Voronezh Region hurricane. Video


1.08.11.Na several southern Voronezh region hit by rain squally wind. Emergency walked a narrow strip of a few tens of kilometers.

Disaster lasted only 15 minutes. But, for example, in the area affected Buturlinovsky over a hundred houses, some have completely lost their roofs, including the medical center, knocked down dozens derevev.Po According to witnesses, the wind lifted into the air and cars.

Badly damaged town of Kamensk Pavlovsky District, many houses ripped sheets of slate. In total, damaged more than three thousand square meters of the roof.

At one of the premises covered current metal profile frustrated

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Gravity is regionovski




Flying objects and burning light bulb without wires. This was made possible thanks to the experiments of Thomas Brown and Nikola Tesla. The discoveries of these scientists formed the basis of modern electronics. Some of them explain the mysteries of the UFO.

Today, the great physicists of

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Element has damaged mountain villages of Adjara


© Fedor Kolosov

TBILISI, July 21 — News-Georgia, Eka Javakheti. Descended landslide, hailstorm caused significant damage to the mountain villages of Adjara Autonomous Republic.

According to the correspondent. "News-Georgia" assistant chief of staff Khulo area Malkhaz Katamadze, Wednesday night hailstorm hit the seven villages of the district, and a landslide damaged homes.

"The result is disaster also destroyed a bridge and damaged roads. Because of the landslide had to evacuate one family — it is in a safe place, "- said Katamadze.

According to him, on the ground mobilized special equipment. At this stage it is already restored

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Fish kills in the Tula region


18.07.11.Iz Schekinskoe reservoir near Tula, where over the weekend there was a mass fish kills, water sampling, reported Monday in the regional department of ecology and natural resources.

According to the source, the results of analyzes of samples collected in the reservoir will be announced no later than five days.

According to the department, the massive fish kill occurred primarily among carp. At the same time, other types of fish are much more sensitive to water pollution, were not injured, — Interfax reports

Source: Tula News Service

Locusts survives tourists from Crimea


Photo from obj.altapress.ru

19.07.11.Prekrascheniya rains brought vacationers peninsula new attack — the voracious insects. Experts also recommend holiday-not to panic

After a five-year lull in the Crimea again locusts. It occupied Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai, Saki, Lenin, Soviet, May Day and Black Sea regions.

Vacationers complain of flying insects that annoy them on the way to the sea, beaches, summer cottages and hotel rooms. Especially a lot of them in the evening. There were even complaints that the locust bites holidaymakers. Landowners calm: the invasion of green insect stops in early August.

As reported by the site "Krym.Kommentarii" in

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Sinkhole in Sochi. Photo

Karst holes

18.07.11.Vchera Thieves parked on the street to the side of the road car Mitsubishi fell through the front wheels in the formed directly beneath the pit. Car quickly pulled out. According to eyewitnesses formed to look into the failure, under the road gaping void sized studio apartment.

All night, and now a pit filled with gravel, which literally sank into the ground. Dangerous area was immediately fenced off access and parking of vehicles.

According to the workers formed Absorb blame leaky communication failure caused the erosion of soil from under the road polotna.Odnako citizens, observing the situation, blame

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Sinkhole in Perm

Karst holes

7.07.11.Na roads regional center once the car was in "the trap of asphalt." Yesterday, June 6, at about 21:00 in the department of traffic police in the Sverdlovsk region was reported about the failure of the truck on the street Lodygina, near the shop "social".

As the correspondent 59.ru the press service of the traffic police in the Perm region, GAZ truck drove to the store to unload the goods. At this point, for unknown reasons it sank beneath the asphalt. In the void took the right rear wheel of the car. Victims and victims.

According to cops,

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Altai Republic will establish air communication with Moscow until the end of the year

Airport of the capital of the Altai Republic — Gorno-Altai, almost closes for 20 years until December 2010, will open regular flights from Moscow to the end of the year, According to general manager of the airport Victor Pupyshev.

According to the national government, in 2011 by the federal targeted investment program for the reconstruction of the airport "Altay" will be allocated 496 million rubles. These funds will be used for the construction of infrastructure facilities to ensure safety and improve the quality of passenger service. In addition, work on the reconstruction of the runway, taxiways, apron,

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Storm deenergized 11,542 households in Latvia


Photo from: delfi.lv

30.06.11.V Thursday at 18.30 11,542 customer Latvenergo were without electricity, according to information on the website of the company. Outages due to lightning have been reported mainly in Latgale and Vidzeme. In particular, Apskaya, Daugavpils and Karsava, Ludza, Rezekne and Zilupe edges.

Clouds with showers by Thursday evening took place in the eastern and central parts of the country. By nightfall, the clouds will move to the north-west and reduced the power of thunderstorms, forecasters promise.

On Thursday, the highest temperature recorded in Valka, where the mercury climbed to 30.1 degrees, according to the Estonian

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Mass death of fish in the Sea of Azov


© RIA Novosti. Boris Babanov

Donetsk, June 25 — RIA Novosti. Mass death of fish due to the reduction of oxygen in water is observed from Friday in the Sea of Azov from the village of Kulikovo (border Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions) to the middle of the Berdyansk spit, the press service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine on Saturday. "According to preliminary data, now the number of dead fish reached 20 tons," — said the press service.

In order to minimize complications with pestilence calf in the summer, from 10 to 14 June

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