeting of football officials in the French Bordeaux, according to Reuters. "This decision has already been agreed. The final verdict on it will be officially announced tomorrow at a press conference, UEFA, "- said Beckenbauer. Recall that according to current rules in the final stage

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Navy announced the decision Bulava into service

Russian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov said about the actual adoption of a intercontinental sea-based ballistic missile R-30 "Bulava". According CHirkova, quoted RIA Novosti, currently under execution of necessary documentation.

Start BR "Bulava"

In an interview with the vice-admiral of the Navy also confirmed plans in July to adopt the newest strategic nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky", built under the project 955 "Borey". According CHirkova, the submarine will enter into service the Navy to Navy Day, which is celebrated on July 29. Previously reported plans to take the "Bulava" adopted at the same time with the "Yury Dolgoruky".

Currently, sea

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USC finished the work on designing a passenger ship

JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC) to the end of the year to complete the hiring of passenger ship. According to the draft, the ship can accommodate 200 people. As reported in an interview with TV channel "Russia 24" at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, president of Roman Trocenko: — "We have now completed the design of the vessel up to 200 people. And we expect the hiring of the vessel at the end of this year with delivery in 2014. Therefore, in the those on the river will be the new ships. " Construction of cruise ships are very

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Russian TV channel Russia Today has become popular in Canada

According to research conducted by TNS, an audience in Canada * RT exceeded audience Sky News and other international news channels. In the largest English-speaking parts of Canada Russian channel every day watching more than 100 million viewers.

According to the study, the daily audience of RT in Canada exceeded the audience of other leading international news channels: Sky News, Euronews, Deutsche Welle, NHK, Press TV and France 24. For example, RT is almost three times ahead of popular European TV channel Euronews, almost a factor of 2 — British Sky News and more than 11 times —

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