14.05.12.Zamor fish in the river


Updated on May 19.

Nine tons of dead fish — this is only the beginning?

17.05.12.V Belozersky and Hola Prystan areas of rivers, lakes and quarries dotted with dead fish. According to "Hersongosryboohrany," died on May 11, more than 9 tons of fish tolstoloba also found carp, at least — walleye and pike.

Total killed approximately 1,000 individuals aged 6-7 years, the average weight of 4 to 8 pounds. About massive fish kills villagers began reporting back in early May. It has been almost two weeks and the number continues to grow, with the decay and rot in

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Detailed information concerning the victims after the hail in China

Detailed information concerning the victims after the hail in China Weather and Climate

According to updated data provided by local authorities, 40 Chinese were killed in a brief but powerful hail and torrential rains in the mountainous region of north-western China May 8, 2012. Another 80 people were missing in Gansu Province, and 87 people were hospitalized. According to official figures, 29,300 people were evacuated after heavy showers and hail were in one of the districts within the hour. In 18 districts, District 2/3 of the population, one way or another, have suffered from the event. Roads were blocked, houses

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In Adler threat of landslide. Video


9.09.11.V early summer was moved landslide. It measures up to 200 meters in length and one mile in height. In other words, moving houses a slope.

According to scientists, the tragedy could happen any day. There now to decide whether to declare an emergency and evacuation of dozens of families.

According to geologist Vitaly Bezrukov, power sliding processes is about 12-15 meters. It does not stop, you need emergency otselyat homes are already destroyed.

Adler now running a special commission to determine the level of threat to residents. Will make a verdict on Saturday. With this slope, scientists,

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Anthrax found in the Kuban. Video


22.02.12.Ochag dangerous disease was recorded in the village of Kazan Caucasus region. In one private holdings dead goat. The hosts sent the carcass for examination. In Kropotkin edge veterinary laboratory diagnosed with anthrax. This was confirmed by the director of Black agency Oleg.

Anthrax — dangerous viral infection of farm and wild animals of all kinds. Can become infected with anthrax and people. Last April, in the Kuban anthrax chickenpox employee Armavir hospital.

Source: Channel 9 Kuban

Regime declared emergency in the village of Kazan

22.02.12.Po decision of the head of settlement in the village Kazan Caucasus

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In Dagestan, killed livestock


5.02.12.V Dagestan found evidence of rabies. The hearth is in the village of New Bay Kizlyar district. According to local residents, for about a week here dying cattle.

"The loss of cattle there almost every day — said the imam of the local mosque. — Recently, a cat infected with rabies bit a local resident. According to my information a few days already lost 6 goals, perhaps this figure and more. "

According to the state veterinary inspector Vladimir Kostrizhkina Volsky area, vehicle, most likely a fox, "Fox this year divorced sea! Wander from house to house, to the

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The Russian GLONASS-microelectronics in demand around the world

Australian company Advanced Navigation released a line of products based on the Russian navigation receivers NV08C, said their developer — Design Bureau "Navis". According to the manufacturer, NV08C can work with signals of three navigation satellite system — GLONASS, GPS and GALILEO, and Advanced Navigation equipment on the basis of these receivers can be used for satellite monitoring of transport, in motorsport — for the optimization and adjustment of acceleration / deceleration determining the deflection of a vehicle the optimal position of the trajectory, as well as automated control systems for positioning and orientation of the robot systems etc.

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Indonesian floods again no casualties

Indonesian floods again without victims of natural disasters

May 9, 2012 floodwaters filled volcanic residues, flooded the city in the east of Indonesia, resulting in four people were killed (including 9-year-old boy). According to official figures, 10 people were missing and 15 were injured.

According to the National Emergency Management Agency, 11 villages have been inundated by flood waters in the province of North Maluku in the adjacent areas of the city of Ternate. After a strong nightly showers of volcanic flood ravaged village at 2 am. More than 280 people, or 58 families were evacuated to government

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In Colombia plane crash


BUENOS AIRES, July 29 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Solovsky. At least five people were killed in the crash of a light aircraft on Thursday in the department of Antioquia in 335 km south-west of the Colombian capital of Bogota, said the Colombian radio station RCN broadcast the local police chief Colonel Jose Acevedo (Jose Acevedo).

"Twin-engine Cessna-206 plane, belonging to the management to combat drug trafficking, crashed into a rock just after takeoff at the airport in the town of Ituango and caught fire. Five charred bodies were found on board the police. Another man with burns 80% of

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Again near Fukushima earthquake



23.07.11.Na north-east of the main Japanese island of Honshu on Saturday at 13:34 local time (08:34 GMT) an earthquake of magnitude 6.5. According to the National Meteorological Administration, destructions, announced immediately after the disaster warning of impending tsunami was soon lifted. Tremors were felt in Tokyo.

The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Miyagi prefecture, the focus lies at a depth of about 40 kilometers beneath the ocean floor. The most powerful tremors have been recorded in the prefectures of Iwate, Aomori, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima, in whose territory the nuclear power plant

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Russia will set up a breakthrough ballistic missile

The development of new combat missile system for the Strategic Missile Forces Russia to be completed by 2013. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said chief designer of ballistic missile "Bulava" and "Topol-M" Yuri Solomonov. According to him, "there are solutions, as agreed with the Ministry of Defense," which "substantially increase the resources command and control." Other details about the system, promising not Solomonov said.

Earlier it was reported that under the state armaments program for 2011-2020 of 19 trillion rubles is the creation of a new liquid intercontinental ballistic missiles, which would replace the outdated

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