East Australia again "sink"

East Australia again "sinks" Natural Disasters

In the eastern part of the Australian state of Victoria announced the threat of flooding. Hazards include floods in Gippsland, whose level rose to an impressive height of the last few decades. Victoria liable to flooding, as there are already night torrential rains brought to 200 mm in 24 hours. In the next day the staff waiting for about 50-60 mm.

Several dozen residents of low-lying parts of the city Traralgon were forced to leave their homes after diving areas around the city by the bay water. Reported damage to 45 homes

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In the center of Baku bus fell into a ditch. Video

Karst holes

BAKU, April 25 — 1NEWS.AZ Outside Fizuli in Nasimi bus pushing through the asphalt and fell into the pit. According to 1news.az, it happened in the evening of April 24.

Buses «Daewoo» route number 90, on its way from the square to the Fizuli Heydar Aliyev Palace, hit the right rear in a large hole at the entrance to the Palace named after Heydar Aliyev. According to the primary versions, it is formed due to poorly laid asphalt.

Timur Rzayev, VT

Source: 1news.az, mehran544

Sinkhole in Penza. Photo

Karst holes

Photo: Portal ProGorod58.ru

17.04.12.Chrezvychaynoe incident happened today at about seven in the evening. Near the fire station in Arbekova under the asphalt a few feet almost collapsed passenger "Gazelle" № 6. According to witnesses, the well depth is more than 3 meters.

The driver of "gazelles", Yuri said that the asphalt fell right in front of the machine. He barely managed to steer the rear wheel and still fell into the hole. Because of the strong impact of the car exploded tire. Pokorezheny all spring.

Yuri sighs repairs at 15-20 thousand will rise. But it is not

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Cash canceled?


16.05.12.Vse be as described by science fiction. There was a time when for the work we will get the numbers. Project to move to non-cash payments has prepared the Finance Ministry.

Amendments to the Labour Code prohibit the payment of wages in cash. With the adoption of the project money should be transferred only to a bank account. In a second project, all shops are required to provide customers with the opportunity to pay off cards.

The question is not, will be the project agreement or will not do. There is no doubt that all will be as it

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Russian spacecraft will go to the domestic circuit

General Director of JSC "Russian Space Systems" (PKC) Gennady Raikunov said that the company plans to develop the domestic element base for use in on-board equipment of spacecraft. According to him, the RCC is planning to develop its own element basis, not only to buy microelectronics abroad. In addition, PKC intend to maximize refuse purchase of microelectronics such as Industrial and move on to a series of Military, a better Space.

 In addition, Gennady Raikunov said that experts consider the various ways of improving the reliability of the global navigation satellite system GLONASS as the creation of

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5.8 earthquake in China. Photo


10.03.11.Zemletryasenie magnitude 5.8 occurred in the Chinese province of Yunnan in the southwest of the country, Xinhua news agency reported, citing local authorities. The earthquake, at least seven people were killed and 121 injured. In turn, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported that the earthquake was a magnitude of 5.4. According to the agency, the tremors were recorded at 12:58 local time (7:58 MSK). The earthquake lies at a depth of ten kilometers.

According to local authorities, resulting in disaster houses were destroyed, in addition, eyewitnesses claim that the building partially collapsed supermarket. The number of dead

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Earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred in the Pacific Ocean


10.05.11.Vo Tuesday magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred in the area of the island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Quake epicenter was in the ocean 135 km south-west of the city Isangel — the provincial Tafea. Hearth lies at a depth of 26 kilometers, according to ITAR-TASS.


At the Kremenchug reservoir mass death of fish


17.02.12.Na Dnieper in Kremenchug reservoir Sulina Landscape Reserve fixed mass death of fish.

According Cherkassy channel "Ros", due to the severe frosts and snowfalls on the reservoirs in a thick layer of ice, which cut the oxygen supply to the water. Its deficiency has led to massive fish kills.

Sulina landscape reserve is a major at the Kremenchug reservoir spawning grounds, feeding and wintering of various species of fish.

Now they are studying the situation of the regional staff of the State Ecological Inspectorate. Ichthyologists found that the oxygen in the water is ten times less than the minimum

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In Greece, the frosts. Video


31.01.12.V Greece came real winter. Since the beginning of the week in some parts of the country there are freezing. In particular — in the capital, where the temperature in winter is rarely drops below zero. This weather has forced city officials to remember the homeless who used to sleep in the open, without fear of the cold.

Now in Athens 1. In some places you can even see the snow falling.

Employees of the organization to help the homeless out on the streets of the capital, to distribute blankets and vagrants sleeping bags. They also inform them

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The Russian military approved the draft of a new ballistic missile

Preliminary design of a new intercontinental ballistic missile, the liquid being developed for the benefit of the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF), has received approval of the Ministry of Defense.

However, the military sounded a few comments on the project. The developers have promised to take them into account in future work on the project, "Interfax" referring to a source in the defense industry. What kind of comments and suggestions expressed the Russian Defense Ministry, is not specified.

In early September 2012 the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev announced that the new missile will be

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