Residents of the area Skovorodinsky felt minor tremors


September 30 from 21:00 to helpline EMERCOM of Russia on the Amur region received several calls from residents Skovorodinsky district. The callers said that they felt a slight tremor. Calls came from residents of the station and the city of BAM Skovorodino. According to the interim head of Skovorodino in the city tremors were not felt.

According to the duty seismologist seismic RAS Yakutia, there were a small seismic events, which shall not be checked.

To ascertain the circumstances, inspection areas and assess the prevailing situation was immediately forwarded to the Working Group of the city administration. The work

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South Greece swept flood. Video


6.02.12.V while to the north of Greece collapsed abnormal snowfall in the south began to flood. In the administrative area of the Peloponnese, in particular — in the town of Pyrgos and around archaeological sites of Olympia, a state of emergency. In some mountainous areas, there landslides.

[Resident of the town of Pyrgos] "There was a lot of water, people are trying to figure out how to escape, but the water was coming, could only pray for salvation."

According to police, a small village near Piraeus killed 82-year-old woman. She could not get out of the house, in

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In Karaganda region killed livestock. Video


The villagers them. Bukhar zhyrau can not understand the reason for mortality Posted on 27/09/2012 by user karagandaNV

28.09.12.Anomalny animals die. In the village of Bukhara Zhyrau in the Karaganda region of mass killing pets. For six weeks the local veterinary service struggles with a mystery — what are poisoned cows and calves? In this courtyard have forgotten the taste of milk. In Patimat Khasiev last winter killed six calves, now a new case. The hosts are confident that blame milk. So now the remaining calves fed hay and water.

Tells Patimat Khasiev, a resident of the village

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Roscosmos: began the creation of the Baikonur launch facility East

Work began on the construction of the launch complex at the new Russian cosmodrome East (Amur region), said on Sunday the State Secretary — Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Vitaly Davydov.

"Work on the launch complex in the East began only recently. Work began not only at the starting complex, but, most importantly, to ensure the spaceport systems — energy supply, transport and building infrastructure, that is what we needed in the first place "- said Davydov, transfers RIA "Novosti".

East plans to build spaceport in the Amur region near the closed

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Wind farms can affect climate change

Wind farms can contribute to climate change Scientists have shown

According to new research, wind farms can influence the Earth's climate. To be precise, the new technology of obtaining energy involved in the increase in global temperature.

Usually at night the air closest to the earth's surface to several meters in height and more cold. Due to this cool and the soil itself. But near the large wind farms, where the turbine blades are constantly working, warm air from higher layers goes down and causes a general rise in temperature. It sounds quite convincing, because based on this principle, some

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In Uganda, the bridge collapsed


MOSCOW, March 8 — Reuters. Wooden bridge collapsed under the weight of the truck on the north-western Uganda, killing 23 people, said on Thursday the online newspaper New Kerala citing police.

The tragedy occurred in Zeeuw in the Northern Province. Supporting construction of wooden bridge collapsed when a truck was moving bridge. Truck, in the back of which there were dozens of people, rolled over and fell into the river.

According to preliminary data, the total in the truck were traveling 34 people, people returning from trade in the city market. Three people are still missing.

The police said

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Fish kills in the Tula region


18.07.11.Iz Schekinskoe reservoir near Tula, where over the weekend there was a mass fish kills, water sampling, reported Monday in the regional department of ecology and natural resources.

According to the source, the results of analyzes of samples collected in the reservoir will be announced no later than five days.

According to the department, the massive fish kill occurred primarily among carp. At the same time, other types of fish are much more sensitive to water pollution, were not injured, — Interfax reports

Source: Tula News Service

Death of fish in the Gulf


23.06.11.Chitatelnitsa "Fontanka" reports of mass death of fish in the Gulf. According peterburzhenku Kira strolling around Sestroretsk eve, she saw a dead fish, found on the shore. "Unfortunately, we have not made shots, the number of dead fish were difficult to determine, but not less than 20 — 30 pieces exactly" — says Cyrus.

According to them, the remains were scattered in every meter or two. Local residents are alarmed by this case: front beach season, and wonder how can affect bathing in this water on human health.


Mass death of fish in the Sea of Azov


© RIA Novosti. Boris Babanov

Donetsk, June 25 — RIA Novosti. Mass death of fish due to the reduction of oxygen in water is observed from Friday in the Sea of Azov from the village of Kulikovo (border Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions) to the middle of the Berdyansk spit, the press service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine on Saturday. "According to preliminary data, now the number of dead fish reached 20 tons," — said the press service.

In order to minimize complications with pestilence calf in the summer, from 10 to 14 June

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Fish kill in Kemerovo


8.06.11.V Kemerovo region opened a criminal investigation into the contamination of the pond, which was lost because of the fish.

According to the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Kemerovo region, a criminal case on the grounds of an offense under Part 2 of Art. 250 of the Criminal Code (pollution, contamination of water, if these acts have caused massive death of fish).

According to the investigation, from April to early May 2011 the staff of sewage pumping station, which belongs to one of the municipal enterprises, sewage dumped into the pond in

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